Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics

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Francesco dell'Isola, Mircea Sofonea, David Steigmann
Springer, 10 бер. 2017 р. - 316 стор.

This book presents new research results in multidisciplinary fields of mathematical and numerical modelling in mechanics. The chapters treat the topics:

  • mathematical modelling in solid, fluid and contact mechanics
  • nonconvex variational analysis with emphasis to nonlinear solid and structural mechanics
  • numerical modelling of problems with non-smooth constitutive laws, approximation of variational and hemivariational inequalities, numerical analysis of discrete schemes, numerical methods and the corresponding algorithms, applications to mechanical engineering
  • numerical aspects of non-smooth mechanics, with emphasis on developing accurate and reliable computational tools
  • mechanics of fibre-reinforced materials
  • behaviour of elasto-plastic materials accounting for the microstructural defects
  • definition of structural defects based on the differential geometry concepts or on the atomistic basis
  • interaction between phase transformation and dislocations at nano-scale
  • energetic arguments
  • bifurcation and post-buckling analysis of elasto-plastic structures
  • engineering optimization and design, global optimization and related algorithms

The book presents selected papers presented at ETAMM 2016. It includes new and original results written by internationally recognized specialists.


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Rigorous Proof
Analysis of the Deformation of Cosserat Elastic Shells Using the Dislocation Density Tensor
Flow Relations and Yield Functions for Dissipative StrainGradient Plasticity
Finite ElastoPlastic Models for Lattice Defects in Crystalline Materials
Fracture and Crack Evolution
A Review on Wave Propagation Modeling in BandGap Metamaterials via Enriched Continuum Models
A Continuous Model for the Wave Scattering by a Bounded Defective Domain
A HistoryDependent VariationalHemivariational Inequality in Contact Mechanics
New Thoughts in Nonlinear Elasticity Theory via Henckys Logarithmic Strain Tensor
Continuum Physics with Violations of the Second Law of Thermodynamics
An Inverse Method to Get Further Analytical Solutions for a Class of Metamaterials Aimed to Validate Numerical Integrations
Identification of TwoDimensional Pantographic Structures with a Linear D4 Orthotropic Second Gradient Elastic Model Accounting for External Bul...
Models of Debonding Caused by Vibrations Heat and Humidity
A VariationalHemivariational Inequality in Contact Mechanics
Truncation and Indirect Incremental Methods in Henckys Perfect Plasticity
Can a HenckyType Model Predict the Mechanical Behaviour of Pantographic Lattices?

Monolithic Algorithm for Dynamic FluidStructure Interaction Problem
ElasticPlastic Rolling Contact Problems with Graded Materials and Heat Exchange

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