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PROCEEDINGS in PARLIAMENT | The Volume has a Table of Contents

and an Index.—Corbett's Monthly THE “Catholic Emancipation” ReligIDUS Tracts. The two first Bill has been thrown out in the

Numbers are out. The first, “ Na

" both's Vineyard ; or, God's venLords. No man in his senses ex

T“ geance against hypocrisy and crupected the contrary. But, now “ elty.The second, “ The Sin of what becomes of all the flashy - Drunkenness in Kings, Priests and harangues of the flash-man? It People." Each of these Numbers was all nonsense. The Elder has gone through several large edi

tions, and the work makes the “ Tract BANkes, as I observed before,

Societytremble for the fate of its made the only sensible speech on

| veritable trash. Cant and rant canthe subject. Fifty Catholic Mem not make head against plain common bers would have worked the thing sense. The price of the “ Religious in such a way as to have fright

“ Tract" is three pence. Many per

sons have expressed a wish that the ened the Church and Grant pro

| Tract came out more frequently; but, perty people out of their senses. lat present, this would not be conveDo I say, then, that the Catholics nient to the author. He must have ought not to be put on a footing time for other things. While he newith the rest of us ? No: but, I) glects not the “ mint and cummin,” he

must attend to the “ weightier matters say, that they never will as long

só of the law." While he fails not to as the system shall last ; never un

write his Monthly Tracts, he must not til there be a

. forget his Weekly Duty towards the PARLIAMENTARY REFORM, System, especially now that Corrupa debate about which there hastion herself is at her wit's end. The

Six Acts make an exception in favour been, and upon which debate I

ofReligious Publications ;'and, the will remark in my next.

author thought it hard, if he could not

get his nose, at any rate, into the pris · COBBETT'S PUBLICATIONS. | vileged class. Cobbett's GRAM

MAR, a new and neat edition, price

12s. 6d., bound in bcards. It was inThe Last VOLUME OF The Regis-tended for the use of young persons in TER (Vol. 38) is now complete, bound general, and especially for the use of in boards, price Seven SHILLINGS. soldiers, sailors, apprentices and It begins with the New Year's gift to plough boys ; but, the author has disthe farmers. It contains the Sermon covered, (in rather an odd manner). to the Good Methodists ; the first three that it is in great vogue amongst Letters to Mr. Peel ; and several other statesmen ;” and, God knows, it papers, which may be useful at this was not before it was wanted by them! time, when THE SYSTEM is in its agony. COBBETT's Year's Residence

In America, a thick volume in Oc-f the author would have remained 'till tavo. 10s. bound in boards. Very spring, and then he would have lost useful for those who want to know the inexpressible pleasure of seeing what America really is. Her Majesty arrive! Peel's Bill New Edition of Paper . AGAINST brought him away with his work in'an GOLD, that complete history and unfinished state. It is now finished; exposure of the mystery of the and, though it be the “ American Bank, the Funds and the Paper Sys- “ Gardener,” he thinks it contains tem. Price five shillinys, bound in matter more than worth the purchase boards. In the Press, the Pre- money to an English reader, who takes liminary Part of Paper against delight in gardening ; and, besides the Gold, containing the articles written Horticultural information, the book by the author on the subject of the contains the best possible account of Sponge, before the date of Paper the climate, and of things connected against Gold. In these articles, the with the climate, of the country, for wiping off of the whole of the Debt is the use of which it is written. In maintained to be just, if necessary to answer to enquiries about the French the happiness ofthe nation; and, though GRAMMAR, the author begs the public the Landlords seem not to dare to at- to consider a little what have been his tempt it, that does not alter the nature labours since his return to England ! of the thing. The author is satisfied, This is a work, which he cannot suffer that it must be done at last, though to go out of his hands with a single the “ Lords of the Soil ” will, pro- doubt in his mind as to any part of it. bably, lose the soil first. Also It would, however, have been ready IN THE Press, a thing that is a great for the press before this time, had it favourite with the author: “ The not been for the last-mentioned work, “ AMERICAN GARDENER; or, a trea- which he had promised to so many “ tise on the situation, soil, fencing kind friends. All that he can say, is, " and laying-out of Gardens; on the that he thinks to have the French " making and managing of hot-beds Grammar out during the summer. " and green-houses; and on the Pro- But, let it be borne in mind that “ pagation and Cultivation of the se- the main business of his life. “ veral sorts of Table-Vegetables, is to watch the motions of Corruption. “ Herbs, Fruits and Flowers.” The He has been dogging her steps for author promised this work to his good many years. She has, now-and-then, and kind neighbours in America. It turned upon him and given him a bite; was principally written in that coun- but, now that he sees the bloody montry; and would have been finished ster hemmed up in a corner, looking there, had it not been for Peels Bill, about her in vain for an out-let to witness the effects of which made whereby to escape; when he sees her him hasten away home. Thanks to sides heave and her jaws filled with Mr. Peel, the author set off for foam, he cannot quit her for long at a dear Old England in November ; for,

time. Expire she must; but, she

for, | must not expire without a last blow if it had not been for that Bill, from him.

THE YOUNG MAN, who left This Day is Published,

I his Situation in the City on Mon-A BILL OF RIGHTS AND day. 9th April, is earnestly requested TA LIBERTIES; or, An Act for a immediately to call, or send his ad- | dress, to No. 13, Surrey-street, Strand.

CONSTITUTIONAL Reform of Par| liament. A New Edition. By MA-?

JOR CARTWRIGHT. CORRUPTION'S GLOSSARY, Sold by T. Dolby, 299, Strand. Dedicated to LORD CASTLEREAGH. | Published this day, No. II., price 60. TO PARENTS, GUARDIANS,

to be completed in four Numbers, uniform with Mr. Cobbett's Gram

TUTORS, &c. mar, A DOLITICAL DICTION- This day. (Saturday, April 21) is

I ARY; or, POCKET COMPA | published, No. 2, price 6d. of an NION : chiefly designed for the use of Members of Parliament, Whigs, To-IMPROVED GRAMMAR of ries, Loyalists, Magistrates, Clergy- the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. In men, Half-pay Officers, Worshipful which the Genius of the English Aldermen and Reviewers: being an Tongue is especially attended to, and illustration and commentary on all all imitations of the Greek and Latin Words, Phrases, and proper Names Grammars discarded ; adapted to the in the Vocabulary of Corruption; comprehension of persons desirous of agreeably to the approved readings of teaching themselves, and principally the most celebrated Divines, Dignita-intended for the use of the Working ries of the Church, Sinecurists, Place- Classes of Society. To which is added, men, Lawyers, Heads of Colleges, and a brief view of the Discoveries of Mr. other Learned Persons. With Bio-Horno Tooke, on the formation of graphical Illustrations from the Lives Language. By William Greatheed of the most celebratrd Corruptionists | Lewis. in Church and State. By the Editor of the “ Black Book.”

In this work the Author has pointed 6. The rising generation wants a New

out much false doctrine and many er

roneous principles in the popular ' Dictionary, damnably.”

Grammar of Mr. COBBETT. This

JOHN DULL Grammar, like Mr. Cobbett's, is inSo it does, for without such help tended for the use of the working how can people comprehend the delu- classes of Society. The Author has, sive jargon of Hireling Writers, Time- however, refrained from introducing serving Priests, Mock Representatives, Political Remarks, on the supposition and Corrupt Lawyers. The Grammar that such remarks would he calculated of Mr. COBBETT is an excellent ma-to divert the attention of learners from nual, but it wants a Political Dicti-the subject more immediately under onary for a companion. This deside-their consideration. ratum, it is hoped, the present performance will supply, and every word Number III. will be published on and phrase in the Vocabulary of Cor- Saturday, April 28, and a Number on ,ruption be so fully explained, that each succeeding Saturday, till comneither man, woman, child, nor even pleted. The whole will be comprised an insane person can be hereafter mis- in Six Numbers. Being closely printled by Social Order, Blasphemy, Im-ed, and in small type, this Work will morality, Sedition, and other bug-contain more than is usually to be found bears devised by Boroughmongers and in volumes of three times its size. In Sinecurists, to alarm the ignorant and the Sixth and last Number, the Title, timid part of the community.

Table of Contents, Preface, List of

Errata, &c. will be included. Number I. is reprinted, and may be now had.

Printed and published by Dolby, Published by J, Dolby, 299, Strand, 299, Strand, London; and sold by all

and 24, Wardour-street, Soho, Booksellers.

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Just published, most extensively em- , in quantity as a volume of Gibbon's bellished, price 13. "Rome,) price Is. 6d.

| New editions of the Wood Cut ITONE'S POLITICAL

Works, price is, each, viz. The PoI SHOWMAN — AT HOME !litical House that Jack Built ; Man in Exhibiting his surprising Artificial | the Moon Cabinet, and the Wonderful Bedste I the Moon ; Queen's Matrimonial Lada Cabinet, and the Wonderful Beasts der ; and (price 6d.) Non mi Ricordo! and Reptiles, all alive!' alive O!-By! · N.B. Orders, with remittances, . the Author of " The Political House punctually executed ; and Bills for that Jack Built." With Twenty-four doors and shop-windows, enclosed. Cuts of the astonishing Curiosities and Creatures ! viz. The Monster. The Showman. The Show-cloth. Bags.) HARRISON WILKINSON'S FI. A Crocodile. A Mask. The Locust. NANCIAL REFORM, A Scorpion, The Lobster, A Prime Crutch, The Opossum. Black Rats. / paving the

Saving the Nation annually 24,500,0001. Rat-Bait. A Cadge-Anchor. A Wa- Just published, by Effingham Wilson, ter Scorpion. Dirkpatrick. Music. Royal Exchange, and sold by all The Bloodhound. The Doctor. A booksellers, price ls. 6d. Booby. A Twopenny Flat. The Slop-|DROPERTY AGAINST INDail. My Eye.' The Legitimate Vam-1 F DUSTRY; or, an Exposition of pire.

the Partiality, Oppression, Inequality London: printed for William Hone, and Injustice of the present System of 45, Ludgate-bill, and sold by all Book- Finance. sellers throughout the Country.

Also, Just published, by the same Author, | The PRINCIPLES of an EQUITA-':


FINANCE. Price 3s. 6d.

1 . Also,
suppressed work, and the ablest of the Price 6d. •Addressed to J. W. Par-
present century, (containing as much kins, Esq. Ex-Sheriff of London and

Middlesex. ..

Frinted by C. CLEMENT, and Published by JOAN M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Inn.

Vol. 39.—No. 4.] - LONDON, SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1821. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Six o'clock.

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they from living as their fore· THE RADICALS.

fathers lived; far are they from

having meat for their dinners, and
On the late motion of Mr. Lamb- a barrel of beer in their cellars.

ton, on the subject of Reform, But, still, they are coming back
and on the part acted by Lord towards it, and come to it they
Milton and others upon that will, in spite of the present com-
occasion. ---On the present bination to mai
situation of Corruption, and thereby to perpet

thereby to perpetuate their misery. on the dangers that await her. Of this combination I shall speak --Also on the scheme now in more fully bye-and

the scheme now in more fully bye-and-bye ; but, I agitation for the making of Imust first invite you to laugh with

bread dear by means of a body me at the recent exhibition made * of delegates, or Agricultural by those profound gentlemen, Convention.

the " Moderate Reformers,'.

**th those two great law-givers, . Kensington, April 24, 1821. Niessieurs LAMBTON and Mid. FRIENDS, .. :

DLESEX WHITBREAD at their · I think the day is come, when head. This last appears to be we may begin to laugh. Be as- a bright youth indeed : quite sured, that, as to the Labouring worthy of the support of the Classes, the worst is past. . That Westminster Rump and the Don. which they suffered in 1816, 1817, The Moderate Gentlemen had 1818, 1819 and 1820, they a select meeting, four days precannot suffer again, until the vious to the making of the motion present race of farmers, land- in Parliament, at the London TaJords, and borough-lords be com- vern. They called this meeting pletely gone, and another race, a dinner; and they invited all. - with such another system, come Reformers to it, while they im-' in their stead. Far indeed is the posed a fine of fifteen shillings situation of the Labouring Classes on any one that should go to the from what it ought to be; far are dinner. They very well knew


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Printed by C. Clement, and published by John M. Colbett, 1, Clement's Inn. . . 2. [Price Sixpence Halfpenny in the Country.]

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