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by saying when, if at all, he MR. BIRKBECK.

wishes to have them back. I can There appeared in the MORN- assure him, that I never saw any ING CHRONICLE, Wednesday, a work on the subject of, or near thing purporting to be an ex- to, the date that he speaks of. tract of a letter from this yen- P., who thinks he has discovered tleman to - a friend in York- a grammatical error in the Re- shire,” which contains a very gister, will, I think, find that he unprovoked attack upon me, in las not, if he look at my gramconsequence of my letters, which mar, paragraphs 200 and 201. form part of the Year's Residence However, I can see, when I hapin America. Mr. Birkbeck shall pen to read a Register in print have an answer in my next. In (which I seldom do) grammatical the meanwhile, the public should errors enough; and, when it is bear in mind, that my letters to considered, that the whole pamhim were published in America ! phlet is begun to be written and In fact, those letters have saved printed off in about 60 hours, thousands of worthy families the wonder naturally is, that there from ruin ; but, then, they have are not ten errors where there is marred Mr. Birkbeck's specu'a- one. I now and then see sentions; for to no other cause can I tences made quite nonsense by . ascribe so unmannerly and foul mistake of the printer. But I do an assault from a person to whom, not expect miracles to be performor of whom, I never wrote or ed for me If the bomb-shell prospoke but in terms of kindness duce the desired effect its shape is and respect.

not of much importance. Where, .

indeed, there is time for revis on, TO CORRESPONDENTS.

grammatical errors would be a · A. B. will very much oblige me mark of laziness in me, and that

by sending the Pamphlets, and is a sin, which, of all others, I

should dislike to be justly accused of.





Sermons the public call them, This Work is just published, and I will do the same. The Six price 3s. 6d. and it does, I think, Acts provides for the free circu

u clearly prove the justice as well lation of pamphlets on religion, as the

Engion, as the necessity of greatly reducso that I may be said to take, in ;

"ing first, and, in the end, stopping this case, the benefit of those acts. lol

acis. altogether, the Interest of the I will confess, that it was those Debt. It consists of Essays writActs which inspired me with the ten between 1803 and 1806, both thought of preaching in print. inclusive, to wbich are subjoined, “ Tract is beneath the thing

some notes. Its arguments then described ; and, besides, the pub- were met by arguments (which lic will have mine to be Sermons. are all fairly stated) and by most Sermons, therefore, they shall foul abuse. They remained be. As a proof of the piety of wholly unshaken then; and, I am the days, in which we live, and of satisfied, they will remain un. my superiority over the Doctors, shaken now,--The reader will be I will venture to say, that I am amused to see, that Mr. Riable to prove a ten times greater Cardo's project for dividing the sale of my Sermons, than can be land, with the fund-holders

land with the fund-holders, origiproved of the Sermons of any nated with one of the silliest of my Doctor that belongs, or ever did antagonists of 1806! Oh! Mr. belong, to either of the Univer- Peel! How “ happy the Spasities.

“ nish Legislator must be to be .. able to take down from his Sixteenth Edition. With the last Cor

rections of the Author; and the Pas“ shelf a Blackstone, or a Ri sages on the Liberty of the Subject,

which appear only in the first edition. or cardo!” .

With Annotations and Comments, as also Corrections of the Errors and Mis-statements of the Learned Judge, respecting Constitutional Law and Le

gal Antiquities. By John WILLIAMS, July 2nd will be published, the First Part (price 1s.) of

Printed fors. Sweet, Law Book

seller, Chancery-lane; and to be comTHE COMMENTARIES ON

pleted in 40 - Parts, (forming 4 hand1 THE LAWS OF ENGLAND. some volumes, 'Svo.) published weekly. By Sir WILLIAM BLACKSTONE. The

Esq. a.

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Printed by C. CLEMENT, and Published by John M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Inn.

Vol. 39.—No. 13.) LONDON, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1821. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Six o'clock.


have it now at å shilling ; but, J

should apprize the public, that Kensington, 26th June, 1821. the Report without the Evidence I am not going in this present is like the garnish in the absence Register, to enter fully into this of the joint. I shall number the subject. I have the Report paragraphs of this edition of the before 'me; but the Evidence I Report and Evidence; and, be have not yet seen, in its complete ginning with my next, I shall stałe. My little bird did, indeed, write two Registers in the way tell me, as I have once or twice of commentary on these important observed, of certain things that documents. The numbering will took place in the Committee; save the room that must others, and the public will soon see, that wise be devoted to long extracts.. he told me the literal truth.-And, when the public are in pose, The Report is now published at session of these two Registers, the Office of the Register, price together with the Report and one skilling; but, the Evidence, Evidence, I think they will want which is voluminous, will, with no further information on the the Report, make a full - sized subject, than which, certainly, a Octavo Volume. This volume, more important one never becomplete, will be published at the came matter of discussion in any Register-Office next week, at a country in the world. This has, price not exceeding seven, and for more than a century, been sixpence. In the meanwhile, the most powerful, nation in however, those who may choose Europe, and, it is now a question, to have the Report only, may whether it be, or be not, to reos


Printed by C. CLEMENT, and published by John M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Im.

[Price Si.rpencc Halfpenny in the Country.]

tain its power! The rise, and share in the councils of His Mathe fall, of nations, do not depend jesty:- When I speak of the upon treaties and battles, nor ability discovered in this paper, upon the strife of parties, so I must not, however, be undermuch as upon measures affecting stood as assenting to its printhe industry and the moral cha-ciples, its facts, and, above all, to racter of the people. And, we its conclusions. . Some of them are now, in the course of not certainly are sound and correct ; many months, going to see how but, others, and those of the these are to be attended to in the greatest weight as to the matter acts of the government. — The in question, are, in my opinion, Report of the Agricultural Com- wholly erroneous. — There premittee is, in one respect, of very vails, through the whole of the great public interest : it fully Report, a spirit of candour and discovers the views of the Mi- of conciliation, and no attempts nisters ; and that is a great are made to disguise the nature deal. It is said, that Mr. Hus- or the magnitude of the evil, KISSON drew up the Report. It though pretty earnest endeavours does great credit to the talents are made to encourage hope from

of the writer, though there is an sources in which I can see none, · affectation of fine style, which but in wbich hope the author, or

renders the meaning, in many authors, of the Report are cerinstances obscure, even at a tainly sincere, because they act second or third reading. Say upon it and rest their measures what men will, this is not really upon it. Therefore I am disgood writing : to be really good, posed to treat this document with it must be plain to plain men. respect, and not in the manner, However, this is an able paper ; in which it becomes me and every · and the author of it, be he who man to treat those masses of abhe may, is not unfit to have a surdities and falsehoods, which

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