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tempts at disguise, and much haps, to that of the reign of too curious not to enjoy the Queen Anne. What! cause the .. circumstances that induce us to nation to retrograde a century ! make such attempts.

Who, Sir, and especially what The danger, and the only proprietor of a large estate, would, danger, is, that we shall con- not, at this moment, give one of tinue making these attempts too his limbs to see England in the long. To cut our way through state in which Queen Anne left at once is the wise course. 1 it ? England then had her nu-, am well aware of the effects. I merous farms and her happy : know it would leave thirty thou- husbandmen. She „was then sand houses tenantless in and really strong : she is now really around London! But, I also weak. The strength of a country know, that three hundred thou- consists, not so much in the num-: sand farm - houses would arise ber of her people as in their abia, again out of the same number lity and their public-spirit; not of hovels. I know that the rich so much in the amount of its would diminish greatly in num- valuable things as in the disber. Many thousands of them tribution of them. If our rulers would be no longer rich; but, had viewed the matter in this light, from the same cause millions they never would have expended would rise up to competence. I seventy millions on the last war : know that Bible-Societies,School- against America. It was not the ; Societies and Tract - Societies numbers, it was not the masses of would disappear ; but I also commercial wealth, that saved know, that mendicity, hypocrisy, America. It was the easy ;' misery, and crimes would be re-circumstances, the public - spi-, duced to the standard of forty rit of the yeomanry, the years ago ; and, perhaps, to that real yeomanry. The traders of seventy years ago ; nay, per- of Baltimore were ready to rus

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render to the army of Ross, may, at first sight appear, to when the farmers from the back think of whole streets and part of Pennsylvania arrived, af- squares of lofty and elegant ter having rode, some of them, mansions uninhabited and crumbtwo hundred miles at their own ling down, it is to me, at least, expence. The traders of New more frightful to think of the neOrleans even wished to surrender cessary final consequences of a to PACKENHAM; but the yeomen perseverance in a paper-money from Tennessee and Kentucky, system ; in a system which draws coming from, at nearest, two hun- wealth into masses, and spreads dred miles, took possession of the misery over the land; which city, punished many of its inha- gives the government the support bitants for their cowardice, made of the thousands and alienates others work to assist in the de- from it the hearts of the milfence, and quickly destroyed, or lions; which calls for an enormous drove away, the enemy. Per-standing army in time of peace haps, and I have, indeed, good and which makes the nation authority to state the fact, there tremble at the thought of war. was not a dollar given to these Cut our way through! That is yeomen, in either case, whether the only wise course; and, if we for coming or returning. Horses, have not the courage to do that, arms, clothes ; all were their own. instead of being the “ envy and But, if America had been a coun- “ admiration of the world,” we try of large farms and a poor and shall become an object of its wretched peasantry,” how,with scorn and contempt. an empty treasury, and with two. In conclusion, Sir, let me obe' thousand miles of frontier, was observe, that, as to the fault, the the country to have been de- blame, there is no political party fended ?

Sin Ito which a share does not belong. Frightful, therefore, as it All have supported, and even ap

plauded the sytem, except the tally changed. Solidity used to Old Tories, who have long been be the great characteristice extinct. All, indeed, of late every thing belonging to Engyears, have been deceived. The land. Plenty, great store of good great deceiver, Pitt, deceived him- things, and little outside shou. self. The Lord Chancellor has re- To think nothing gained, unless cently observed, that he several it was made fast and to last for times talked with Pitt about Catho- ever, appeared to be the turn of licEmancipation; but never could the minds of all Englishmen, and get from him “ any clear expla- to be the ruling maxim of their « nation of what he meant, or government. What a metamor“ wished, to do or have done !”'phosis have they undergone under. I'll warrant him he could not ! the hands of Dutch fund-makers, And the same may be said as to Jews and all sorts of paper-money all Ministers, for forty years past, vermin! with regard to the paper-money All, therefore, have a share in system. It served them ; it the blame: all political parties, served their turn ; it caused re- and every man who has been in venue to flow in; it gave an ap- Parliament for the last forty or pearance of “ prosperity ;” and, fifty years.; for, no one of those as to ultimate effects, they never men has ever made an attempt to thought about them. One would eradicate, or even to expose, the have thought, that the increase true cause of the evil which is at of the size of London, coupled last come upon us. The disputes with the increase of the poor- have been as to the more or less, rates, were sufficient to set a Mi- but all have, expressly or tacitly, nister a thinking, at any rate. given their support to the thing But, the glare dazzled them all ; itself. Now, a step has been taken and the character of the govern- towards its destruction and toment, its very mind, became to- wards a return to national happi

ness and to the English character; himself. But, if he meant any and, I hope, that men like you thing short of a total change of will not be found to endeavour to the money-system; if he meant impede the march of the Ministers any thing short of turning the in this direction. To carp at their paper-system into a gold-system, expenditure is not only useless, he certainly did not mean enough. but inconsistent, as long as they That change, has begun, and a are to pay the interest of the million times more important it Debt, and as long as high-prices is, than, army estimates, Sixgrind the labourers to the earth, Acts, or any thing else. Let fill their hearts with bitterness, Peel's Bill go into effect, and it and make them a barrel of gun-must produce a destruction of the powder that only waits for the Pitt-Paper system. This will, match. To go on with paper-mo- indeed, bring “woe unto them, ney system, there must be a great " who have joined house to house standing, army in time of peace," and laid field to field;" “ of which, besides its direct repulsive" a truth, saith the Lord of force, is necessary to draw off, and “ Hosts, many houses shall be to clothe and feed the most sturdy “ desolate, even great and fair, and resolute part of the suffering without inhabitants;" but, the labourers. It is in vain, there- small farms will again rise up, fore, to find fault with the - ex- the cottages will smile, and Engpenditure. It is demanded by land will be once more happy. . the system, and must be made trạnquil, safe and truly great. as long as the system lasts.

I am, LORD Grey said lately, and · Sir; '. he said truly, that a change of. With very great respect, Ministry would be of no, use, Your most humble and most without a total change of system. obedient servant, It was a pity he did not explain |


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1" shelf a Blackstone, or a Ri- OF


COBBETT’S SERMONS. · This work is just published,..

price 3s. 6d. and it does, I think, Sermons the public call them, clearly prove the justice as well and I will do the same. The Six as the necessity of greatly reduc- Acts provides for the free circuing first, and, in the end, stopping iation of pamphlets on religion, altogether, the Interest of the so that I may be said to take, in Debt. It consists of Essays writ- this case, the benefit of those acts. ten between 1803 and 1806, both I will confess, that it was those inclusive, to which are subjoined Acts which inspired me with the some notes. Its arguments then thought of preaching in print. were met by arguments (which “ Tract' is beneath the thing are all fairly stated) and by most described ; and, besides, the pubfoul abuse. They remained lic will have mine to be Sermons. wholly unshaken then; and, I am Sermons, therefore, they shall satisfied, they will remain unshak- be. As a proof of the piety of en 'now. — The reader will be the days, in which we live, and of amused to see, that Mr. Ri- my superiority over the Doctors, CARDO's project for dividing the I will venture to say, that I am land with the fund-holders, origi- able to prove a ten times greater nated with one of the silliest of my sale of my Sermons, than can be antagonists of 1806 ! 'Oh! Mr. proved of the Sermons of any

Perry! How “ happy the Spa- Doctor that belongs, or ever did : 6 nish Legislator must be to be belong, to either of the Univer

s able to take down from his sities.

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