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You say, that you are more in breasts of its own choicest crea my debt than you ever can repay. tures. About the time of my This is being just and generous last return to England ; that reat the same time : just, because turn, which the Magistrates of it really does appear that you Manchester intimated their inhave derived advantages from my tention to hail in so hospitable a labours, which advantayes admit manner; that return for having not of payment: and generous, merely announced which the because you must well know that Lanchashirerscrammed a man into in giving me leave to publish jail for ten weeks ; about the such a letter you were doing what time of that return, when frightvery few men would do ; and, ened corruption was as busy as indeed, that it was an act, which, the devil in a high wind, spreadall circumstances considered, I ing her nets and forging her could have no right to expect at chains; about the time of that your hands..

return, when every vile wretch The public, in general, and that could stutter out words of even you yourself, may not know abuse upon me, or spatter them that there is such a publication as down upon paper, the Farmer's the “ Farmer's WEEKLY JOUR- weekly Museum, having been “ NAL.” This publication is, I applied to by a “Young Farmer.” am told, supported chiefly by for information as to the question, Landlords. Its main object seems" whether any one in England to be to cause rents to be kept up“ had tried Cobbett's American although the labourer be crushed " mode of cultivating the Swed'to powder; from the Numbers" ish turnip,” answered in someof it that I have seen, I should what the following words : “ we suppose it to be, in proportion to “ know enough of Cobbett and its circulation, as effective a tool" of America, too, to advise our of corruption, as is to be found “ correspondent not to believe in the country. That such a “ any thing that Cobbett says.” publication should aim blows at Now, what chastisement can me is not at all surprising ; for I be too severe for the man who have long been a tárget for every could put this upon paper ? Talk arrow in the quiver of that atro- of coarseness ! talk of rudeness ! cious corruption, which has at What can be coarse, what can last, driven its 'arrows into the be rude, when applied to the

writer of this? Is it coarse to nour on yourself. The public call a brute a brute? Is it should be informed that the Year's thought rude to call the house- Residence came out in three breaker, or the murderer, a vil-parts, the first in 1818, and the lain? Of what use are terms two others in 1819. They were like these if they are never to be written for the double purpose of applied ? And ought not the giving instructions for the rearing word base and the word scoundrel of cattle food in America, and of to be taken out of the dictionary, communicating useful information if they are not to be applied to to persons going from England to the writer of this sentence ? Upon that country. You, it appears, the face of the thing, without thought the instructions worthy any facts to illustrate it, this was of attention; you tried the mea most detestable act. The thod; you found it to be what wretch had seen my book or he you have described it; and, like had not : if the latter, how could an honest and independent man, he offer an opinion upon the sub- you have enabled me to commuject at all ; and if the latter, he nicate to the public an account of must have been a wilful per- the effects of your experiment., verter of truth, and that, too, for

Bergh Apton; (near Norwich) the sole purpose of injuring my

May 23, 1821. reputation, though in doing that Dear Sir, he was doing a manifest injury 1. I have often wished to perto his correspondent and to the form, and am now about performnation at large. But, when this ing, an act of justice to you, by malignant sentence is contrasted stating the result of my followwith the contents of your letter, ing your culture of the Swedish is there a man of honour in Eng-| Turnip, land, who will not feel indignant 2. In 1819, as soon as I got at the base scoundrel who could your Yeur's Residence in Ameput such a sentence upon paper ? | rica, I. began, and drilled six

I now proceed to insert, ac- acres of Swedish Turnips, at the cording to your obliging permis, distance of four feet, and transsion that letter which does such planted six acres, at the same ample justice to the Agricultural width. I ploughed three times Part of my Year's Residence, from the plants, and a few days and which reflects so much ho- after I moulded them up again,

with the Northumberland plough. drills on the ten furrows, about This was one of the worst years twenty inches distant; these were for Swedish Turnips (in this hoed three times, with a horse neighbourhood) I ever knew, yet hoe which I made, and which mine were the “ CRACK” of performs the work better than any this part of the country. I had hoe I have seen. I hoe three of many visitors to see them and the Northumberland ridges at the my neighbour and friend, Doc- same time, on the ten furrow tor Rigby, whose experiments in ridges,the horses going in each furfarming do him very great credit, row, and hoeing the whole ridge; expressed his approbation, and these hoes will cut from three to was highly pleased with the mode four inches in depth, which I of culture.

mention to prove that the two 3. I was also visited by se- latter had good hoeings. veral Parsons ; they came on pur- 5. In the October following, I pose to see my Swedish Turnips, began to take off the leaves of and I must say I have always the Swedish Turnips as you refound the noses of these gentrycommended, and for three months very keen; I allude to the gene- I fed my hogs, in the -yard, on rality of them, for there are them. I might pull off about à some very honourable exceptions. waggon-load to the acre. With They looked at the turnips for these my hogs kept in good the same reason the magpye thriving condition. I several looked into the bone, to see if times put some beet-root into any more was to be got out of it: the yard; but i observed that. -THE SYSTEM!

the hogs would not touch them 4. This last year, 1820, I had when they could get the Swedish thirty acres of Swedes. The Turnip leaves. But the best part culture I carried on as follows: is yet to come; - for my hogs I put in six acres at four feet, made me, by my following this: transplanted, ploughed the same your advice, two hundred loads of as before, three times from the most excellent muck. plants and three times back again; 6. I will now relate a circumten acres were put in on the stance that will at once prove Northumberland ridges, thirty the comparative difference of inches in width ; and fourteen the modes of culture. George acres on ten furrow ridges, four Kett, Esq the Sheriff of the

plants and three times in on the stance that Wive difference

County, called: on me to see near six hundred loads; this year the different systems. He ex- already. I have burnt near two pressed himself. much pleased hundred, and have a considerable with the four-feet rows; and, he quantity yet to burn. The wishing to purchase an acre or ashes cost me eightpence per two of Turnips, I begged he load, and I put on thirty loads would take them where he pleased, to the acre. This I find quite out of the different modes of cul- sufficient. ture. He said he admired those I shall ever think myself your on the wide ridges; but, if I debtor, for the information I have pleased, he would send his Stew- gained in reading your Year's ard and let him take them where Residence in America ; and I he thought they were best. I have humbly endeavoured, to very much approved of this offer. make you recompence by these The Steward came: I went with statements, and beg leave to rebim over the different fields with main my son, and requested him to

Your Obedient

Humble Servant, take them where he considered

SAM. CLARKE. them best. He made choice of those put in at four feet distance. Here, then, we have the best I then told him we had weighed possible evidence of the utility of and measured a rod of each, and my work. Here we have my that the Turnips he chose were method put against the Northumthe heaviest. This year also was berland. We have the four feet very unfavourable for Swedish distances put against the thirty Turnips with us, the grubs being inches, and against the twenty so numerous, that we sometimes inches; and we have the transfound ten or more, when hoeing, planting, at four feet distances. at a plant, and the Turnips when The transplanting is the method full grown had, holes in them to which I give the preference; eaten by the grubs, more than an and on this the superior merit is inch in depth. The produce stamped by your trials.. was six hundred and forty bushels The circumstance mentioned in per acre. .

. : the fifth paragraph of your letter, I have persevered in burning that Mr. Kett, first by himself, earth, which you so strongly re- and next by his steward, gave the commended. Last year I burnt preference to the four feet rows,

and to the transplanted of those | nating powers of lawyers! They rows," is complete in point of evi- are cunning enough to be sure ; dence ; because here was opinion and to the Parsons faculty of backed by money laid down, which smelling out good things, all hisis always a pretty good proof of tory, ancient and modern, bears sincerity. !

testimony. But, for discriminaThe facts mentioned in your tion as to the quality of articles fourth paragraph are very inte- of food, commend me to a pig, resting. No one, who reads that young or old; and those who reparagraph can help perceiving the gard a pig's snout as made for nogreat importance of the method thing but to grunt and to grub there mentioned. I am decidedly with, must have taken less deof opinion that this plant never light in the society of hogs, and ought to be consumed upon the paid less attention to their manground, under any circumstances. ners than I have. Ahog is none The greens in that case are pretty of your fanciful philosophers; nearly all thrown away, and they none of your abstract politicians : are nearly equal, weight for he cares not a straw about apweight, to loaved early York cab-pearances and tastes: the simple bages, which are, weight for question with him is, “ will this weight, worth twice as much as “ thing lay flesh 'upon my the things called cattle cabbages,“ bones ?” and if that question and will (in proportion to the be answered in the affirmative, time that 'they stand upon the down his throat it goes as long as ground) produce a much heavier there is a space sufficient to concrop, all the difference in the ex- tain a pin's head unfilled in his pence being in the mere act of maw. I am for the pig philosotransplanting. I have repeatedly phy and pig policy : “ will the observed in the course of my work, “ measure do us good : will it give that the criterion of excellence in “ the nation strength: will it cattle crops is, the preference "make the millions happy:" these given by hogs. “ Will'a hogare the questions that I put; and thrive upin' it?" That's the upon the answers that reason question; and if that question be gives to these questions, al Statesanswered in the negative, the ar- men should regulate their conticle is not worth cultivating upon duct. I have said that a pig will good land. Talk of the discrimi- reject every plant, except the

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