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upon the Grand Council” like|Six-Acts Registers with quotawi hail-stones, and these, tog, of notions from speeches of " great contemptible size. And yet, if " men” in praise of the BAL No: it do neither of these, what will this ig: too horrible to think of be the use of it:

with any degree of patience. It' The public is waiting with great cannot be ; it must not be curiosity to see what the Commit- $ Perish rather," said Sangrado, tee will do. The farmers, the "the city and the suburbs, than, big greedy farmers expect some give up our system.” thing done to raise prices. The Yet, the Landlords can have Landlords expect the same. The no rents: without this ! Well : fünd-holders, fearing that despera- they have had their day. They tion may urge the “ Lords of the fand the big farmers have ridden « Soil to a “ breach of national their Cavalry Horses, as the Rew. & faith," hardly kaow what to ex- formers of Manchester know fülb: pector what to wish for. The well. They must now do as well rest of the community, except as they can. They may be strips the tax-eaters (who feel with the ped of their estates; but, did they fund-holders) wish that things may not pledge their fortunes and their go on; and the Reformers have lives to put down the doctrines of the laugh' half out before the Re- PAINE? What right have they; port appears. The result will then, to complain, even if their probably be the doing of nothing lives be called for? at all; or, at most, some little The public are divided in opis thing to amuse the Landlords; nion on the subject of the repeat while the present experiment is of Peel's Bill. Some people pushed along to its utmost extent. think it wilt, and some think it

My opinion decidedly is, that will not, be repealed. We are the Ministers will never run the always prone to let our belief run risk of another Corn Bill. If with our wishes; and, as my they were to dò it, such a Bill wishes are very strong that the would be of no use to the farmers pretty fellows of Whitehall may or Landlords. But, it is what be stout, and may stand to the they will not do; and the Land- Bill, through thick and thin, 'till lords will not dare to contend for the wheat come down to four shik it against the Ministers. There-lings a bushel, I am disposed to sore, to get high prices is impos- believe, that the Bill will not be sible, without a repeal of Peel's repealed. And then we shall, by Bill; and then comes the feast about next March, see how the of the Gridiron ; then comes my “ Lords of the Soil will look ; victory over the Banishment-Act we shall see, whether they begin Parliament. This repeal would to think of giving us a Reform of be such a thing! It would be so the Parliament. . . . shameful; so capon-like; so scan Dáy-light is not clearer than dalously contemptible a thing; the fact, that the Lords of the the very dogs would lift'up their Fun ls, who now get só large a legs against the ~ Great Council.” portion of the rents, will get in I should filo half a dozen of the conjunction with the other tema

eaters) the whole of the rents,when sless: then they are brave as wheat shall come down to four Héctors' of Troy. However, sbillings'a bushel. This is soʻplain time will tell us all about it.. a matter, that no one can dispate And, in the meanwhile, it is a it, without openly setting truth satisfaction to know, that, let and common sense at defiance. what will be done, the accursed What, then, are the “Lords of system must give way. . . «« the Soil” to do? To reduce li the interest of the Fund-lords and |

4 April, 1821. the pay of the gentlemen in red- I' left'off last night as above. coats and of the pretty gentleman This morning comes the newspaat Whitehall, they dare not at-per with the result of Mt. WEStempt. What, then, will ther Tern's opening of the campaign. stand gaping, with their hands in Oh! shocking! Sad figure! As their empty pockets, till the bad as that of the Neapolitans ? Fund-lords actually come and Well, GAFFER, I'said truly, that take them by the shoulders and the “Lords of the Soil were shew them the door of their own brave as Hectors of Troy, when mansions? I really should not they had the poor and defenceless wonder if they were to do this; to deal with: "Then they are coufor, between the bullying of the rageous'; then they talk big ; then Fund-lords and other Tax-eaters, they look fierce, and stretch and their fright at the Radicals," the nostrils wide," to use a they appear to be spellbound. phrase of our “immortalbard,"

They have, as I observed in lest, if not quoted, it might be my Register of last week, one " coarse.!! Well, really, my resource, and only one; and that Lord FOLKESTONE, " Sir Pomis to take off taves. Here they “ pous Jolterhead," and ". Dis. would have the people at their count” were not overcharged. back: Malt, leather, salt, soap, | And, out comes our poor friend candles, tea, coffee, sugar, beer, PERRY, with a whine, that the spirits, tobacco! All would be motion was lost because it was popular. Never talk about horses,“ in favour of economy, and behouses, windows, stamps, and " cause Ministers are resolved coaches. Let these remain, and not to 'adopt' economy.” No: drive at what the people use. you « invisible, unassailable and This would make Whitehall begin omnipotent being," it was not to look about it. As I said be- because it aimed at economy : it fore, talk big about preserving was because it aimed at the Funds, “ national faith" all the while. which you say ought to be sacred. Express horror at the idea of Economy, indeed ! how often'. touching the funds. This is the must I repeat; how often must only remedy. This is the last common sense din it in the ears hope. To be sure it is a goou of the Edinburgh Reviewers, and solid hope. It is an effectual that no economy can relieve the remedy ; but, the “ Lords of the country. Does the “unaccount * Soil” are bold only when they “ able" Mr. PERRY propose to have to face the poor and defence- reduce the pay of the Army,

Navy, Judges, Police People, lliam; the “ travelled. John WilPensioners, Offices, Sinecures, and liam, who vies even with the genso on? O, no! What does he tle son of the late gentle Chief mean by economy, then?. It is Justice in knowledge of courts really “ cheese-parings and can- and Jofty matters of state, and

'dle-ends" that he must have in who can, with all the self-co: pla, view. No: this of Mr. Western cency imaginable, talk about the was a dig at the Funds to be sure; }balance of Europe, while the taas such, as a beginning, it had bles of the Houses are covered sense in it: but his tool failed with petitions praying for relief; him: it broke in his hand : it and while the Houses know not was what the French call a coup which way to turn themselves manque.

amidst the contending difficulties; ' I have inserted, below, the whole that John William, the polite and of the debate of Tuesday night.“ gentlemanlyand candid; that It is an interesting thing. It will he should think and say, that havbe a thing often to refer to. Anding supported the Pitt-System now, Gaffer, let me offer you ought to shut the mouths of the some remarks upon it.

supporters, let their distress be . It was curious to observe, that what it may, is what one could amongst the opponents of the hardly have expected. As to the Bill, some opposed it because it Pitt-Clubs, indeed, even John would afford no relief to agricul- William might be permitted to ture, and others, because it would say, that they ought to complain afford relief to nobody but the of no distress, let it be ever so

arming people. Mr. John Wil-great. Those are nests of creaLIAM WARD, that brightest star tures that deserve no mercy, of of the quiziological constellation; any sort. They are witnessing that nice divider of arguments; the evils of the system; they canthat awakener of great expecta- not deny their existence; they tions, and never fulfilling them; acknowledge and proclaim the that drawer of outlines and leaver existence of the evils; they conof them not filled up; that see-fess that they procerd from the saw politician, whom to catch on Pitt-System; and yet they, celethe level we must be as quick- | brate the birth-day of the ueadly sighted as hawks: this gentleman author of that system! They dedid, however, take a fair cut at serve no compassion ; but a great the agriculturists,” as they are deal of cha tisement; and, their coxcomically called. He ex-names ought all to be collected, pressed his surprize, that those in all the counties, and put into a who had supported the Pitt-book; that we may all knowSystein(I gave it that name, them

Mr. John WILLIAM) should com- Here, therefore, I agree with "plain of distress! Devil! This John William ; but, John Wil

is rather hard lines ! It mightliamı, though so • travelled," have done very well for me, who knows nothing about Sinkingdo not stick at trifles; but, for Funds. Sir John Shelley was - the “ accomplished" John Wil-right, when he called the thing a

humbug." From the moment parchments would go too! That's it was established, Paine de-Iright! Work them in that way ! clared it to be a humbug. 10 At them in all manner of ways ; Paper against Gold it was de-but, work them especially in that monstrated to be a humbug; and way; for, with such men, there John William should have staid is nothing like a arm for their at home, and read in that A, B, own safety. Keep working them C, of Political Economy. John in that way, 'till wheat comes William is famous for making down to four shillings a bushel ; the skeletons of arguments; but, and then they will bave lost the he vever fills them out. He power of resistance, even if they never brings the flesh and blood had the will and the courage to and muscles and sinews. What resist. was it in favour of the sinking. Mr. Lockhart denied, that, in fund, to say, that it was not the that House, any one had ever rejoint child of Pitt and Fox? It commended a “ breach of public was, after all, only their adopted faith.No: nor out of it neichild; for Dr. Price was the ther; unless to repeal a law be a real Papa. Dr. Price had found breach of public faith.. out, that, a sinking-fund 'of one Mr. LOCKHART was not correct, farthing, if established at the however, in his notion, that the birth of Jesus Christ, would yow Fund-lords were exempled from have paid off a Debt consisting of tares, which pressed on the Landa mass of guineas bigger than the lords. The Fund'ords eat and whole earth; and, he thought, of drink and wear clothes, like the course, that it was hard, if a rest of us. . They have houses, sinking-fund of a million of gui-carriages, windows, servants, dogs, neas would not pay off our Debt!cats, rats and mice ; for even the The poor old man was so absorbed very food of the latter is taxed. in admiration of the power of fi- They breathe the air of England, gures, that he did not stop to in short; and they must, then, reason about the matter; if he feel the pressure of taxes. But, bad, he would have discovered, was there ever any thing so doltthat he had hit upon a humbug, headed as to suppose, that the wherewith for a profligate and tithes, rates and taxes, are not show y' impostor to ruin and de- snally paid by the consumer! grade a nation.

And, do not the fund-holders conMr. GRENFELL was against sume as well as other people ? the repeal of the Malt Tax. That Mr. LOCKHART does not see clearly 'I could have sworn without hear-vet. He has a mist still before his

ing or reading the Debate. He eyes. He does not get at a clear · deprecated the sentiments that sight. When I last saw him, had been uttered in favour of a and when he (knowing that I breach of faith.That he did, was under heavy bonds to keep I'll warrant him! But, lie went the peace) challenged me to fight further, and said, that the Land- a duel ; in order to answer by lords should recollect, that, if mouth of pistol, that which he they seized on the Funds, their had not been able to answer with

his own mouth, though that mouth two years and a half, is worse was loud enough as to report ; than being a SERF, for a Serf at that time, on that very day enjoys the open air at any rate; I told him and the band of noisy, and his Lord (especially a Fund riotous, bullying and even swear-lord) will take care, that he do sino BLACKS, of whom he was the not die for want of exercise. chosen orator, that, before that! *But, while I agree with Mr. day four years, they would be- LOCKHART, that the present gin to sing another tune. It was " Lords of the Soil,” are very four years ago last Tuesday was likely to become Serfs, I cannot a fortnight, and, months before agree, with him, as to the way, in that I heard Mr. LOCKHART com- which the thing works. I cannot plain of the ruin of farmers and agree with him in supposing, that

landlords ; for which I, as in duty the Landlord and farmer are • bound, thanked God, seeing that borne down by unequal pressure

that ruin is now become neces- of taxation. For, place taxes sary to the good of the country where you will, they finally reach and the stability of the King's every creature in the community. throne!

| They reach even those who live Mr. LOCKHART said, that, un out of the taxes ; but, then, less some change took place, the these have a compensation, and Landlords would shortly become more than a compensation in what mere SERFS to the Fundlords. they receive out of the taxes. A serf is a bondman, one who, in- However, though no one is. fact, is the property of another; in its first operation, exempt from but who, for the use of that other, the pressure of taxation in prowas sometimes permitted to oc- portion to his means and his excupy lands, yielding to that other penditure, taxes, may enrich some the profits of the occupation. and ruin others. All things, Now, perfectly agreeing with Mr. generally speaking, arise out of LOCKHART, that this must be the land. The Landlord, therefore, case, if things go on in the pre-would possess all these things to sent way, I by no means agree himself, were it not, that, to get with him in lamenting the pros- any thing out of the land, he must pect. The persons whom I feel have the aid of others. Labour most concern about are the labour- is the chief thing; but he must, ing classés, those whom some of in most cases, have some other the Landlords call or the lower things. He has to pay labourers, orders” and some the “ pea- smiths, and various others. By 16 santry." Their lot cannot be he time that these are paid, his made worse, except by means that income (being the whole amount would prevent the Landlords (for of his produce) is greatly reduced. a while, at least) from becoming Then if all these labourers, smiths, SERFS. 'I see what it must be and the rest, pay taxes, they for such baughty fellows to be must be paid again out of his income SERFS ; but, being at the come. So that, fashion the thing bottom of a damp dungeon for how you will, to the land, to that four years and a half, or even out of which all things arise, the

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