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the clothiers I do not know; but, I were continually losing by the I hear from Yorkshire, that rise in prices of food, in the same they are better off then they way generally, only varying a were in times of high-prices. | little with particular circumsan The stocking-makers are in a stances, as the labourers in husstate of turn-out.” They bandry lost by the rise in those get 6s. 6d. a week for a man, and prices. They would fain perthey demand 8 shillings, and suade us, that, if the high prices which, no matter by what means do not return, there will be no that are lawful, I wish they may demand for manufactures. No? get. Still the six and sixpence Why not, conjurers and disinteris better than Mr. Bennet's high- ested gentlemen ? Why not; price allowance: "a gallon loaf Oh; why; we Landlords and is and 3d. a week to each person banker-farmers shall not have a 6 in a labourer's family :” that quarter part so much to lay out in horrid sentence of the Wiltshire manufactures as we had before parish-book! The stocking ma- Indeed! But, will not the price kers say, that the labourers in of the goods come down with husbandry, in their counties, the price of your wheat? Yes: receive double what the stocking- but, we shall not hace the money makers get. This, then, is a to buy thein nevertheless: Why, good thing; for, they are, even what will become of your money i in those counties, ten times as Why, the labourers, and smiths, numerous as the stocking-makers; and wheelwrights, and collarand, if, whether from a falling off makers, and the rest of them, in foreign trade; or, from any will get, all together, so much other circumstance, the stocking more from us than they did forbusiness should continue to be merly. The Devil they will! bad, no more persons, or few, But, then, good Jolterheads, will will be bred to it; the boys and not they have that same money to girls will go to the land; and even lay out on manufactures that your of the present stocking weavers had before? Aye, aye! But some will go to work in the fields; there is the fund-holder and the for, it is beastly nonsense to sup- judge and the placeman and pose, that there will be too much pensioner and the soldier and food raised. Let things take the sailor that we have to pay in their fair chance ; let there be no still the same nominal amount a's force, no restraint, no false money, I before. Very true, I know you no false eredit; and the labourer will have to go barefooted, and in every line of life will have that to wear ragged shirts, but, the portion of food and of raiment fund-holder and the judge and and of enjoyment of every kind the placeman and the pensioner which is justly his due.

and the soldier and the sailor The landlords would persuade will have the money to lay out in us, that it was high price that manufactures, if you have not. fed the manufacturers. Yes, the How are manufacturers to lose, Lords of the loom, and of the then, by the means of purchase Anvil; but not the labourers, who being merely transferred from

you to others.

· Thus, then, Sir, I have, I think, quences, be those consequences clearly proved, that a fall in prices what they may. is beneficial to the labouring class. It was my intention to insert in es, composing, at least, nine- this Number, some further retenths of the nation; and, there. marks on the pretty doctrines of fore, I do hope and trust, that Mr. SCARLETT, and on the impuneither you nor any other man dent and empty effusions of the will endeavour to cause measures younger ELLMAN ; but, having, to be adopted which shall tend to in this letter, performed high duty, restore those high prices, the hor- and the performance having been rible effects of which we have so singularly gratifying to me; havlong been doomed to witness. In ing the satisfaction to know, that answer to a question, ready to I have been, upon this occasion, start from your lips, whether 1 conveying my sentiments to the think that the interest of the debt public through the means of an can be continued to be paid with- address to a person of extensive out a return to high-prices, I say, knowledge and of real talent, I before hand, I know it cannot for will, for this one day of my life, any length of time: I know, that abstain from the chopping of Peel's Bill cannot be carried into blocks. Next week I must do even complete effect without a reduction worse than return to my old emof the interest of the debt; no, not ployment; for, LORD MILTON even if all the estates be first ta-|(don't laugh, Sir !) has appeared ken from the landlords by the in print ! I shall, therefore, in lords of the funds. But, what is my next, address him, who is a that to this great question ? Allfit enough associate of Scarlett, that I am anxious about, is, to both of them having something to see the suffering and degraded do with the fine, free, independmillions once more with bellies lent borough of Peterborough. full and persons erect. The But, it is not an affair of billLandlords, or the Fund-lords, must hooks and hatchets here: this fall, I know, by those means “ Corinthian Pillar” will demand which will restore plenty and spi- nothing short of the Mallet and rit to the labourer; but, as the Chissel! labourer had nothing to do in I am, the producing of this necessary alternative, and, as it has arisen ... Your most obedient, out of the mutual and cordial co and most humble servant, operation of the Landlords and

WM. COBBETT. the Fund-lords, to these it justly belongs to endure the conse

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353 .
MAY 5, 1821.

354 BREWING." I sent, and did not speak, a fact. · Several correspondents have which, if I had it 'not from unrequested, that I would publish a questionable authority, I really

receipt for brewing, not mischief, could not believe. However, if : but beer. I have just read, in a we duly reflect, the thing is not Hampshire Paper, sent me by a so surprizing. friend, a receipt for brewing beer that shall be almost UNTAXED.

BANK-WORKS. In the space of about three weeks, Some bars of gold were got I shall have tried this; and then yesterday, at any rate, though I will publish the account. My not without very extraordinary calculation is, that, if this receipt ceremonies, of which the public be true, we can make ourselves will hear more by-and-by!-Wby good table beer for three pence a all this ceremony ?–My advice gallon, Winchester Measure ; and to every one, is, to lose no time. that ale, stronger than porter, To make sure of some gold, while can be - made for about eight it can be got.-But, more of this pence' a gallon, in the same in next Register.—The Act for way.—This will be something in- paying one-pounders in gold will deed to tell the people of Eng-be passed in a few days! . land. The average price of Barley is not three shillings a bushel ;| : TO CORRESPONDENTS. and that of malt is, perhaps, I thank the gentlemen, who sent me eight or nine shillings! Come,

the account of the Cambridgeshire

| Jolterheads; the Sussex news-paper ; come! We are not going to

" the “ True Briton” of the 20th April ; stand this! If my receipt be and the Times of the other day. From true, which I believe it is, it is the first of these two latter I see, that our own faults if we do stand there is a projector, whose name is

Thomas Attwood (another Banker, I

suppose) who proposes to lower the HOBHOUSE AND CANNING.

standard of money, in such a degree

as to make a shilling become about - I understand that I was misin-one shilling and ten pence! Only formed as to the latter being ab- think of the horrible injustice of this, sent when the former gave him to the labourer in husbandry in par

ticular! He has bargained for eleven such a cutter, during the Mode

pounds a year, and, this law having rate-Reform Debate. - It seems, I taken place, his master pays him six. that the hero was actually pre- All domestic servants are to be robbed

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in the same way! The working classes, {not make head against plain common who were stripped naked before, are, sense. The price of the “ Religious by this project, to be skinned alive!“ Tract” is three pence. Many per- The writer in the Times is ra- sons have expressed a wish that the ther more just. He proposes to pay Tract came out more frequently; but, the fund-holder, pensioner and place at present, this would not be conveman according to the price of the nient to the author. He must have bushel of wheat ; that is to say, to time for other things. While he nereduce their interest and pay one glects not the “mint and cummin," he half. What! Was I mad," must attend to the “ weightier matters then, when I prescribed the application of the law.” While he fails not to of a " sponge,” many years ago write his Monthly Tracts, he must not However, here they are, set fast ; forget his Weekly Duty towards the fairly furred up. I am under the System, especially now that Corrupinfluence of predestination, to be sure, tion herself is at her wit's end. The or I should never put another word Six Acts make an exception in favour into print on the subject. How can of “ Religious Publications ;'and, the things go on better? 'Cheer up, my author thought it hard, if he could not friends, who are now in dungeons! get his nose, at any rate, into the pri.

vileged class.- COBBETT'S GRAMCOBBETT'S PUBLICATIONS. MAR, a new and neat' edition, price

25. 6d., bound in boards. It was inThe Last VOLUME of the Regis-tended for the use of young persons in TBR (Vol. 38) is now complete, bound general, and especially for the use of in boards, price Seven SHILLINGS. soldiers, sailors, apprentices and It begins with the New Year's gift to plough boys; but, the author has disthe farmers. It contains the Sermon covered, (in rather an odd manner) to the Good Methodists; the first three that it is in great vogue amongst Letters to Mr. Peel ; and several other “ statesmen;" and, God knows, it papers, which may be useful at this was not before it was wanted by them! time, when THE SYSTEM is in its agony. Cobbert's Year's RESIDENCE

The Volume has a Table of Contents IN AMERICA, a thick volume in Oc, and an Index.-Colbert's Monthly tavo. 10s. bound in boards. Very

RELIGIOUS TRACTs. The two first useful for those who want to know Numbers are out. The first, “ Na- what America really is. A 66 both's Vineyard; or, God's ven- New Edition of Paper AGAINST " goance against hypocrisy and cru-Gold, that complete history and elty.” The second, “ The Sin of exposure of the mystery, of the Drunkenness in Kings, Priests and Bank, the Funds and the Paper SysPeople." Each of these Numbers tem. Price five shillings, bound in has gone through several large edi- boards. In the PRESS, the Pretions, and the work makes the “ Tract liminary Part of Paper against Societytremble for the fate of its Gold, containing the articles written, veritable trash. Cant and rant can-by the author on the subject of the

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Sponge, before the date of Paper | the climate, and of things connected against Gold. In these articles, the with the climate, of the country, for, wiping off of the whole of the Debt is the use of which it is written.- In, maintained to be just, if necessary to answer to enquiries about the FRENCH the happiness of the nation; and, though GRAMMAR, the author begs the public the Landlords seem not to dare to at- to consider a little what have been his tempt it, that does not alter the nature labours since his return to England ! of the thing. The author is satisfied, This is a work, which he cannot suffer that it must be done at last, though to go out of his hands with a single the “ Lords of the Soil ” will, pro- doubt in his mind as to any part of it. bably, lose the soil first. Also It would, however, have been ready IN THE Press, a thing that is a great for the press before this time, had it '. favourite with the author: “ The not been for the last-mentioned work, “ AMERICAN GARDENER; or, a trea- which he had promised to so many “ tise on the situation, soil, fencing kind friends. All that he can say, is, “ and laying out of Gardens ; on the that he thinks to have the French “ making and managing of hot-beds Grammar out during the summer: " and green-houses ; and on the Pro-But, let it be borne in mind that “ pagation and Cultivation of the se- the main business of his life 66 veral sorts of Table-Vegetables, 1 is to watch the motions of Corruption. ' 66 Herbs, Fruits and Flowers.” The He has been dogging her steps for author promised this work to his good many years. She has, now-and-then, and kind neighbours in America. 'It turned upon him and given him a bite ; was principally written in that coun- but, now that he sees the bloody montry; and would have been finished ster hemmed up in a corner, looking there, had it not been for Peel's Bill, about her in vain for an out-let to witness the effects of which made whereby to escape; when he sees her him hasten away home. Thanks to sides heave and her jaws filled with Mr. Peel, the author set off for foam, he cannot quit her for long at a dear Old England in November; tor, time. - Expire she must; but, she if it had not been for that Bill, must not expire without a last blow the author would have remained 'till I from him.. spring, and then he would have lost the inexpressible pleasure of seeing

TENTH EDITION. Her Majesty arrive! Peel's Bill Just published, most extensively ema brought him away with his work in an

bellished, Price Is. unfinished state. It is now finished ;


I SHOWMAN - AT HOME! and, though it be the "American

american Exhibiting his surprising Artifical Ca“ Gardener,” he thinks it contains binet, and the Wonderful Beasts and

Reptiles, all alive! alive 0 !-By the matter more than worth the purchase

Author of " The Political House that money to an English reader, who takes Jack Built.” With Twenty-four Cuts delight in gardening; and, besides the of the astovishing Curiosities and

Creatures ! viz. The Monster. The Horticultural information, the book Showman. The Show-cloth. Bags. contains the best possible account of A Crocodile. A Mask. The Locust.

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