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Vol. 39.—No. 5.] LONDON, SATURDAY, May 5, 1821. [Price 6d.

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." To '

Letter, as I then said, that it might

be distinguished from other essays
on the same subject, and that it'

might be, as I knew it would, reTHE MANIFOLD BLESSINGS

ferred to when the predictions it ' . Be Of , , contained should be fulfilled. I . : A LARGE LOAF.1, put your name to this letter, be

.. - i. ;. cause you have taken an open ard Kensington, 1st May, 1821. decided part in the great question

now at issue; and, further, be* This very day Peel's Bill

Penis Bul cause I really have great respect reaches its third stage, and we for your knowledge and talents. shall now' see how it will go on to: It has been my misfortune to the end' of 'its eventful journey. be doomed to chop blocks ; and This day I have chosen for writ- having been warned by SWIFT ing to you, on the subjects treated (the first author, after Moses,

ech. delivered in I ever read) of the misery the House of Commons on the of “ chopping blocks with a ninth of last month; and, be-" razor," I have generally em . fore I conclude: Ishall I think, Iployed a tool better suited to convince you, that there are ma

main the skulls that I had to work upnifold Blessings belonging to a on.

belonging to on. It shall be my endeavour, in Large Leafs and that vour opithe present case, to operate gently nions, as to this point, are erro- and smoothly ; and, if you should neous. When I addressed my find me, now-and-then, laying on Letter to TIERNEY. I foresaw, more like a hewer than a shaver, that some scheme of cash-pay- I beg that you will be pleased to irents was on foot. I was anxious ascribe it, not to any rudeness of to anticipate the measure, and 10 disposition, but merely to that put on record, before hand, my hardness and heaviness of hand,

opinions as to the consequences. which my long and laborious , I put Tierney's name to the chopping of blocks has naturally ...isi: N ;

produced. Printed by C. CLEMENT, and published by John M. COBBETT. 1, Clemeu t's Ing'

[Price Sirpence Halfpenny in the Country.]

Before I begin, let me congra- that, to manage them, you must tulate the country upon hearing, work by the shoe; that is to say, at last, plain common sense dis- you must either lick their shoe, or tinctly articulated in the Honour- make them feel the point of yours. able House, upon the subject of You may think to win them over Paper-Money. How all the Ba-to sense and sound measures by rings and Peels and Grenfells and treating them with mannerly deMaberlies and Broughams and ference, by seeming not to perTierneys, and the disciples of St, ceive their native folly, while Horner ; how all the deep and you are proving to them that they dark gabblers about “mint price” are acting the part of fools. and “ market price,” sink before They are much too cunning to be you! And, as to the poor Ora- caught in this way. Their pride cle he really seems to have be- takes the alarm; and, they became the jest even of his former come obstinate as hogs. You worshipers. But, Sir, take care ! must be their slave or their masRemember what the wise man ter: no middle course will ever says of a fool's wrath ; and re- succeed with them. Lick, or kick member also, that that wrath is is the maxim ; and, as you are never so heavy as when his folly able to kick, kick by all means. is exposed! You think, perhaps, Learing you to follow your to make converts and to find co-own taste as to this matter, only operators. You will neither reserving to myself the right of make the former nor find the laughing, if I should see you latter.'. Your sound sense and baffled in a temporising attempt, clear reasoning are upstarts and I now proceed to my remarks on interlopers, which, happen what your able and impressive speech, will, must not be enoouraged. which, with your own potes subI give you this warning, because joined, I have now before me in I perceive you, in one place, gola pamphlet published by Ridgout of your way to express your way, and whicla ought to he in ç respect” for “ a noble Lord in the possession of, and to be alo anather place.. Sir, I know tentively perused by, every geuthe people of Whitehall better tleman in the kingdom., . than you do, though I never was The propositions, maintained within its doors, while you fre- in your speech, are these: 1. That quently have been; and, I know the existing distresses have arisen

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immediately and wholly from the To the first I may, indeed, measures adopted with a view of easily' assent, seeing that it exreturning to cash-payments, and presses, not only what I have particularly from Peel's Bill. 2. laid down as to the actual effects That, of this distress the Labour- of Peel's Bill, but also what I ing Class suffers in as great a predicted with regard to the efproportion as any other class. 3. fects of any such measure. “My That an effectual and permanent " New Year's Gift to the Farremedy would be found in a re- " mers,” published in January, peal of Peel's Bill, and a new familiarly explains the whole proputting forth of Paper-Money so gress of this set of measures, as to make the quantity in circu- intended to bring about paylation equal to what it was in ments in cash. It clearly points 1818. To the first of these pro- out the cause of the distress, and positions I say, aye: to the two as clearly shows that no new law last I say, nay.

about Corn can possibly afford The third I shall dismiss, at any relief to the farmer. You once, by referring you to my hare, therefore, done no more, first Letter to Lord Grey, pub- as to this part of the subject than

lished in December last, in which I had done before, and that I · I spoke preity fully of the shame, had done, too, in Long Island,

the disgrace, the infamy, that whence I even sent a petition to

must attend a repeal of Peels the Honourable and most pure - Bill and a sending out of the and enlightened body, of which

paper again; and, in which I you are now a member, which alsɔ spoke of that terrible con-petition the member to whose vulsion, which such a measure charge it was committed, demust produce in the end. Your clined to present, because he first proposition shall not detain thought, that that immaculate us long; but your second propo- assembly would not have the pasition; namely; that the fall in tience to listen to a petition so prices has injured the labouring very long! Bless their delicate classes, demands, and shall re- organs of hearing ! A pity in- ' ceive, when I come to it, my deed it were to subtract from best attention; it being a propo- those moments that they employ sition; not only at war with truth, but aiming at a most mischierous

in lending, or, rather, bending, and cruel endi

those organs to the dulcet and

N 2 . .

wisdom-shedding voices of Cas- confound you with the Barings, tlereagh and Van, Grenfell and the Perries, and the Ellices, the Ricardo!

latter of whom has even begun I say this much in the way of to prattle away about “ the war justice towards myself; and, 1" between the Land and the must take care of that, or no- · Funds." I believe, that your body will take care of it for me. own mind would have been suffiI see enough publio writers now cient to guide you in this case ; to steal my opinions, who abused and I have before done you the me for uttering those opinions. justice to observe, that you I see some, who are honest wrote to recommend the pushing enough to quote the words; but out of the paper in 1817; and still rogues enough to disguise also, that you manfully opposed the source whence they quote. I the passing of Peel's Bill, and eren see even you quoting Locke, petitioned against it, making, when you might have quoted at the same time, a speech relaPaine or me, and especially tive to its consequences enougli PAINE, who had foretold, with 10 convince any body but a bornthe utmost precision the stopping ideot. I have never stolen the of payment at the Bank, and thoughts of others, were they who, while he himself was an alive or dead. I have never outlar, devoted the profits of withihield due homage to talent or that celebrated work to the relief knowledge or merit of any kind of the debtors in Néugale! You when I have profited from them. might have quoted this true En- In return for this fair and hoglishman and true patriot and nourable dealing I have been inmatchless writer, instead of the cessantly pluudered; but, the place-man Locke, who, coin-plunderers shall no longer propared with Paine, was, as to ceed with impunity. My way is subjects of this nature, a mere the only way in which a horrible babbler. Here was a fair op- convulsion can be avoided; and portunity of showing that you that convulsion will take place, held canting calumny at defiance; or it shall be clear to all eyes and, if you had availed yourself that it is I who hare shown the of it, you would have frightened way to prevent it. . . . . Whitehall out of its wits

My petition of 1818 was too However, Sir, I by no means long for the Honourable House,

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and Charles Wynne, the bro-/" more extensive ruin than had 'ther of the Saxony Ambassador,“ ever before been brought on any · has lately instanced the wearisome " civilized people by any govern

effects of another long petition of " ment;" to remind them of all mine. But (and this I thank solemnly sage sayings and antiyou for) you made them hear cipations as to the happy efforts you ; and though you were a of this measure; to call the acts of new man, and were, with your| 1797 acts of " fraud," and that of good sense, a sort of rebel; a sort 1819, “ an act of greater fraud ;” of belter ; a good slice of your and to conclude, at last, by forespeech got into the news-papers ; telling, to the very teeth of the and you, by repeating and filling Honourable House, that their out, have taken care to have your measures would “terminate in a forewarnings upon record. This sudden and violent catastrophe, is highly commendable. Pursue "tuo sudden and too violent for this course, Sir, and faction will “ resistance or remedy, which not be able to mullify your" will prove destructive to the efforts. "

“ public credit, and dangerous to How the Honourable and en- “ the safety of the staler:" to tell lightened House stood your taunt- them all this to their very heads, ing I cannot imagine. "To be to sound it in their very ears,' to told plump and point blank, that poke it under their very noses, they could not carry their grand and that, too, at a time when they measure into effect; to tell them have passed laws to banish us, if to their heads, that that measure we say any thing even tending to could not be carried into effect bring them into contempt! Oh! and the present debt and taxes It was so good! By ----, if exist, and that “it was folly and ra- you were a lady I would kneel spacity alone that could think of and kiss your hand ! s attempting their union;" to look Pray, Sir, agree to take the in their faces and tell them, that chair when we hold our feast of their grand measure, which had the Gridiron! Whole flocks of been so eulogized by the Speaker geese will be sent up for us by the of the Six-Acts parliament, had big-farmers' wives, those amiable “ overwhelmed the people of Abigails of England. Two or “this country with greater cala- three hundred gridirons will be at "mities, severer sufferings and work all at once. You shall have

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