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PLIERS, ETC.-Continued :

Special anti-skid chain pliers.
Tire casing cut repair piiers.
Cotter pin-pliers.
Piston ring expanding pliers.
Tinner's snips.
Heavy shears.
Bolt cutter.


Jeweler's small screw driver.
Six-inch screw driver, 14-inch width blade.
Ten-inch screw driver, 36-inch width blade.
Twelve-inch screw driver, 42-inch blade.
T handle “Bulldog" screw driver.


Wheel pullers, valve spring lifters, etc.
Breast drill, two-speed.
Valve seat reamers, valve head třuing cutters.
Hand drill, one-speed.
Belt punch.
Bit brace, ratchet and bits.
Carpenter's cross cut saw.
Hacksaw frame and extra saws for tubing and bar stock.
Ratchet drill set.
Gasoline blow torch.
Spring winder, chassis spring spreader.
Scrapers (carbon).
Scrapers (bearing).
Jack plane and wood chisels.
Set of number drills.
Wire scratch brush, putty knife.
Set of taps and dies—S. A. E. standard.
Set of taps and dies—metric standards (foreign).
Set of taps and dies-American standard.
Soldering irons-large, medium and small.
Set of straight and taper hand reamers.


Twelve-inch bastard cut, flat.
Twelve-inch bastard cut, half round.

FILES, ETC.-Continued:

Ten-inch bastard cut, round.
Ten-inch bastard cut, square.
Ten-inch bastard cut, three-cornered.
Eight-inch second cut, flat.
Eight-inch second cut, half round.
Eight-inch finishing cut, flat.
Eight-inch finishing cut, half round.
Eight-inch finishing cut, rat tail.
Eight-inch finishing cut, three-cornered.
Six-inch finishing cut, flat.
Six-inch finishing cut, rat tail.
Set of file handles and file brush.
Small and large oil stones.


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Cape chisels--small, medium and large.
Chipping chisels-small, medium and large.
Round nose chisels-small, medium and large.
Diamond point chisels--small, medium and large.
Center punches—small, medium and large.
Drift pins—116, 18, 316, 94, 516, 38, 12, 58 and 34-inch point.
Cotter pin puller.
Set of straight and offset scribers.


Carpenter's and machinist 's tri-squares-small six-inch, large twenty-

four inch.
Machinist 's twelve-inch flexible scale, six-inch scale, 2-inch scale.
Carpenter's two-foot folding rule.
Caliper rule.
Combination square and protractor, 18-inch scale.
Spirit level, cross level.
External micrometers, one, two, three and 6-inch with extension pieces.
Internal micrometer, with extension pieces.
Thread gauge.
Hermaphrodite calipers-small, medium and large.
Small internal calipers.
Large internal calipers.
Small external calipers.
Large external calipers.
Spring dividers, small and medium.
Friction joint dividers, large.


Medium size pipe vise.
Large swivel vise.
Medium swivel vise.
Surface plate.
Small bench anvil.
Machinist's clamps.
C clamps-large, medium and small.
Straight edge and surface gauge.
Pyrene fire extinguisher.
Angle bender.


Extension lamps with wood handle and steel cage.
Electric breast drill.
Storage battery charging means; Rheostat, lamps or rectifier.
Still for making pure water.
Voltmeter for testing storage batteries.
Ammeter for testing dry cells.
Hydrometers and hydrometer syringes.
Acid bottles and electrolyte crocks.
Extra strap connections, wing nuts and lead bolts.
Torch for lead burning.


Vulcanizer for casings.
Molds for same.
Vulcanizer for tubes.
Acid cure or cold vulcanizing set.
Stock outfit for vulcanizing and patching, rubber, canvas, etc.
Rubber cements, cut fillers, etc.
Air-compressor outfit.
Jacks, two of each size, large, medium.
Tire irons, special rim tools.
Valve tools, air pressure gauge.
Extra valves and valve parts.
Casing air bags or coil springs for use when vulcanizing.
Inner tube patches, inside and outside casing blowout sleeves.


Movable and wall benches.
Wheeled trucks, special jacks, trestles, etc.
Oil separator and filter.
Sixty-gallon oil tanks, with pumps.
Small tanks for kerosene, alcohol, cutting oil, etc.
Gasoline storage system, 100 gallons or larger.
Oil cans, oil and grease guns.
Covered cans for waste, oily rags, and rubbish.
Pails of sand and chemical extinguishers for fire.
Overhead washer, hose and faucets.
Washing materials, soaps, sponges, chamois, etc.
Water heater,
Potash kettle, babbitt melting pot.
Drains, traps, etc., according to law.
Lightstand for night work on cars.
Block and tackle, chain hoists, etc.
Overhead trolley track or portable crane.
Turntable or substitute.
Steel or wooden lockers.
Oil drip pans for floors.
Dustbrush, floor broom, whisk broom.
Water pails, quart and gallon measures, funnels.
Brazing forge.
Autogenous welding outfit.
Carbon-removing outfit.
Blacksmith's forge and blower.
Post drill press and drills.
Five hundred pound anvil and block.
Quenching tank, forge coal box.



Round cold-rolled steel rods, 14, 56, 35, inch.
Round machinery steel bars, 56, 34, 7, 1, 11/4 inch.
Flat band iron and steel, assorted sizes as needed.
Drill rod, assorted sizes.
Black sheet iron, sheet brass and copper, assorted gauges.
Tinned and galvanized iron sheets.
Tool steel, for lathe and planer tools.


Key stock in bars, 14, 516, 38, 12-inch square.
Paper thin copper or brass for shims.
Cored bronze bars, for bushings, assorted.
Babbitt or Magnolia metal ingots.
Bare copper and iron wire, 14, 16, 18, 20 gauge.
Piano and phosphor bronze wire, for springs.
Soft wire solder; half and half solder; hard solder.
Brazing spelter, granulated and in wire.
Seamless steel tubing, sizes as needed.
Brass and copper tubing, sizes as needed.
Annealed seamless copper tubing for fuel and gas lives—44, 516, 36 inch.
Compression couplings for copper tubing, ells, tees, unions, etc.
Norway iron and copper rivets and burrs, assorted.
Punched iron washers—18, 316, 142, 546, 35, 76, -inch holes.
Bolts and nuts, assortment of standard sizes.
Split pins and lock washers, assortment.
Cap screws, stove bolts, carriage bolts, assortment.
Wood screws, round, flat and oval head, blued steel, brass and nickel.
Lag screws, brads, nails, escutcheon pins, upholsterer's tacks.
Set screws, taper pins, lock nuts, assortment.
Woodruff keys and cutters, assortment.
L-inch brass pipe, other sizes as needed.
Standard brass fittings, 18-inch pipe size, ells, tees, unions, pet cocks, etc.


Emery, three grades—fine, medium and coarse.
Crocus, grindstone dust, ground glass, corborundum.
Crocus clotch, emery cloth, sand paper, assortment.
Lard oil for cutting, cutting compound.
Lubricants: cylinder oil—light medium, heavy.
Lubricants: machine oil, three-in-one, cup grease, graphite.
Lubricants: special grease for transmissions and ball bearings,
Rubber matting and linoleum for floor boards, etc.
Brass molding, for running boards, etc.
Sheet felt, assortment felt oil retaining washers.
Fiber tubes and rods, as needed.
Sheet hard rubber, black or red fiber, assorted thicknesses.
Heavy brown paper and light cardboard for packings.
Sheet asbestos, mobiline, for packings.
Sheet rubber packings for water joints and pump covers.
Asbestos cord, candle wicking, hemp packing.
Red rubber tubing for gas line, 316, 516-inch hole.

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