The Vice Admiral of the Blue: A Biographical Romance : Supposedly the Chronicle Left by Lord Nelson's Friend, Thomas Masterman Hardy, Vice Admiral and Baronet

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G.W. Dillingham Company, 1903 - 364 стор.

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Сторінка 237 - Ye Mariners of England That guard our native seas, Whose flag has braved a thousand years The battle and the breeze ! Your glorious standard launch again To match another foe, And sweep through the deep, While the stormy winds do blow ; While the battle rages loud and long, And the stormy winds do blow.
Сторінка 351 - In a bold determin'd hand, And the Prince of all the land Led them on. Like leviathans afloat Lay their bulwarks on the brine, While the sign of battle flew On the lofty British line: It was ten of April morn by the chime: As...
Сторінка 292 - Oh! what was love made for, if 'tis not the same Through joy and through torment, through glory and shame? I know not, I ask not, if guilt's in that heart, I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art.
Сторінка 356 - I drove from dear, dear Merton, where I left all which I hold dear in this world to go to serve my King and country. May the great God, whom I adore, enable me to fulfil the expectations of my country ; and if it is his good pleasure that I should return, my thanks will never cease being offered up to the throne of his mercy. If it is his good providence to cut short my days upon earth, I bow with the greatest submission, relying that he will protect those so dear to me whom I may leave behind. His...
Сторінка 352 - By the festal cities' blaze, While the wine-cup shines in light; And yet, amidst that joy and uproar, Let us think of them that sleep Full many a fathom deep, By thy wild and stormy steep, Elsinore!
Сторінка 268 - A bumper of good liquor Will end a contest quicker Than justice, judge, or vicar: So fill a cheerful glass, And let good humour pass.
Сторінка 358 - My dearest beloved Emma, the dear friend of my bosom. The signal has been made that the enemy's combined fleet are coming out of port. We have very little wind, so that I have no hopes of seeing them before tomorrow. May the God of battles crown my endeavours with success ; at all events I will take care that my name shall ever be most dear to you and to Horatia, both of whom I love as much as my own life. And as my last writing before the battle will be to you, so I hope in God that I shall live...
Сторінка 308 - The old knight has had made for her a Greek costume, which becomes her extremely. Dressed in this, and letting her hair loose, and taking a couple of shawls, she exhibits every possible variety of posture, expression, and look, so that at the last the spectator almost fancies it is a dream. One beholds...
Сторінка 237 - Britannia needs no bulwarks, No towers along the steep ; Her march is o'er the mountain waves, Her home is on the deep.
Сторінка 237 - The meteor flag of England Shall yet terrific burn; Till danger's troubled night depart, And the star of peace return. Then, then, ye ocean warriors ! Our song and feast shall flow To the fame of your name, When the storm has ceased to blow; When the fiery fight is heard no more, And the storm has ceased to blow.

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