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has taught me caution ; but, Ilforward without due reflection; cannot refrain from applauding that he had been yeurs maturing the sentiments of Mr. Courte- the matter in his mind! Bless NAY, Lord MILTON, Mr. Cal- the head of him ! Its construction CRAFT, and Sir Robert Wil- must be admirable. Whole years SON, with regard to this bill. bringing to maturity a thing which We have, I should suppose, will to a dead certainty end in a an imperfect sketch of what ballad ! they said; but we have Dropping this nonsense for the quite enough to convince me, present, we all ought to observe. that they did their duty like the progress that is making in men. The bill has since gone the opinion, that the interest of the into a committee, and is, it seems, debt must be reduced. Lord to come out again on Tuesday Milton plainly said this in the next, when we shall see the man- debate upon Lawyer Scarlett's. ner, in which it is destined to Bill. He said, that a revolution make its exit. It seems at present was silently going on; and so it, to be a good deal in the situation is. He said, in 1817, that it was, of a weazle in a warrener's trap. dishonourable to propose such It is in ; but, how is it to come reduction. Well. do I charge out? Here we are, round the him with “ inconsistency ?” No: trap, keeping a sharp look-out. he has seen sufficient to make Whether it be finally to be flung him change his mind. Is that, away to rot, or to be hung up to " inconsistency ?”: He is very dry, it would be presumption in right; for, a revolution is going on, a person“ out of doorseven to and at a great rate! The money guess ; but, creep off quietly and people will have all the estates, silently to die out of sight, it can- not occupied by the owners and mot, must not and shall not. Oh, not upheld by the taxes. I have, by George ! it shall not go off as I once before observed, heard, so! We will get WALTER SCOTT, and on good authority, of one or some other doggrel poet, to single stock - jobber, who was, grind it into rhyme for us; and only twenty five years ago, a hawkwe will give it to be sung by the er of oranges and pencils, and, country-girls over the churn or who now has seven hundred thouthe cradle. The Lawyer said, sand pounds in mortgages upon that he had not brought the bill estates of families, all of whom,

o came in with the Conqueror!" I have now, I think, given you Well: this is their affair, and not a dose enough to sicken you of ours, provided that Moses, when writing letters to me; but, I must he shall walk in, act fairly towards give you a little more ; for these the farmers ; for, he cannot farm Cash Payments are working very it himself.

nicely. The Bank has, I am Some persons expect, that the told, about 150 visitors from the Report of Gaffer Gooch's com-country daily, who bring up her mittee will contain a recommenda- rags and carry away nice little tion to reduce the interest of the parcels of gold. There are sorts debt. I do not. This is going of curious things taking place. too fast. There must be under Great efforts are made by some shocks yet, before the thing will persons to persuade people, that be explicitly proposed. Next paper is better than gold! This session is, I think, is the time. is not overshooting the mark, but Numerous pamphlets will get out overcharging the gun; and it has during the summer and fall. The no effect upon the object. Some : newspapers, having felt the pulse say, that paper is preferred. Now of their readers, will begin to mark : purses are now for sale in unsay and unswear what they the shops that dealt (and still have been saying and swearing deal) in bank-note cases ! And I for the last nineteen years, ever know the fact, that these purses since I' first opened the subject. now sell better than the cases ! And, I think it likely, that the The price of the latter has fallen. rich fund-holders, seeing what|Two venders of them, I knew, must soon take place, will have have said, that they should be meetings, and generously offer to glad to get rid of their stock on give up about a tenth part of almost'any terms. what they will see is about to be However, it must be so; for who taken from them. This I think will run the risk of taking forged likely; but it will be of no use. notes ? And, to mend the matter, Let the thing be tapped, and away the forgers seem to be working it goes; according as it is written double tides and haryest-days. in Cobbett's Register of 1806, They seem to be in as great a and is now re-published in the bustle as you are, in hay-time, Preliminary Part of Paper against when the glass is falling: I say Gold.. is

you are, because all farmers are,

when the menacing clouds set them " received directions from the to kicking the poor dogs about,“ Bank to pay the poor woman and when very sew living things | ss five guineas for the prudent and that come within their reach escape “ proper course she had taken in a taste of the effects of the clouds. 1's giving up the notes. From this The forgers make less noise ; they “ and other circumstances, it apo do not holiow and bawl and stamp “pears that the utterers were and storm : but they appear to “ very busy at the fair. The be making hay of their sort, as“ resumption of Cush payments busily as bees.

" is such a death-blow to their The OBSERVER news-paper of “ iniquitous commerce, that they Sunday last gives the silly holders " are using double diligence to of bank-notes the following ac- “ make the most of the skort count for their comfort: “ On * period that remains to them for “ Monday the 14th inšt. a poor “ defrauding the public. Messrs. “ woman, 'named Hitchcock, - Corrall and Co. had no fewer « picked up a roll of papers in " than eleven forged' notes pres « a bargě lying off the fair Mea-“ sented to them in one day." si dow, at Maidstone, which was This is well worthy of your ats employed as a place of refresh- tention. But, what does the OBó ment for the visitors to the Fair. Server mean by the “ short per « On examining the roll, it ap- " riod that remains” for forging ? peared to consist of 100 11. Does he mean, that the one-pound- Bank of England notes, done ers will all be quickly in? Poh! “ up in five parcels of 201. each. They will never be all in; for, si Two of them were taken to the the Bank will now take all, to be 6 Bank of Messrs. Corrall, Mer- sure, whether forged or not; for, Sicer and Co. who declared them if it were to reject notes now, on ist to be forgeries. On examining account of their being forged, 6: the other notes, they were every that would make a preity clas one found to be forgeries, and mour, and send its notes a full “ most admirably executed in all gallop. Oh, no! It must now " their parts. The woman gave take every thing; or be prepared " them up to the Bankers, who for a general rün; or resolve to 6 communicated with the Bank stop again ; and, if it'stop again, • of England on the subject, and good bye, paper-system! There$6 on Monday last Messrs. Corrall fore, the one-pounders will never

2 c 2


be all in, while there is a graving have no idea, generally speaking, tool, old rags, and copper, brass, of the nature and object of Vansteel, iron, or tin, or even lead, in SITTART's act. The mass of manthe country. The forgers will kind 'never split hairs. It is a keep on making and the Bank " resumption of Cask-Payments ;" will keep on taking ; or, if it re- and to that character it must fuse notes on the ground of their stand! The newspapers (ninebeing forged, while it is ready to teen twentieths of them very corpay good notes in gold, it is impos-rupt) have been eager to represible that any of its notes can re- sent the thing as a “ resumption main in circulation for any length “ of Cash-Payments ;” and 10 of time.

disguise the option given to the This seems not to have occurred Bank. So that, if a stoppage to “ the gentlemen in doors.” | were to take place again, the creThey appear, indeed, to have ta- dit of the Bank would be wholly ken but a slight glance at the destroyed, and that, too, by the subject. They knew, that, for- hands of its own friends! It canmerly, notes and cash circulated not reject forgeries, without bringtogether ; but, they forgot, thating in its notes in showers ; and, the making and uttering of notes it cannot stop payment again, was then confined to the Bank, even after all its own one-poundand that now, there is a Company ers are in, without total destruction of Forgers as well as a Company to its credit. ' of Bankers. This alters the case; In late Registers I have said, this makes the precedent of for that the large Bank notes may aner times inapplicable ; and, it be changed into small ones, in warns every one to get gold into order to get at the gold. This is his possession as quickly as possi- true ; but, the Bank pays its ble; to keep it if he can, and, at notes of all sizes ; and this it any rate, to have it in gold as must do, unless it stop again altolong as it remains with him. gether; and, one of two things

Pray, observe ; this newspaper I look upon as certain : unother calls the present thing Resump-stoppage, or a speedy reduction of ~ tion of Cash-payments.” And the interest of the Debt. Not the this is what the main part of the former, good Ministers, for God's people think it. This is good. sake! The wise way, and, inIt was natural, too. The people deed, the only way to prevent

the forging of the one-pounders, in putting forward their claims of is, to call them in, and pay none any sort, and many just claims after a day fixed. That would they have; but, I am not amongst put an end to the forgery of those those who are ready to allow notes completely. The forgers them a monopoly either of virtue would then pitch on to the fives. or of talent; and, I deny that To defeat them there, call in the their labouring classes afford any fives ; and, by going on thus, example worthy of the imitation 'till we come to the forties, we of ours. I deny that they are should see the Squares and Scrip-inore industrious, more moral, Castles come tumbling down, and more virtuous in any respect, the little farm-houses rise up out than the people of England are. of their ruins. To this I believe I have seen colonies that have it will come. . I believe the thing been settled by Englishmen, and will go back to wheat at three some by Irishmen, where industry shillings a bushel ; and, when I aloe could have succeeded; but, see that, I shall be satisfied; for I never yet saw a country settled then every thing will come that 1 and cleared by the labour of have ever wished for

Scotchmen. The boastings which I remain,

have been heard about the wonDear Sir,

drous improvements in Scotland Your most obedient are numerous; but, will any man And most humble servant, pretend to say, that the labourers WM. COBBETT. of that country are more moral,

more orderly, their inhabitants

more cleanly,their strugglesagainst POSTCRIPT. poverty more unremitted, their EXTRACTS FROM REGISTER,

labour and their industry greater,

than are those of the English la29. August, 1807.

bourers? There was one argument of ex- This notion about Scotch experience, brought forward in sup- ample seems to have come up port of this project, which, by amongst us with the juvenile ecoway of conclusion, I must take a nomists, whom the late ministers little notice of; namely, the ex-|(the Whigs) drafted from the ample of the people of Scotland. Office of the Edinburgh Review, The Scotch are never backward wh ch is a sort of depot for spe

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