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and Enormous Profits of the Bank of extensive sale be the criterion to England ; Expense of the Established judge by) it is unnecessary for the Clergy; Influence of the , East India Editor to say more than that it is now Company ; Profits of the Lottery Sys- ready for delivery. tem; Income of the Landed Aristro. In this Number will be found, among cracy; the Boroughmongers' Debt; many other curious Articles :-Extrathe State of the Finances; a List of Extraordinary and Extraordinarily. the Members of the House of Lords Extra Theatrical Intelligence-Conand Commons, the Places for which jectures on Quakers' Thoughts in a they were returned, the number of silent Meeting — A simple Way for Voters, by whom influenced, and spe- drying up disconsolate Widows'Tears cifying such as are Placemen or Pelle --The true Means of the generation of sioners. with their Family Connex- Eels-A new Market, between Cuckions, &c. &c. 'The whole forming a oll's Point and Horn Fair, for buy

complete exposition of the Cost, Me-ing and selling Wives — Everlasting 'chanism, and Corruption of the Bo- Mourning, without weeping and waila rough System of Government. Ting—A: new Metrical Cure or Pre

** The Black Book is the Re- / vention for all Disorders-Great want former's Bible. It is, as it were, a of Radicals—Thunder and Lightning Revelation from the Divinity of Truth. for ready money-A Learned Lobster It is the Sacred Volume of English -Report of the Committee for anni. Politics. Until the hirelings of power hilating all Learning, and encouraging can “ rail this off” our writings, they Ignorance-A New Lottery, with Six but “ offend their lungs,” in decrying Twenty Thousand Pound Prizes, and Reform, and denouncing Reformers.two Prizes to one Blank-American No! a day of judgement shall wait on account of a Shower of Quicksilver the offenders in this book, as certain Want of a Deputy for Half-an-houras that man is mortal, and truth | Dreadful Explosion of a Watch-House eternal.” - News, Leading Article, -A Spy in want of Business-Another Sunday, October 31, 1819.

French Assassin-Plan for quenching V.

Vesuvius-Employment for the Fair In 1 vol. 8vo. price 6s. 6d. in boards ; Sex-Means for the two Halves of the

or. in Twelve Sixpenny Parts, World becoming acquainted wit'each THE CHRONICLE of the KINGS other's affairs--Expected Establishof ENGLAND, from William the ment of the Princess of Cumberland's Norman to the Death of George III. Household - Method of procuring written after the Manner of The Pleasant Dreains-Review of a very Jewish Historians : with Notes Ex-ancient Manuscript Poem, with copious planatory and Illustrative.

Notes, found in the ruins of Pompeii, This Work contains a brief notice unrolled with great difficulty, which of every important fact in the History puts all disputes for ever at rest relaof the English Monarchs, from the tive to the origin of Languages--Some Invasion of William the Norman to Secrets worth knowing-The Profits the Death of George the Third; their of a Pound-Wit of several sortsreligious and political crimes, their Green Vinegar-Art of Dog-Finding follies, vices, amours, and domestic -Unique Bijoury-Rare Books, &c. adventures, are all accurately re- ' &c. &c. corded. The whole exhibits a faith- The Publisher having sold every Copy ful picture of the indescribable bles- of Nos. I. and Il. has at a very great sings of monarchical government: expense reprinted them, and they and a correct narrative of the wisdom, may now be had, price 6d. each. virtue, and goodness of English In No. 1. the readers will be sure to KINGS.

find both pleasure and profit: for those

that have too much money may learn This Day is published, price 6d. No. how to get rid of it; and those that

III. (published annually) of the have too little, the way to get more. QUIZZICAL GAZETTE EX-Such as are simple may be informed TRAORDIANARY, and Wonderful where to get wit. Ladies who want Advertiser.

charms are directed how to obtain This Paper beng now fully establish- them; those that are brown how to be. ed (if public approbation and a most come fair; and those that are black


to be made white. Gentlemen en- | The Doctor,-Lord

- Old broiled in law may find the best way to Bags, and the great Captain ; with the get out of it; and those that are in Farmer and the Rats, a Tale,--and A debt how to avoid the Bailiffs. Those Monody on a Little Princess. who want to purchase land will find where to buy water; and the purcha

Price ls. sers of Lottery Tickets where to get ROYAL RUMPING !! or, the Blanks. All who are in health may | Courtly Insult to an Illustrious Per- . learn how they may be made ill ; and sonage. With a Rumping Cut, by Mr those that are ill, where to get cured George Cruikshank, or killed. Those that squint may be taught io look straight; and those

XI. without noses, where the defect may

Price is. be supplied. . In fine, Ladies and Gen

JOHN BULL'S CONSTITUTI. tlemen tired of this world are informed | ONAL A APPLE-PIE. The Third how they may easily and genteely get Edition, with Additions ; with Thirout of it. The Speculators in the Lon-| teen Cuts, by Mr. George Cruikshank. don Markets will find Prices Current.

XII. The lovers of Nonsense will be highly

Price ls. gratified ; and the lovers of Lies will

THE LOST MUTTON FOUND !! find nothing else, in the QUIZZICAL

Or, the R -L Fly-by-Night; a GAZETTE: the whole composition being Parodies of the Puffs, Advertise- |

Poem ; being a Despatch Extraor

r Castle. ments, Lies, and Nonsense, that too | dinary from

W generally find their way into the Daily

XIII. Papers.

Price ls. llustrated with Caricatuer No. II. contains-A Despatch from

Engravings, the Expedition sent to explore the A POLITICAL LECTURE on Hollow World-Process of making HEADS, alias Blockheads !!! A Sugar from Rags-Full Account of Characterestic Poem : containing the the New Tragedy with Remarks, and Heads of Derry Down Triangle The Dr. Bugsby's Prologue-Milk and State Jackall—The Quack DoctorWater Scheme-Fire without Smoke Liverpool Jack-Chancery Jack-The - More than a guess at Junius-Ever-Croaking Frog—The Admiralty Dunlasting Security-Inyisible Things – der-Ass-The Solder of Waterloo Simple Way to get Bit-How to be The Chere-Amie Marchioness_The Every-where-Dancing taught by Grand Lama of the Kremlin. Drawn shocking Means-Expected Arrival of from Craniological Inspection, after the Great Sea-Serpent from Lake On- the manner of Doctors Gall and Spurz. tario–Lord Byron out of the Helles-heim, of Vienna. By Don Juan Aspont—More Juggling

modeus. And very many other Extraordi

“ I prophesy on each man's skull,

| The heavy, thick, the dark, or dull: . nary Things. VII.

| O'er politicks supreme I reign, Price Is.

Explore the labyrinths ofthe brain :--A GROAN FROM THE THRONE. I To show how little, great men are, With a Cut, by Mr. George Cruik.

Is Asmodeus' constant care." shank.


With Cuts, price Is.
Price ls.


ITAILS, containing Great Bum-Fiddle,

Legal Tails, Rats' Tails, &c. &c. and With a Cut, by Mr. George Cruikshank.

Songs sung in the Lecture.

6. Thereby hangs a Tale.”-HAMLET. Price ls.

1. XV... PETER PINDAR'S GHOST !!! This day is published, price One ShilOr, Poetic Epistles from the Other| ling, illustrated by Thirteen EnWorld, addressed to S Y,-King gravings, the Sixth Edition of Hum --The Q-1,-A certain Archi-l 'THE QUEEN that JACK FOUND. bishop, - Derry Down Triangle, Written in the style of “ The House

that Jack built." and dedicated to Mr. / !

. XVI.

.111 Alderman Wood.

in Price 2s. 6d. laidos u 16 Disloyal ? No: MEMOIRS of the Late Mrs, She's punished for her truth: and un- KING, ( otherwise the Diamond dergoes assaults

IQ- !!!) With Interesting and More goddess-like than wife-like.” Authentic Biographical Anecdotes ;

CymbeLINE. containing some curious and instructive

Notices of Political and Family Trans... Description of the Cuts... il. Vignette, representing Britannia / actions, hitherto not generally known.

By H. W. Fitz-George. and Wisdom shielding Innocence.-2.

L'Among the distinguished Political, The Queen thạt Jack found.3. The

Military, and Naval Characters, menlaughable Figure that wears a C-n.

tioned in this Work, will be found the 4. Om-t-ta, the Hanoverian Rascal,

following :-Mr. King (a gentleman searching for Scandal.-5. The brave Tar who horsewhipped the Spy.-6.

upwards of eighty). Mrs. King (the The Bishop and the Liturgy.-7. The

late Q-n), Mrs. Süllenberg, Mr.

George King, jun. R-), Mrs. Her Horse-Leech, with, his Green Bag of |

Jbert (Pitz), Mrs. Caroline King (Prus Lies.-8. The Patriot Wood.-9. The

lofW-s), Miss Charlotte King (daughCourtier, the Cat's Paw of State.10. The Fellows, a part of the Crew,

ter of the R-t), Mr. Frederick King,

Mr. William Henry King, Mrs. Pickle accompanied by Old-Niek, the Cabinet |

(a late Actress), Miss Augusta King, Maker.-11. The Gentlemen at Boo

Miss Betsy King, Mr. Edward King, tle's.-12. The Methodist, with his

Mr. Ernest King, Mr. Deputy King, Tale of a Tub.-13. The Queen's Subjects, the true Friends to the Throne.

(a Secretary). · Mrs. Villiers (late

Countess of J—sey), Prussian Dra-

goon (late Frederick K-gof Prussia),

Major Ursa (Emp-r of Russia), Lord Illustrated with cuts, drawn by Mr. Derry-down, &c. &c. . les !! 1 George Cruikshank, price ls.

. XVIII. ' DOLL TEAR-SHEET, alias Thel In Demy 8vo. (76 pages) price 2s. the Countess " Je ne me rappelle pass ;

Second Edition of the A match for “ Non mi Ricordo. WAT TYLER ; a Dramatic Poem, “ 1 have belied a lady, ;

by Robert Southey, Esq. Poet-LauThe Princess of this country, and the

reate; with a Copious and Authentic

History of the Insurrection in Kent, air on't

Essex, and the neighbouring CounRevengingly enfeebles me.”

ties, headed by Wat Tyler, Jack CYMBELINE.

Straw, and others, in 1381; compiled! Characters connected with the piece: from various old and scarce works. : Lud Chanticleer-Lud Cleverfool- To which are annexed Extracts - from Mr. Brush-Mr. Nedman-Mr. Billies several of Mr. Southey's Works ; with

-The Turnkey-General-The Salt- elucidatory Notes, and Remarks on sellor-General Lud Dapple – The the apostacy of the Poet-Laureate: Bishop of Slaymore-Lud Fiddledale

. XIX. ;. -Lud Worth wit - Lud Hareskin-Price 6d, neatly printed, sewed, and Lud Foxmouth-Marquizz Dandy- cut to the size of a Pack of Cards, Marquizz of Harefoot-Earl of Win- with an appropriate Coloured Fronsomething - Lud Spatterdash — Lud tispiece, Cambric - Lud Dun-him-more - Lud. HÖYLE'S GAMES, in Miniature; Tingimbob-Duck of Tumbleton-Sir Containing Rules and Directions for Billy Geld-him-Colonel Blue-Ghost Whist, Put, Cribbage, Loo, Specuof Backgammon - Baron Torpedo —lations, Connexions, Matrimony, Casa The Jew Harper-Mr. Apple-shaven sino, Vingtun, All-Fours. By Bob -Mrs. Quizze-Mrs. Old-boy--Re- / Short, Jun. porters, Printers' Devils, Pressmen, Published by John Fairburn, Broad&c. &c.


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Printed by C. OLEMENT, and Published by John M.CoBBETT, 1, Clement's Inn

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Vol. 39.-No. 3.) LONDON, SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1821. [Price 6d. .

Published every Saturday Morning, at Sir' o'Clock.

" This Bill (Mr. Peel's) was grounded on concurrent Reports of both " Houses; it was passed by unanimous votes of both Houses; it was, at the “ dose of the Session, a subject of high eulogium in the Speaker's Speech to “the Regent, and in the Regent's Speech to the two Houses: now, then, I, * " William Cobbett, assert, that, to carry this Bill into effect is impossible ; and “ I say, that, if this Bill he carried into full effect, I will give Castlereagh “ leave to lay me on a Gridiron and broil me alive, while Sidmouth may stir “ the coals, and Canning stand by and laugh at my groans.—Taken from Cobbett's Register, written at North Hampstead, Long Island, on the 24th of September, 1819, and published in England in November, 1819.


| and to pay in Gold. Great is MR. PEEL.

my peril. For, if I should not On the approaching

be literally broiled alive, I shall

have to endure something a great Golden Age.

deal worse ; for I stand pledged Kensington, April 19, 1821.

10 VAN to take off my hat and SIR, . .

make a bow, as low as CatholicI see that the resolution is taken

priest at the altar, every time to broil me if possible. I see VAN is named in my presence, that Van and his brother conju

for the rest of my life, if the rors of Threadneedle-street are

Bank pay in gold, and if he, or resolved to falsify my predictions,

any other Commissidner of Scotch

Printed by C. CLEMENT, and published by John M. COBBETT, 1, Clement's Inn.

[Price Sixpence Halfpenny in the Country.?

Herrings, pay the interest of the This is what I have said. I Debt in full, at the same time have always said, that we could that the Bank pays in gold. And, have gold again with a reduction rather than show any mark of re- (a very great one) of the interest spect to Van, I would be broiling of the Fund-lords. But, that in pepper and salt, and endure without such reduction, we could devilling, like the gizzard of a not have gold again; that is to turkey, for a month.. say, that we could not, at our

Van's bill for enabling the pleasure, go to the Bank and deBank to pay in cash in May has, mand gold in exchange for bankI hear, alarmed some of my Dis- notes, and that, too, for notes of ciples. They begin, I am told, all amounts. This is what I have to fear, that, after all, I shall said ; and, if there be any one who prove to have been in error, as to now doubts of the truth of my the main point ; that of cash-pay- sayings, he cannot be my Disciments. They see that I was right ple; and he shall have no place at as to the effects of your bill; they the feast of the Gridiron ; which, now hear fifty members of par- I think, we shall hold in grand liament ascribe the general ruin style, before this day twelve of trade and husbandry to that months. bill; they see all my predictions Van's present bill is very much as to the effects of the paper- misunderstood. Some people remoney verified; but, they fear, gard it as a bill to compel the that I have been wrong as to the Bank to pay its one-pound notes fact of cash-payments. Now, let in cash, and, of course, to take it be borne in mind by them, that all the notes of that amount out I have never said, that the Bank of circulation as fast as they are could not pay its debts in cash. I brought in. It is no such a thing. have, always, on the contrary, It is merely to peronit the Bank said it could. But, this I have to pay in gold, if it please, in the said, and to this I stand, that it month of May. It is stated, incan never pay the interest of the deed, in the way of speech, that Government debt in cash. Or, in this measure will take the oneother words, that the Bank can-pound noles out of circulation, not, pay in cash on demand, and, and thereby give a check to forat the same time, pay the interest | of the government debt, unless gery. But, this is not to be that interest be reduced.

enacted. And VAN says, ex

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