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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

Ben Jonson's Discover ics.



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Agricultural Report, 100, 213, 333, 449, Castilla, Memoir of, 315.
567, 684.

Catalani, Madame, 202, 318-the honours

Alphabet Studies, 47.

and presents bestowed upon her, 566.

Angerstein, Mr. his Collection of Paint Catullus, Lamb's translation of, 86_his

ings, 292.

merits, 87.

Annan Water, Scenery of, 237.

Certosa, the, 496.
Anne Boleyn, Tragedy of, 398.

Characters ; Gardener at Warwick Castle,
Antiquary, a character, 253.

7-Housekeeper at ditto, 11-Bridget
Apograph, 441.

Elia, 28-Sir Gideon Moubray, 49–

Aquatic Pedestrianism, 85.

Sieur de Bourdeille, 35Fædor, 161-

Architecture, Grecian and Gothic com. Judith Macrone, 241–An Antiquary,
pared, 651.

254—Aquillius, 270—S. Salt, 281-

Asan-Aga's Bride, a Morlachian Ballad, T. Coventry, 281-Lovel, 282 - P.


Pierson ; D. Barrington; Jackson, 283

Astronomy, 676.

-R. N., 284—The Morton Family,

Ayrshire, Scenery of, 252.

528- Mark Macmoran, 500 — Miles

Colvine, 595_F. the Oilman, 603.

Bacchus; representations and statues of, Charles I, his entry into Edinburgh, 79.


Chemistry, 677.

Ballads, Danish and Swedish, 43–Scan: Chess, new game of, 325.

dinavian, 44 remarks on the Burthen Children, the susceptibility of their imagi-

of, 45.

nation for phantoms, 372, 385, 386.

Beauties of Mozart, Handel, &c. 323.

Chinese Imitations, 47.

Beef, its antiquity as a national dish, 247. Cicero, fragments of, discovered, 326.

Belzoni, Mr. 94.

Clare, John, ballad by, 76 Sonnet, 128
Berlin, Fine Arts at, 94.

Farewell to Mary, 273_Sonnet, Re-

flection on Summer, 400ma Visit to,
Books, Preparing for Publication, 104,
219, 341, 457, 691.

540_Poem, The Last of March, 541—
List of New, 105, 220, 342, 457,

his cottage, and books, 545_his poem

of Cross Roads, 546.

Borromean Islands, 140_Palace, 140.

Clouds, nomenclature of, 334.

Botany, 675.

Coleridge, Mr, 374.

Braham, Mr. professional Sketch of, 62.

Collin's, Gray's opinion of, 13.
Buccaneer, the, a tale, 161.

Como, 144.

Buonaparte, death of 209—Canova's bust Commercial Report, 101, 217, 338, 454,

of, 325–Madame de Staëlos antipathy Concerts, at Argyle Rooms, 91


Burns, not a descriptive poet, 250_his

Mochelle's, 203—Mr. Wesley's, 204-
"Tam o' Shanter, 251-not inspired by Conde's History of Arabic Spain, 208.

Mr. Sapio's, 316.
highland scenery, 252.

Byron, Lord, Lamartine's address to, 277. Confessions of an English Opium-eater,

293 Part II. 353.

Cook, R. engraver, 418.

Caerlaverock Castle, 129.

Cookery, 246.

Caillaud's Travels in Egypt, 93.

Cook's Oracle, 432.

Canova, 93_his bust of Buonaparte, 325 Copenhagen, 441.

-statue of Washington, 442.

Copernicus, Monument to, 93.

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Correggio, 288-engravings from, 289. Elton, Mr. 74.

Cosmo III. 156_his travels through Eng. Engravers, R. Cook, 418_Taylor, Har.

land, 156.

vey, 419-Schiavonetti, 661—Burnet,

Cowper, 479.


Engravings, from Correggio, 289—Tinto-

Danish Ballads, 414.

retto, 291-Polidoro, 293.

Epitaphs, 274.

Denmark, 413.

Dentatus, Harvey's Wood Engraving of, Exeter Exhibition, 538.

Estephania de Gentelmes, a Tale, 379.


Exhibition at Somerset House, 66.

Dialogue on Education, on Sadoleti's, 180.
Dialogue on the Homeric Poematia, 481.
Drama, No. XVIII: Covent Garden; Family Pride, 299.

Hamlet, 80—Macready, 81, 82_Da. Falstaff's death, admirable manner in which
mon and Pythias, 83–Drury Lane; the related, 608.
Queen's Visit there, 84_-No. XIX. Ge. Feastings, ancient, 247.
neral Remarks, 197—Covent Garden ;

Fine Arts, at Berlin, 94.
Hamlet, Henry IV. part 2d, 197– Florentine Institution, 326.
Drury Lane ; Rob Roy, Mr. Mackay, Fountains in the Metropolis, remarks on,
198_The English Opera House; Miss

Kelly, Wrench, Harley, Wilkinson, Fox, the late Charles, 621.
Love's Dream, 199-Two-pence; Hay. Fracastori, translation of a poem by, 181.
market Theatre, 201-Terry, Conway, French Poets, Early; C. Marot, 587.
De Camp, Leoni Lee, 201—No. XX. Fugitive Literature, 49.
St. Evremond's opinions on the French
Drama, 319-Kean; Drury Lane; the
Coronation, Mountaineers, 321-Hay-

Genoa, 644_a dinner at, 645_palaces,

646—view from the Sperone, 647-voy-
market; Rise and Fall, Fontainbleau,
Match-making; Lyceum Theatre; Mil-

age to Leghorn, 648.
ler's Maid, 322—No. XXI. Dramatic Genoese, character of the, 645.
Titles; Lear of Private Life; Covent

Gau's work on Nubia, 559.
Garden, 426 Mr. Young; Drury

Geijer's observations on Poetry, 43.
Lane; Coronation, 427-Geraldi Duval;

Geology, 674.
Rosina ; Miss Povey; Knight ; Bar-

German Authors ; Holty, 518_Richter,


nard; Five Hundred Pounds, 428

Giulio Romano, 418, &c.—Prints from,

English Opera; Cure for Coxcombs;


Haymarket ; Venice Preserved, 4294

No. XXII. Drury Lane ; Geraldi Du. Gleanings from Foreign Journals ; Ma-

Glass, Antique, 441.

val, 549_Covent Garden; Miss Dance;

Young, 550 - Macready, 551.-Charles

drid, 313—Laybach, 440.

Goethe's Faust. 657.

Kemble; the Exile, 552-Young; Mrs.

Vining, 553_Haymarket; Miss Blake, Gray, on his opinion of Collins, 13.

Grace before Dinner, 409.

Miss R. Corri, 554-Russell, 555
No. XXIII, 666---Miss Bakewell, 667 Greenwich Hospital, Visit to, 527–Pen.

Greek, modern, 442.

-Young, 668—Miss Beaumont; Jones,

669_Miss M. Tree ; Drury Lane, 670–

sioners, at, 534— Painted Hall, 536.

Cooper's Iago ; Kean ; Costume, 671.
Dragon, a, discovered in rock, 67

Hamilton's Garden of Florence, Review of,
Dramatic Sketch, Theodore and Bertha, 57.

Scholæ Italicæ Picturæ, 293.

Dreams, 272, 386.

Happy Life of a Parish Priest in Sweden,


Harangue, by a Sentimental Traveller, 511.
Eating, English, 246.

Herapath, Mr., his visionary theories, 677.
Edinburgh, Letters from, No. III. 77. Herbert's, E. Letters, No. Í. On the Coro.
Education, 181-failure of the Bell and nation, 184—No. II. A Visit to Green.

Lancasterian System in Scotland, 378. wich Hospital, 527.
Egypt, Scientific Trayels in, 93.

Holkham, Sheep sheering at, 215.

Elia, papers by, viz. Mackery End, 28- Holty, Life of,“ 518.

Jews, Quakers, Scotchmen, and other Homer, his Batrachomyomachia, 269–

Imperfect Sympathies, 152–The Old different translations of it, 273_on his

Benchers of the Inner Temple, 279— Poematia, 481---translation of his hymn

Witches and other Night Fears, 381– to Bacchus, 641.

Grace before Meat, 469_My First Hort's New Pantheon, 6-10.

Play, 603.

House of Weeping, from Richter, 615.

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Influence of Scenery on Poetical Character, Manchena (Abbé), 314.


Manners, changes of, at Edinburgh, 77.

Inner Temple, 279.

Marot, Clement, 587-analysis of his
Isole Borromee, 142.

poem of the Temple of Cupid, 588.

Italian Literature, 205, 442, 558. Marvell's (Andrew) lines on a Garden, 279.

Italian Singing, 650.

Mechanical Inventions, 94.

Italy, Education in, 326.

Mechanics, 677.

Melzi Library, 441.

Janus' Boudoir, 658.

Memoir of Santuari, 172.

Jews, Quakers, and Scotchmen, 152.

Metaphysics, 677.
Jones, Sir W., life of, 626.

Meteorology, 676.

Judith Macrone, the Prophetess, 241.

Milan, 145—Cathedral, 147-Theatre

della Scala, 148.

Miles Colvine, the Cumberland Mariner,
Keats, 59--quotation from, 288.

King (The), his fine taste in Pictures, 292. Mock MS. Sermons, 516.
Kirk-Alloway described by Burns, 251.

Music, Theory of its effects, 359_obser-

Kitchener, Dr. 432- Ode to, 468.

vations, 650.

Report of, No. XVII. Dirce,

Lago Maggiore, 140.

King's Theatre, Argyle Rooms, Hypo-

Lamartine, Meditations Poetiques, review lite Larsonneur, Miss Angelina Corri,

of, 277.

M. Moschelles, Collard's improved Pi-

Lamb's Catullus, review of, 88.

ano-forte, The Terpodion, New Music
Last Will and Testament, the, 615.

cal Publications, 90, 91; and No.

Latreille, his arrangement of insects, 676. XVIII. Mad. Catalani, 202-Mr. Mo-

Laybach, account of, 440.

chelles' Concert, 203—-Mr. S. Wesley's

I.eisure Hours, No. I. Homer's Battle of Concert, Mr. Sapio, New Musical Pub-

the Frogs and Mice, 260—No. II. Do. lications, 204_No. XIX. Mr. Sapio,

translated, 388_No. III. The Homeric Mad. Catalani's Concert, Concert at

Poematia, 481-No. IV. Bacchus, or the St. Margaret's, 316_Provincial Music

Pirates, from the Homeric Hymns, 639, Meetings, Adoption of a foreign style in

Lemberg, Public Library at, 96.

music, Mad. Camporese, Mrs. Salmon,

Letters from Edinburgh, No. III, 77-of 317--Alodern Singers, General observa-

Edward Herbert, No. I, 184_No. II, tion on the present state of the art, 311


New Musical Publications, 319-No.

Letter of Edward Gallowgate, 52-Barna XX. 429-Salisbury Musical Meeting,

.by Dandelion, 55_Senex to Van Vink. 430_New Musical Publications, 430

booms, 538.

No. XXI. Music encouraged only at

Lion's Head, 3, 119, 235, 351, 465. London, 555—Mad. Catalani; Miscel-

Lisbon, abolition of the punishment of laneous Intelligence; New Publications,

Death at, 541.

556_No. XXII. Madame Catalani,

Literary and Scientific, 93, 205, 325, &c. 672–projected Concert ; Scottish

441, 558.

Melodies ; Grand Royal Divertimento;

Literature, Armenian, 559.

New Publications, 673.

Bohemian, 201.

Musical Society, Austrian, 95.

Danish, 559.

-, German, 205, 559.

Italian, 205, 442, 558. Naples, population of, 441.

Russian, 205, 441.

Natural History, names substituted for

Spanish, 96, 208, 443.

science in, 48.

Swedish, 205.

New Hymn Book, 323.
Swiss, 94.

Nomenclature of Clouds, 334,

Lives of the Poets ; No. I. Thomas War. Normans, or Normen, 412.

ton, 121.--No. II. Sir William Jones, Nubia, 559.


Numismatics, 559.

Lolham Brigs, 540—Lines written at, 541.

Lycophron, not obscure in his style, 611.

Opera, Pleasures of the, 359.

Opinion, Consistency of, 485.

Mackintosh's (Sir J.) Forgery Bill, 98. Opium, Pleasures of, 354—the excitement

Mackery End, 28.

it causes not succeeded by depression,

Madrid in 1821, 313.

358_Pains of, 369.

Magalotti, 160.

Eater, Confessions of an English,

Malay, a, 365.

Part I, 294-Part II, 353.

Malone's Shakspeare, 265.

Optics, 676.

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