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that in mind. You do right, Sir, (and true it is with the exception in getting this tax repealed; bur, before mentioned) that the horsea it is, I promise you, no' hotiday taxis finally paid by the consumer affair upon which you are enter- of fod, tħe whole of the nation, ing:

... the tax-eaters' excepted, are - Mr. VANSITTART expressed his griners by the measure. To be apprehension that this do was the sure it is the first of a" séries; 6* first of a series of attacks 'upon for, of itself it is nothing at all. 6 the finances of the country.And;" how good it is" in its way? What'anidea! What langunge! you may gather from the conduct Just as if you and the rest of the of the long-eared, tööting press, landlords were persons not belong, with régørd to it.** The tooter ing to the country'. Just as if the is, you see;" hampered. It does finances of the country were not know what to sày? It says: sømething that proceeded from Ittle, and that little is of no -sources with which you had no- maning. If you proceed thus, thing to do! Why, this 'very you will absolutely kill the tooter, language is, of itself, enough to who belongs to the paper system, rouse the blood of cowards by mind; and you' will see that it nature.' That the muck-worm; will die with the system. If you the fat and saucy millioner of had proceeded in the other way:

Change Alley should talk thus is if you had proposed to reduce natural fenóligh; but, to hear this the interest, you would have had language from a man in office, the tooter upon you, and must* living on the taxes; and to hear it have crammed* your ears with addressed, too, to those who own cotton, or have scampered off to the country! Mr. VAN seenis tó Cumberland rentre d térre.. . } have thought better of this before. Mr. Van's idea, thảt it was the next meeting, as we shall by the first duty of parliament tot and by see..

s support the financial system" To be sure it is the first of a was of a piece with the other • series of attacks," if attacks they observation. A first' duty, inmust be called. It is, in fact, a deed! To do what, to surrender little bit of a step towards doing up the last acre and last drop of justice to the people at large as sweat to the fund-ords! This is, well as to the landlords'; for, if indeed, whát has been deemed Mr. HUSKISSON'S doctrine be true the first doty; if we may judger

from what has, for years; béen, it does ovet yours as the rascally doing. But, I think we shall see weeds are, at this very moment, à very different course pursued in growing over your fifty acres and future. And, notwithstanding my five rod of Swedish Turnipsi some triding blanders, you, Sir, I shall rescue m'y turnips by transa shall not be forgotten as claiming, planting, and I would advise your and fairly claiming; the honour 10 do the same ; and this is the of having led the way. way that the emigrating farmers

Mr. HuskISSON said, that are going to work! They find so our capital was growing, and the fund-lord weeds too strong fot that she saw no reason' to de-them, and they are moving off to s spond.By “our” what does America, leaving their late.com he mean?' And what does he panions and fellow sufferers, who call capital? Capital is things of are too tender or too stunted to real' vulne; thitigs of intrinsic bear reinoving, to be stifled by worth. And, are these growing? Mr. Huskisson's growing plants. The Debt is growing; and this is : This gentleman can see si no Capital” in Mr. MaBerly's" reason to despond;" and, for eyes, which are as sharp as that very reason you ought to needles, and who can'tırn"an idea push on ; for, until he despond, of this sort, and line it through- you may. When he begins" to out, skitts and all, and put it despond, you may begin to hope; out of hands as neatly as any one but not before. In another view, of Mr. James Perry's “ finan- however, his comrades and the « ciers;" though on his list, there fund-lords ought to be alarmed at are, besides Mr. Maberly, a Ba- this declaration of his. He has a ring, a Grenfell and "a Ri- head, and that is more than I can * cardó !" Capital, indeed! Is say for any one of his comrades; the farmer's capital growing ? Is and, if he can think, that Peel'si the landlord's capital growing? Is Bill can go into full effect without the merchant's capital' growing ?Ja reduction of the taxes toone half, Is the manufacturer's capital aye half, their present nominal growing? As we used to say, in amount; if he can think this, the country, like a cow's tail, what pretty pates is the system growing downwards. The tax- committed to! Can he entertain catérs“ may, indeed, say, our any such belief? Can he have ** capital is growing ;" for grow thought of the matter, and entera

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tain such belief? If this be pos-1“ the introduction of a system of ecosible, all that I can say is, nothing

“ nomy was indispensable, not only

" to make up the deficiency caused by is impossible in the way of belief;

" " the repeal of this tax, but to enable and it is possible for your dairy- them to relieve the country from maid to believe, that'a pound of other burdens, which still pressed cream contains two pounds of heavily on its industry and resources buitter. .,

1" (hear, hear!). He was gratified that

| "the Noble Lord (Londonderry) felt, We now come, Sir, to the ac

“ as he did in this instance, what was tual passing (or as good) of this “ beneficial to the country, and for the your memorable bill; for' memo- "handsome manner in which that rable it will become, be you as “ feeling was communicated, he could sured. I have the proceedings

not but express his public acknowof the 18th of June now before “ ledgments (hear, hear!).” me; and, that they give me plea

give me plea-! Now, why this praise? It was, sure inexpressible I need not-say. not due. You know well that he On your first moving, on the 14th was compelled to yield, or yield of June, you had a majority of his place. You are not aware, 28 against the Ministers. There perhaps, of the mischief of such were, 141 for you, and 113 praises. ; You will find, in the against you. Mr. Van threal-end, that they will be used against ened you with another trial of yourself. I speak here with some force and numbers ; but, when experience to back my opinion. the hour of trial came he gave was, for many years, a great way in so handsome a manner!" praiser.. I was more prodigal of He was pretty behaved;" and, praise than ever even Perceval if you push on he will behave still was of the public money. I haye prettier next Session... .. had to expiate this sin of prodi

The business of this day was gality by undergoing all the paios opened by you in the following and, penalties that the blackest words:-; ..

ingratitude in the most base and ... The Honourable Member stater, sordid breasts bave been able to " that he was happy to be enabled to invent and execute; and, per“ inform the House, that Ministers haps, it has been owing more to 66 did not intend to give any further good fortune than to any thing “ opposition to the Bill (loud cheers). “ 'He was sure this would be satisfać. else, that my very blood has not Story to the country at large, while been shed by the hands, or the “ it also proved to Government that hirelings, of men, with regard. to whom I had never committed " sent 'determination, and whatever

1" was done for the agricultural inany offence, other than that of térest's was worthy of the sacrifice loading them with unmerited“ (hear !).” .. praise. Take warning, then, Sir;

pol Aḥ, a! my little man! You

Aḥ, and if you praise, let it be the can“ bow” can you after hearact, and expressly confined to the

ing some persons “out of doors." act'; for, if it admit of a wider

vidaX" Competent persons out of interpretation, and you should

“ doors.” Competent!, Aye to: find it, hereafter, necessary to

be sure! Have I not said, a. disapprove of the conduct of the

thousand times, that we :" out of praised party, some black-hearted

1“ doors ” folks were the statesand high-fed knave, who has a

heimen, after all? That is right.

“ Consult ” the people “out of longing eye upon the public purse, and who fears your vigi

“ doors.” They will always tell lance, may be found to reproach

you what to do. They are ".comyou with “ inconsistency." "

“ petent.” You remember, I Next came Mr. Van, and I are say, Mr. VAN, my old wish I could have seen him! proposition for collecting legisia. Pray, Sir, how did he look, lors by straining a string across, while ' uttering the following

the entrance to London by Ty.

| burn, Knightsbridge, Kenninge words? “ The CHANCELLOR of the Exche

ton, Kent Road, or Whitechapel, * Quer said, that however important avoiding the northern inlets for rea66.he considered the tax on agricúl. “ tural horses as affecting the finances, sons that the Edinburgh Reviewers. ' “ he felt himself bound to bow to what " appeared to be the decided opinion | could probaon “ of the House. A decisive majority. remember this proposition, I dare. 66 of the House were in favour of the ** Bill, and having consulted the opi- say, and how it was abused; but, 66 nion of competent persons out of whom we find your homing" in. 66 door's since the division he was in. When we w you owury Ho • duced to conclude that such was the stead of kicking " within doors,".

general feeling. That being the

ease he would not set up his indivi- in cons-qunce of “ consultations “ dual opinion against it, and he hoped 66. that no man standing in his situation

“ with competent persons out of 66 would ever do so. Though he did doors," does my proposition 66 not think the repeal of the tax of “ vital importance to the people at for catching legislators by the * large, yet he trusted the sacrifice, s on the part of the revenue would

llegs appear to be so very extra- .

go "ppoas 66 be well received by the country. I vagant? 66 That it might have the effect of * conciliating the public feeling and But now comes the great man • allaying irritation, was taken into of u. she thunder of 6 thun. • the account in coming to the pre

of all: the thunder of " thun

« derers." What! Can he “bow"/" measure of relief as a measure too! Then, fund-lords, look to" of sympathy, and if it was yourselves : pack up your wallets" within the range of legislation and take to the long boat. Here to apply effectual relief to the he comes; the Jupiter of the po- “ Agricultural interests, such relitical heaven. Hushed be every i“ lief was what he should have voice !

wished to have bestowed. (hear!) 6. The Marquess of LONDON-}" However although this could “ DERRY stated that there was no " not be an effectual measure, it * necessity for the introduction" was better that there should be 6 of collateral topics. He felt it no more struggle alout it. It « his duty, like his Right Hol was given as a boon, and he « nourable Colleague,' TO BUW“ trusted would have the effect of

to the decision of the House." producing the satisfaction “ He was prevented by ind spoo". which the concession was meant 66 sition from attending the de-1” to carry through the country, 6 bate on the former night, but ". That there existed a strong s. if he could have attended, he feeling to relieve the agricultu** should then håve stated to the “ rists in the Commitle which had “ House the importance of sus- " their case under consideration, « taining the revenues of the " he was convinced their Report, “ country, which were so essen- " which had been drawn up that « tial to the public credit (hear," day, would satisfactorily prove; « hear!). After the manner, how-", and he said in the hearing of .“ ever, in which the House had “ several Members who belonged « declared its opinions, and tak- * to that Committee, and could “'ing into account the amount of bear out his assertion, that if 6 the tax, compared with the ad- the state of circumstances, and si vantage which its repeal was “ the continuation of causes which "I thought to produce to the Agri- " affected the agricultural inte« cultural interests, and the effect rests, could admit of imme“ it might have in conciliation," diate and permanent remedy, « he did not wish that the propo- " such remedy would have been “ position should be refused • pointed out, and he believed “ (hear, hear!); at the same time promptly carried into effect .. “ he considered that conceding " He need not go into their de" the repeal was not so much a liberations, but, when con

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