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are all fairly stated) and by most PRELIMINARY PART,

"foul abuse. They remained

wholly unsbaken then; and, I am COBbett’s PAPER AGAINST GOLD.

satisfied, they will remain un. This work is just published, shaken now.–The reader will be price 3s. 6d. and it does, I think, amused to see, that Mr. Ri. clearly provu the justice as well | CARDO's project for dividing the as the necessity of greatly reduc- land with the fund-holders, origiing first, and, in the end, stopping nated with one of the silliest of my altogether, the Interest of the antagonists of 1806! Oh! Me Debt. It consists of Essays writ- Perry! How “ happy the Spaten between 1803 and 1806, both"nish Legislator must be to be Anclusive, to which are subjoined," able to take down from his some notes. Its arguments then“ shelf a Blackstone, or a Riwere met by arguments (which " cardo!.”.


with the New Year's gift to the Sermons the public call them, farmers. It contains the Sermon and I will do the same. The Six to the Good Methodists ; the first Acts provides for the free circu- three Letters to Mr. Peel; and lation of pamphlets on religion, several other papers, which may so that I may be said to take, in be useful at this time, when THE this case, the benefit of those acts. System is in its agony. The VoI will confess, that it was those lume has a Table of Contents and Acts which inspired me with the an Index.-COBBETT'S MONTHLY thought of preaching in print. ReligiOUS TRACTS. The four “Tract” is beneath the thing first Numbers are out. The first, described ; and, besides, the pub-" Naboth's Vineyard; or God's lic will have mine to be Sermons. " vengeance against hypocrisy and Sermons, therefore, they shall cruelty.. “ The second; “ The be. As a proof of the piety of Sin of Drinkenness in Kings, the days, in which we live, and of “ Priests and People.The third, my superiority over the Doctors, “ God's Vengeance against BriI will venture to say, that I am " bery." The fourth, “ The able to prove a ten times greater " Rights of the Poor and the sale of my Sermons, than can be “ Punishment of Oppressors.” proved of the Sermons of any Each of these Numbers has gone Doctor that belongs, or ever did through several large editions, belong, to either of the Univer- and the work makes the “ Tract sities.

" Society" tremble for the fate

- “ of its veritable trash. Cant COBBETT'S PUBLICATIONS.

9 and rant cannot'make head against The LAST VOLUME OF THE plain co

rue plain common sense. The price Register (Vol. 38) is now com- of the “ Religious Tract,” is plete, bound in boards, price three · pence. Many persons

have expressed a wish that knows, it was not before it the Tract came out more fre-was wanted by them! quently; but, at present, this COBBETT'S YEAR's Residence would not be conyenient to the IN AMERICA, a thick volume in author. He must have time for | Octavo. 10s. bound in boards. other things While he neglects Very useful for those who want not the “ mint and cummin,” he to know what America really is. must attend to the * weightier A New Edition of PAPER of matters of the laws.” While he AGAINST GOLD, that complete fails not to write his Monthly history and exposure of the Tracts, he must not forget his mystery, of the Bank, the Funds Weekly Duty towards the Sys- and the Paper-System. Price tem, especially now that Corrup-five shillings, bound in boards. tion herself is at her wit's end. Just published, price 3s. 6d. the The Six Acts make an exception Preliminary Part of Paper in favour of “ Religious Publi- against Gold, containing the arcations ;” and, the author ticles written by the author on thought it hard, if he could not the subject of the Sponge, before get his nose, at any rate, into the the date of Paper against Gold. privileged class.- COBBETT's In these articles, the wiping off of GRAMMAR, a new and neat edi- the whole of the Debt is maintion, price 2s.6d., bound in tained to be just, if necessary to boards. It was intended for the the happiness of the nation; and, use of young persons in general, though the Landlords seem not to and especially for the use of dare to attempt it, that does not soldiers, sailors, apprentices and alter the nature of the thing. The plough boys; but, the author has author is satisfied, that it must be discovered, (in rather an odd done at last, though the “ Lords manner) that it is in great vogue" of the Soil” will probably, amongst “ statesmen ;” and, God lose the soil first. Also,

IN THE Press, a thing that is although it be the "American great favourite with the author : Gardener,” he thinks it contains « The AMERICAN GARDENER; matter more than worth the pur “ or a treatise on the situation, chase money to an English reader, « soil, fercing and laying-out of who takes delight in gardening; “ Gardens ; on the making and and, besides the Horticultural ins managing of hot-beds and formation, the book contains the “green-houses; and on the Pro- best possible account of the cli“ pagation and Cultivation of the mate, and of things connected • several sorts of Table-Vege- with the climate, of the country, 5 tables, Herbs, Fruits and Flow- for the use of which it is writ

ers." The author promised ten.--In answer to enquiries this work to his good and kind about the FRENCH GRAMMAR, neighbours in America. It was the author begs the public to principally written in that coun- consider a little what have been try; and would have been fi- his labours since his return to nished there, had it not been for England! This is a work, which Peels Bill to witness the effects he cannot suffer to go out of his of which made him hasten away hands with a single doubt in his home. Thenks to Mr. Peel, mind as to any part of it. It the author set off for dear Old would, however, have been ready England in November; for, if it for the press before this time, bad had not been for that Bill, the it not been for the last-mentioned author would have remained 'till work, which he had promised spring, and then he would have to so many kind friends. All lost the inexpressible pleasure that he can say, is, ' that he of seeing Her Majesty arrive ! thinks to have the French GramPeels Bill brought him away már out during the summeri with his works in an unfinished But, let it be borne in mind that state. It is now finished ; and, the main business of his life is to

watch the motions of. Corruption. I her for long, at a time. Expire He has been dogging her steps she must; ; but, she must not for many years. She has now- expire, without a last blow from and-then, turned upon him and hin i riisi:: *: * given him a bite; but, now that he sees the bloody monster TO CORESPONDENTS. hemmed up in a corner, looking about her iŋ vain for an out-let| A. B. has my best thanks for whereby to escape ; when he a book that I will endeavour to sees her sides heave and her jaws make good use of..: ..t filled with foam, he cannot quit. Hi::...

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El Printed by C. CLEMENT, and Published by John M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Inn.

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