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while, instead of the picture of this well, they are compelled to an old hag upon the corner of give you Bank of England paper" a bit of paper, it will give you for åt! Get that, and send it to the picture of our gay and gallant London, and there you get the king stamped on imperishable gold at the Bank of England ! gold, and, on the other side you So that all is perfectly easy just will see him on horse-back driving now; but, you will observe, his spear into the bowels of the that the Bank of England may, paper-money hydra, while he whenever it pleasės, stop paying utters these words : Honi soit in gold. So, make hay while the qui mal y pense that is: shame sun shines ! to the base villians who disapprove It is clear to me, that, if the of this my deed. : : Bank go on paying honestly for

To get these precious pieces four months, the wheat will be at if in London, you have only to five shillings a bushel; and, pero go, or send, your one pounders to haps, it may be lower. The the Bank But, you have five or poor-rates will soon come down; ten pounders,or largersums. Then but the landlords will get noirents you have only to go to the Bank, | at all, in a short time; or, the or send to the Bank, and get those taxes must be lowered. So that, changed into one-pounders; and if the interest of the debt be paid, then the Bank will pay you the one-pounders in gold. So that

the payment must come out of the there is now, no difficulty at all landlord's estates, when the capiin turning your Bank of England tal of the present big-farmers is paper into gold. .. exhausted, or is withdrawn from

"If you live in the country, you the farms. The landlords are will have country-bank paper by most-shocking cowards in politics, you; and the country-bankers except when they have the deare not compelled to give you fenceless to contend with. Many gold for that. Buty and mark of the most powerful of them are bound to the system by the gains raiment, and, therefore, as we it gives to them and their rela- can just now, get at some reat tions. It is probable, therefore, money, let' every one get and that they will be led along by keep as much as he can, 'till he imaginary hopes, till the far sees what turn things will take. greater part of them will actually put it into no banks, no insusee their estates transferred to rance-offices ; put it no where out the fund-lords by the means of of his own sight for forty eight mortgage and taxes. But, after hours at a time.. alt, a reduction of the interest of Amongst the things that I the debt must come.

would fain regard as impossible, Now, mind, this will not come but which are possible, the paper ALONE! It will not come sin- may again be poured out upon us. gle-handed! It will come with a Then a sovereign will be worth goodly company of contrivances 30 or 40 shillings in paper. The and events. If the interest of the wheat may come down (and will debt be reduced, do you think, if complete cash-payments take that Insurances of any kind will place) to 38. a bushel in a year be very likely to be very sure? of good crops. This is what it Do you think, that they will much used to be; and to this it will resemble the Rock! Pray, rea-come again. ' In that case a hunder, do not believe, that they will dred or two of these sovereigns, be like the Phænix !

I which may now be got in exIt is impossible to say how the change for the paper, will para thing will work ; but, work it chase a nice little farm and nice will; and will cause such a change, little snug buildings ! Two hunsuch changes, as are little ex- dred pounds will buy a farm of pected. One thing is certain ; from 20 to 30 acres of land. he that has money, real money, Only think, then, of the importcannot be in want of food and ance of putting goll by NOW!'

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This, this, this is the nick of Laws; and, by Luwyer Scarlett
time for sober, careful, and sen- too! I shall attend to this with
sible people, to make sure of out delay.
something. .

No event can arise to render The events abroad are of little this advice unsound. If the paper interest to us at this moment. be poured out once more, there The Austrians have put down the will be two prices; a paper price risings in Italy; but, they are and a gold price.“ Either way not put down for any great length 66 the system is sped.” Once of time. France is also in a more, I say, “ make hay while mere state of temporary tranquil« the sun shines.”.

lity. Spain goes on well, and

Portugal better. A Reform here . I have just beard (for I have in England is all that 'is 'wanted not seen the paper) that a Bill to give freedom to the Continent - has been brought into the Ho- of Europe ; and, gold will bring

nourable House about the Poor us reform.


ESQ. NTO. 15 of Mr. HUNT'S ME-| The Last Volume of the Regis

MOIRS, price One Shilling, is just published, and contains, in addi-ter (Vol. 38) is now complete, bound tion to the continuation of the Memoirs, an important and interesting ADDRESS in boards, price Seven SHILLINGS. to the Radical Reformers, Male and

It begins with the New Year's gift to Female, on the Barbarities and Abuses of the Ilchester Bastile, and on the

the Farmers. li contains the Sermon Investigation now carrying on before a Bench of Magistrates; the Sheriff's to the good Methodists; the first three Letter to Mr. Hunt; a List of the Charges against the Gaoler ; Wheeler's Letters to Mr. Peel ; and several other Petition to the House of Commons; Sarah Hewett’s and Elizabeth Wil- papers, which may be useful at this kins's Petitions to his Majesty, detailing their cruel and inhuman treatment

time, when the system is in its agony. in the above prison ; the Address of

The Volume has a Table of Contents the Poor Debtors to Mr. Hunt; Leeds and Wakefield Addresses to Mr. Hunt, and an Index.-CoBBETT's Monthly &c. &c. No. 3 will shortly be re-printed.

Religious Tracts. The three first ** The fifth edition of the “ Peep Numbers are out. The first, “ Nainto Ilchester Gaol” is in the press. Dolby, printer, and publisher, 299,

both's Vineyard ; or, God's venStrand, London.

geånce against hypocrisy and cruOn the First of June will be re-pub-" elty.The second, “ The Sin of lished, No. 1, of

Drunkenness in Kings, Priests and THE PHILOSOPHICAL

I DICTIONARY, to be continued People.The third, “ The Fall of in WEEKLY NUMBERS, at Sixpence“ Judas; or, God's vengeance against each, elegantly printed in octavo, to correspond with the best edition of the “ Bribery." Each of these Numbers Writings of Mr. PAINE, as published by Carlile. This edition will contain has gone through several large edithe WHOLE of the former one published in 1786, with several additional tions, and the work makes the" Tract Extracts from Bentham, Godwin, Paine, Shelley and others, who have

Societytremble for the fate of its written subsequent to that period, on veritable trash. Cant and rant canFinance, Government, Philosophy, Theology, &c. &c. by Wm. Clark, 201, not make head against plain common Strand, opposite St. Clement's Chuch.

Mr. Clark is induced to re-publish sense. The price of the “ Religious this compendium of genius, talent, and wisdom, in consequence of seeing noti

“ Tract is three pence. Many peronly a surreptitious edition offered to the public, but one full of errors in

sons have expressed a wish that the * orthography, punctuation, and style. Tract came out more frequently; but,

Also, just published by Mr. Clark, KILLING NO MURDER. BY COL. at present, this would not be conveTITUS. Written during the Protec- i nient to the author. He must have törship of OLIVER CROMWELL./ Price 2s. 6d.

time for other things. While he neAlso, DE FOE'S TRUE BORN ENGLISHMAN, price 6d.

glects not the “ mint and cummin," he

must attend to the “ weightier matters | Sponge, before the date of Paper “ of the law.” While he fails not to against Gold. In these articles, the write his Monthly Tracts, he must not wiping of of the whole of the Debt is forget his Weekly Duty towards the maintained to be just, if necessary to System, especially now that Corrup- the happiness of the nation ; and, though tion herself is at her wit's end. The the Landlords seem not to dare to atSix Acts make an exception in levour tempt it, that does not alter the nature of Religious Publications ;'and, the of the thing. The author is satisfied, author thought it hard, if he could not that it must be done at last, though get his nose, at any rate, into the pri- the “ Lords of the Soil” will, provileged class.-- +CoeBETT's Gram-bably, lose the soil first. Also MAR, a new and neat edition, price in the Press, a thing that is a great 25. Ga., bound in boards. It was in favourite with the author : “ The tended for the use of young persons in “ AMERICAN GARDENER; or, a treageneral, and especially for the use of " tise on the situation, soil, fencing soldiers, sailors, apprentices and" and laying-out of Gardens ; on the plough boys; būt, the author has dis- “ making and managing of hot-beds covered, (in rather an odd manner) " and green-houses; and on the Prothat it is in great vogue amongst pagation and Cultivation of the se statesmen ;" and, God knows, it“ veral sorts of Table-Vegetables, was not before it was wanted by them! " Herbs, Fruits and Flowers.” The

COBBETT'S YEAR'S RESIDENCE author promised this work to his good IN America, a thick volume in Oc- and kind neighbours in America. It tavo. 10s. bound in boards. Very was principally written in that counuseful for those who want to know try; and would have been finished what America really is. A there, had it not been for Peel's Bill, New Edition of Paper AGAINST to witness the effects of which made GOLD, that complete history and him hasten away. home. Thanks to exposure of the mystery, of the Mr. Peél, the author set off for Bank, the Funds and the Paper Sys- dear Old England in November ; for, tem. Price fire shillings, bound in if it had not been for that Bill, boards.- In The Press, the Pre- the author would have remained 'till liminary Part of Paper against spring, and then he would have lost Gold, containing the articles written the inexpressible pleasure of seeing by the author on the subject of the Her Majesty arrive! Peel's Bill

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