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the public creditor cannot be kept was, in Canning's language, “ to if the Bill be not repealed. He " tranquillize the country and to has said that it is unjust, and that " settle the question for ever.” it leads to confusion and revolu- But, Mr. ATTWOOD went on, and tion. Mr. ATTWOOD: and, be said that if this." system were fore I proceed to what he has“ persevered in, it must produce said, let me observe that this Mr. “ the destruction of the present ATTWOOD is the Birmingham generation of farmers, traders, ATTWOOD, and is a banker con- " and landlords.” All very true,

nected with the SPOONERS, who Mr. ATTWOOD; and Amen! say - are very well known, for other I; for, the present generation of

things besides being relations of farmers, traders and landlords WILBERFORCE. This Mr. ATT-have all most zealously supported WOOD wrote a pamphlet in 1817 the system of paper money; and to urge the necessity of thrusting have all been the fast friends of out the paper again. He suc- that hellish Corruption, to get rid ceeded ; and that produced the of which the people have endeaprosperity of 1817 and 1818. voured, and for which endeavours * This Mr. ATTWOOD, who is a they have been so cruelly pukeen and clever man, made a nished. Amen!' say I again ; speech in support of the petition, but, by destruction, here used, we which your father presented a-speak, of course, in a mitigated gainst his son's Bill. This Mr. sense. We only mean that the Attwood, who is now become a big farmer is to have the Welling-, member of the Honourable, Ho-ton boots stripped from his legs, nourable, Honourable House, the flashy party-coloured clothes made, on the 9th instant, a stout torn from his back, the insolent dig at the Bill. He called it, helmet knocked off his head, and the dangerous experiment of to have the smock-frock pulled “ 1819, which had already in- down over his neck and shoulders. “ volved the people in deeper and We only mean that the traders more widely spread distress, than are to be traders : are to walk on: the acts of any government re- foot and not roll about in their 6. corded in the history of any carriages. We only mean that “ other people.". This was pretty the landlords are to have enough well, as giving your Bill a charac- to keep them decently in the ter: your infallible Bill, which country; and to make them feel

by experience that he who tills present time. Mr. ATTWOOD the land is a man as well as the is, like the Ministers with whom landlord. I am speaking, how- we are now blessed, a man for ever, of new landlords; and also the time present. A man that of new farmers and new traders; does not think at all about the for the present generation of all time to come as far as the Nation of them, will, if your Bill be push-is concerned. He wants “ proed on into complete effect, become “ sperity;" that is to say, plenty servants, or beggars, or will ac- of Bank notes ; plenty of trade; tually be destroyed by starvation, plenty of new houses, plenty of unless they come to the poor book; taxes for the county Collectors to and, in that case the haughty land- have to collect; plenty of Scrip lord of the famous year 1819, will Castles rising up; and, he thinks have reason to bless the poor that this can go on for ever! He laws, instead of devising schemes has not the least idea, that “ the for their alleviation.-Mr. ATT-“ last end of such a system mustWOOD was for “ giving back” | " be worse than the first.” Oh, the paper to the country! Aye, no! your Bill is the thing. It I dare say he was! All would will, indeed, destroy the present prosper then, he said! But Mr. generation of enjoyers ; but if ATTWOOD was deceived. The the Ministers will make a proper Bankers would prosper, indeed. appeal to the people; if these or The bluff Yeomanry Cavalry any other Ministry, will give us men, the merchants and manu- a Reform and will drive your Bill facturers and landlords. would pro- through into complete execution, sper. But the husbandman, the England will once more be Engartizan, the working manufac- land; the King will have his coin turer, would not prosper. All and the people will have their those who labour are bettered by rights. Mr. Attwood does not à fall in the necessaries of life, think of these things. He does and particularly the husbandman; not perhaps care much about them. and Mr. Attwood's doctrine, as He does not know probably the to this point, is grossly erroneous. real motives which led to your However, as to the effects of your Bill; and, therefore, one is less Bill he is perfectly correct; and, surprised at his proposition for in this respect, he has been per- putting out the paper again. Of fectly consistent from 1817 to the that real motive I will speak by

and by, and will, therefore, Mr. ALDERMAN HEYGATE, leave Mr. ATTWOOD for the pre- another child of the system, and sent:

a Banker into the bargain, said Mr. IRVING has declared that on this same ninth of April, “ that in consequence of your Bill and the measure (Mr. Peel's Bill) of your Bill alone, one .Com-l" which the country had so much mercial House had sunk its Ca- " reason to deplore, was carried, pital from three hundred and “ two years ago, by clamour in sixty thousand pounds, to a hun- " that House ; that measure was dred and forty two thousand " the cause of increasing the pounds; and that this had been public Debt; of adding to the the general effect of your Bill as “ Agricultural and Commercial to all Merchants; he added that, " distress, and of heaping every * he must be a bold Minister, in- “ species of misery upon this once “ deed, who would have pro-I“ great and flourishing country." “ posed such a measure to Par-1-Now is not this a fine charac“ liament, if he had known that ter to be given of the measure “it would produce such conse- bearing - your name? Would it « quences.” This is the charac- not have been better to listen to ter given of your Bill by a bluff the voice of your own father Merchant ; a colleague of Wil- than to that of Dr. COPLESTONE; berforce for the Borough of Bram- who supposed, I dare say, that ber; a staunch supporter of every he was going to get twenty shilMinister from Pitt to LIVERPOOL., lings in gold for tythes for every even PERCEVAL not excepted. twenty shillings in paper that he It is right that these men should was then getting? Your father, suffer. It is right that they who spoke against your measure, should be pulled down ; and what knew what was what a little so pleasing as to see them pulled better than Dr. Coplestone. He down by a Bill bearing the name knew what the power of Bank of one of the favourite children notes was. He knew what had of Pitt, which child, too, has been the cause of the “ prospebeen marked out from all the “rity;" and he very well knew, other famous six hundred and that if the Bank notes were withfifty eight as the fit representa- drawn, the prosperity would be uve of the University of Ox- at an end ; and that men in future ford.

must get rich, if they got rich

at all, by industry, economy and case, only proceeding upon skill, and not by trick and the doctrine of the resolugambling. He knew that the tions of the “ lamented Horner," vision would vanish the moment wlio was a meré tool in the bands the Bank notes were withdrawn. of others; but who, because he

Thus, then, Sir, we have the is dead, those others can safely character of your Bill, as given praise. Seeing the old gentleto it by the staunch advocates of maņ upon this track, I was sure the system; by those who have that there was some scheme on enriched themselves by the means foot for coming to cash payments of the system; and who even now by degrees; and, accordingly, support the Ministers who brought as it has since appeared, "the in the Bill. To record this cha- “ Ricardo,” or Bullion plan apracter is necessary as well as just. pears to have been at this very I foresaw all the consequences of time preparing for that press, the B:11. I foretold them even which, God knows, had been Before the Bill was passed! In sufficiently disgraced by loads of 1818 I saw, in my delightful re- Stock exchange gibberish before. treat on Long Island, that the Alarmed least the hellish system thing was working towards some should die and steal a march such méasure. Mr. Tierney (a upon me, I sat instantly down, staunch old lover of office) had as soon as the newspaper reached made a speech,'in which he urged me, and wrote, on the 'hottest the necessity of resuming cash day I ever knew (the eleventh of payments by degrees. I saw that July, 1818), that "LETTER TO some scheme was in agitation !" TIERNEY," which contains a Some deep and cunning scheme stateuient of my opinions as to for the outwitting of reason, the the effects of any attempt to reover-reaching' of nature and turn to cash payments without a playing the pettifogger with her reduction of t':e interest of the laws. But, in fact, this ancient Debt. At the very outset of representative of the Borough of that letter I tell Tierney that I Southwark, who formerly said put my opinions upou paper bethat he held a retaining fee to op-fore the event; in order, that if pose Pitt, and who has long I am right, I may have the cre- : been endeavouring to uphold dit of having been right; and the Pitt systém, was in this that, if I am wrong, those who

have hitherto placed confidence To say that I enjoy these conin me, as to such matters, may fessions; to say that I enjoy the place confidence in me no longer. howlings of the big and bluff far1 tell him that I prefix his name mers, merchants and landlords is to the letter, in order that it may very feebly to describe that which have a name of some sort, to dis- I feel. I remember too well their tinguish it from other essays of insolent exultation at the time mine on the subject, and to cause when the absolute-power-of-imit to be more easily referred to. prisonment Bill was passed. I reIn the course of this letter, all member their chuckling when the that BARING, all that Lock- funds rose upon the passing of HART, all that Irving, all that that Bill. And, remembering Curwen, all that Heygate, all these, I feel, at viewing their disthat ATTWOOD; all that the whole tress, that which I hope I ought of them now declare to be FACT, to feel; but which it is altogether is to be found in the shape of impossible for me to describe ; prediction! I anticipated, not (especially when I reflect, that only the sufferings in gross, but the thing which causes their disin detail. The farmer, the land-tress gives to the oppressed lord, the trader; the case of classes a chance of revival and of every one is there described be- restoration to freedom. This safore-band. That letter was writ-tisfaction is produced by numeten in great haste, and the point rous concurrent circumstances ; , of the labourer was not suffici- and amongst these, one is, that ently considered and dwelt upon; the pulling-down Bill bears the but every other case was hit to a name of the man who has been nicety; and the facts now stated picked out and adopted as the in the “ Grand Council of the favourite Statesman by the Uni“ Nation” are nothing more versity of Oxford. This body, than illustrations of the arguments which pretends to a monoply of in that letter, which was written learning ; this body, which is adjust one year before your Bill was mitted to the presence of the passed.

King, while those who form the Therefore, the moment I found strength of his throne are not perthat the Bill was passed, home Imitted to approach him ; this came to enjoy these very confes- | sions which I knew would be body, which pretends to be the dragged forth.

wisest of all his Majesty's sub

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