The House of Seleucus, Том 2

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Сторінка 171 - quick they wheel'd and, flying, behind them shot Sharp sleet of arrowy showers against the face Of their pursuers, and overcame by flight
Сторінка 148 - the garrison in the akra, decimated by famine, at last surrendered. On the 23rd of Ijjar (May) 141 the victorious nationalists entered " with praise and palm branches and with harps and with cymbals and with viols and with hymns and with songs.
Сторінка 114 - there also shone out in that intense moment the sterner and sublimer qualities which later Hellenism, and above all the Hellenism of Syria, knew nothing of—uncompromising fidelity to an ideal, endurance raised to the pitch of utter self-devotion, a passionate clinging to purity. They were qualities for the lack of which all the riches of Hellenic culture
Сторінка 107 - And king Antiochus wrote to his whole kingdom, that all should be one people, and that each should forsake his own laws.
Сторінка 115 - could not be used again. Its stones were put away in a place on the Temple hill, " until there should come a prophet to give an answer concerning them.
Сторінка 106 - And as for both these kings, their hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table.
Сторінка 173 - They marched on safely and in order. Wherefore all that heard the noise of their multitude and the marching of the company, and the rattling of the harness were moved.
Сторінка 88 - He shall turn his face toward the strongholds of his own land : but he shall stumble and fall, and shall not be found
Сторінка 173 - When the sun shone upon the shields of gold and brass, the mountains glistened therewith and shined like lamps of fire.
Сторінка 114 - The figure of the martyr, as the Church knows it, dates from the persecution of Antiochus ; all subsequent martyrologies derive from the Jewish books which recorded the sufferings of those who in that day " were strong and did exploits.

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