Cobbett's Weekly Political Register, Том 39

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Сторінка 315 - Ye friends to truth, ye statesmen, who survey The rich man's joys increase, the poor's decay, 'Tis yours to judge how wide the limits stand Between a splendid and a happy land.
Сторінка 379 - A False balance is abomination to the LORD : but a just weight is his delight.
Сторінка 569 - After the writings contained in the New Testament were selected from the numerous Gospels and Epistles then in existence, what became of the Books that were rejected by the compilers?" This question naturally occurs on every investigation as to the period when and the persons by whom the New Testament was formed. It has been supposed by many that the volume was compiled by the first Council of Nice, which, according to Jortin (Rem.
Сторінка 501 - Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth...
Сторінка 845 - Secretary, is a contract, containing stipulations on the part of the Government, and on the part of the corporation, entered into for full and adequate consideration. The Government became party to this contract by granting the charter, and the stockholders by accepting it.
Сторінка 1071 - A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Samuel Chandler, from the Writer of the History of the Man after God's own Heart (Peter AnnetO, 8vo.
Сторінка 485 - ... residence a settlement. Under the present system, when there was any cessation of employment in a manufacturing town, the labourers were scattered all over England. From Manchester, for instance, he had seen loads sent to London by the coach, and some even to the West of England.
Сторінка 481 - Peace or other person to remove, or cause to be removed, any poor person or persons from any parish, township or place, to any other, by reason of such person or persons being chargeable to such parish township or place, or being unable to maintain him or themselves, or under colour of such person or persons being settled in any other parish, township or place, any law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding : Provided always, that nothing in this Act shall in...
Сторінка 571 - Testament; and he who possesses this and the New Testament, has in the two volumes, a collection of all the historical records relative to Christ and his Apostles, now in existence, and considered sacred by Christians during the first four centuries after his birth.
Сторінка 875 - ... offered to me) ; that the utmost which I could obtain from you was an engagement to afford me satisfaction, so soon as the term of your confinement should have expired; that the interval must be full of hazard as to secrecy ; that, without in any degree impeaching either your honour, or that of any gentleman whom you might select, the mere fact (which could hardly be concealed) of a communication between me, or any friend of mine, and the King's Bench, could not fail to excite suspicion ; and...

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