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in hold of a minister's words, and last, come to something which

who mouths them out in pom- he, I dare say, regarded as truth. pous accent to the haberdashers But you, a legislator, the prothat smoke their pipes with him. poser of a law to change the A division of capital! New very basis of civil society in branches of trade! Why, the England; you, who had devoted very idea of such causes, when years to subjects of political ecothere was a paper-money at work, nomy, to bring out, as à gravely was little short of proof of ab- delivered opinion, what had been solute imbecility. Poor Mr. laughed at from 1816 to 1821, JUDGE Bailey one could ex- was a little too much to be exeuse. He had been reading law pected by any one who had not all his life time. He knew no- taken your dimensions with as thing of England but what he much accuracy as I had done, had seen in the streets and the However, when one looks at courts. That he should think a this speech, made to the LancaNational Debt a blessing was not shirers, one cannot be much surso very surprizing. I think, prised at the bill. It is evident, however, that he said, he had that you never before saw the long thought upon the matter! cause of the ruin and degradition But, one might excuse him. He of the labourers. You never saw strange confusions arising. read Two-penny Trash; not He saw that the people had got you,' indeed! If you had, you upon the scent of the Debt; and never would have brought in this he thought that his opinions bill. You read the Trash now, might tend to quiet them. He I'll warrant; and, you will bear had, I will engage, never really it in mind when your genius thought upon the subject. He pricks you on to bring forward had read and heard the shallow another measure, involving such thoughts of others; and had, at tremendous consequences.

Another proof of possessing nol It must be clear to every man overstock of understanding, as to of common sense (and the Mi- such matters, is the bringing of nisters seem to perceive it), that, any new law forward about the in the crisis which is approachpoor just at this time! There is ing, it will be desirable to have now a revolution, a real revola- the millions without cause to tion actually taking place. Pro- complain of hunger and nakedperty is changing hands, and the ness. If they be well off, there profits of labour are changing is little to fear. But, if they conhands. Things are in as much sist of inflammable matter, who uncertainty as if an enemy had can think of the dangers without janded and taken possession of horror? And, what that ever one half of the country. - Dying entered into the mind of man fathers scarcely know how to could be so well calculated to inmake their wills... People are flame them as your bill passed afraid to borrow and afraid to into a law? The right of relief lend. Nothing but the gold in in case of need is so deeply rooted hand is regarded as secure. Mar- in the minds of the labourers of riages are actually put off, in this once happy country; their order to see what is going to right to go to the land in case of happen. And, as to contracts need makes a part of their very between landlords and renters, minds, which is cherished, too, they are become nothing at all. by all the laws of settlements, Every thing portends some great vagrancy, and by all that is and terrible change in the whole dinned into the ears of every of the affairs of the kingdom. beggar or poor complainant. To And, was this, of all others, the remove this impression you must moment for making a law such sweep away the whole race. And, as you would have had to with this settled way of thinking, pass? .un 2 9 . si in existence, to promulgate a pe=;


palty, or, at least, a ' refusal of|to worst, the married labourers relief, on account of marriage! save their children ; but, never To make two sorts of poor, one was bastard in hay-loft born, entitled to relief and the other with a horse pond at hand, in not ! To rouse the feelings and greater peril than the legislative set the tongues going of all the offspring of you, the two most. women! To do this, and at such aspiring geniuses of the age ! : : a time too, and without any ne- God forbid I should insinuate cessity, really does appear fully that you are deficient in parental to justify Mr. Gurney in call- feeling! Never did the fondést ing it " a flagrant act of in- of the feline race more gallantly. * sanity.

guard its young ; and what is to And yet, what is to become of take place if “any thing should this deplorable bill! Talk of happen” to it, I am wholly at a "improvident parents,” indeed ! loss to conjecture. That we shall There may be young fellows and hang our pages with black, as the girls that “ rush into marriage,” Liverpool papers lately did theirs but was ever thoughtlessness on account of the death of the more, complete than has been Pitt-Club, there can be little eyinced by the parent of this doubt; nor will the soul of friendhapless bill ? Mr. Brougham ship withhold monodies and episays, that it is neither honest nor taphs abundant; but, who shall politic to beget a child without pour the balm of comfort into the having provided support for it lacerated bosom of the afflicted before hand. We will leave the parent! To ask a favour of you honesty out of the question, but, at such a season ; to bespeak surely, we may say it is as little before hand the salt testimonials politic - thoughtlessly to beget of your sorrow, may seem un-. poor-law improvement and eda- feeling ; but, it is well known, cation-digest bills. Worst come that the tears of Mary Magdalen

were preserved for centuries and Bill, now": before your Honourable used as a protection against thun- House, the object of which is to

the prevent the payment of any sums : der and lightning; and, as the proven

Jout of the Poor Rates to save those “kindly drops,” which the news

able bodied men from starving, who papers say you seemed to shed, from the distress of the Agriculupon a recent doleful occasion, tural Interest, or other causes, may had such wonderful effect in make application for Parish relief. favour of « England's Glory,” That your Petitioners, can from their let me beg for one small phial, own experience,contradictthestatement to be for me a charm against the

made in support of that clause, that'

" such sums are given to cherish the dire effects of indictments and..

“ vices and the indolence of that class. informations ex-officio; so shall of the Poor who are disposed to exbe secure from dungeons and ist rather on the charity of others from all the demons ef the law; ** than to depend for their own bread and you shall be consoled for the " on their own exertion --the práca loss of your bill by the reflection, uce of the neighbourhoods, and of

every other within their knowledge, that your name will go down

being, to give no parish allowance to, to posterity enrolled in the Re

persons who are capable of working, gister's Calendar of Saints.

without compelling them to labour as ... snow W. COBBETT. the means of obtaining -a mainte.

. .is' ! nanes. ..ir .iii..

T i sh Dhat the operation of the clause ip The Humble Petition of the several question, if it pass into a law, will be

persons whose names are hereunto to.compel the charitable and humane subscribed, being Inhabitants of the to establish a fund for the relief, town of Holt in the county of Nor- of the unemployed and able poor,

folk or the neighbourhood thereof; by which means the reduction of Sheweth, as! :... parisk allowances will save nothing

That's your Petitioners contemplate to the public, while it will diminish with corrow the practical efibot of that the income of the generous toinerende clause of the Poor Lama, Amendment that of the sordid mano. - .




That if such a contribution be not famongst the poor will be found :--that made, the effect on the Poor will be the loss of property, will, therefore, bez to enforce a division of the scanty pro- more than equivalent to the charge of fits of labour, or of the parish pit- the poor ratės and that; that moral' tance to the old, the infirm, and the turpitude, which now infects only a helpless (through compassion or the small part, will pervade the whole body powerful ties of kindred), to assist of the labouring classes, and be sanc those whom the rich will have destined tified by the appellation of a struggle to starvation that this divisioni will against oppression.. :: deepen the misery, of the poor of all That, under the present system, the ages, and will increase their dissatis- parish offices for managing the Poor faction at the measures of those who are found to be filled with most ado possess property, whom they will look vantage to the country by men of upon as combined against their lives sound understanding and compassionater as well as their comforts :-that the disposition, who under the cruel law allowances they have been accustom- which is now before your Honourable

ed to received from time immemorial House, will be unable to bear the - they will consider as their undoubted accumulated misery which will con . right, and the seizure of them as a tinually present itself to their views violation of their property :-that the being deprived of the ability to alle young and active will attempt to get viate it; and that those offices will by stratagem and force what will ap- therefore be eśclusively filled by men pear to them to be withheld by a par- of the hardest hearts, whose power vial law, and that the Poor collective- being exercised withouti feeling, will ly will justify them on the plea only widen the breach between the sufof necessity, and be led to aid and fering and irritated poor and their assist them in their attacks upon pro, richer townsman,and hasten the period perty :-that if such a state of things at which the law in question will effect be suffered to continue, an organized the total demoralization of the lower system of depredation will spread orders." throughout the country; against which And your Petitioners, with great hudo tangible property will be safe, and mility, suggest, that the present mefor the punishment of which the rich láncholy state of the working classes will be afraid to seek, and no evidences is mainly'attributable to the immenser?

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