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my hand, than 1 long to be at| COBBETT'S PUBLICATIONS. another. My next is a Letter 10

| The Last Volume of the Registhe “ Great Young Statesman”

ter (Vol. 38) is now complete, bound Mr. Peel, whose prompter in boards, price Seven ShillingS. (thanks to a correspondent) I It begins with the New Year's gift to found in a dunderheaded Doctor found in dunderbended Doctor the furmers. It contains the Sermon of the Universäty of Oxford A to the Good Methodists ; the first three of the Universty T agora. A Letters to dir. Peel ; and several other very suitable source of a measure papers, wbich may be useful at this that has thrown the system into time, when the system is in its agony. hystericks! Aye, aye; let her

The Volume has a Table of Contents

and an Index.-COLBETT's MONTHLY fall by the hands of her former

RELIGIOUS Tracts. The two first supporters.— I have just this mo Numbers are out. The first, “ Nament (Thursday) read, that the both's Vineyard; or, God's venBoard of Agriculture is to be abo

geance against hypocrisy and cru

elly.The second, The Sin of lished. It was high time! This “ Drunkenness in Kings, Priests and thing, which was established by “ People." Each of these Numbers Pitt, amidst his wanton waste,

has gone through several large edi

tions, and the work makes the “ Tract has cost the nation, in real money,“ Societytremble for the fate of its more than a hundred thousand veritable trash. Cant and rant canpounds. Sir JOHN SINCLAIR, not make head against plain common who was the hatcher of it, was a

sense. The price of the “ Religious

“ Tract” is three pence. Many perdriveller in agriculture as well as

sons have expressed a wish that the politics. But, this thing has been Tract came out more frequently; but, very mischievous to the nation. I at present, this would not be conve

nient to the author. He must have Its present . Secretary, Webb

time for other things. While he neHALL, who appears to be as bra- glects not the 6 mint and cummin,” he zen and as ignorant a man as ever must attend to the “ weightier matters existed, has been the organizer

" of the law." While he fails not to

write his Monthly Tracts, he must not and arscipliner or the brand forget his Weekly Duty towards the Agricultural body of Dele-System, especially now that Corrupgaies," now sitting in London. tion herself is at her wit's end. The

Six Acts make an exception in favour It was high time to stifle a pest

of " Religious Publications; and, the like this. I thank the Ministers author thought it hard, if he could not for doing it; and I am, besides, get his nose, at any rate, into the pripleased with the thing, as a sign/vileged class.- COBBETT's Gram

MAR, a new and neat edition, price that they mean to push the

25, 6d., bound in boards. It was in66 Lords of the Soil” to extremity, tended for the use of young persons in in which, mind you my friends, general, and especially for the use of they must have all the support soldi

soldiers, sailors, apprentices and

plough boys ; but, the author has disthat we can give them! Never

covered, (in rather an odd manner) mind, who they are, or what they that it is in great vogue amongst have done to us. I would support

" statesmen ;” and, God knows, it

was not before it was wanted by them! . even Sidmouth in an enterprize

- COBBETT's Year's ResideNCE like this. Let us have gold, and

IN America, a thick volume in Ocwe will soon have Reform. . tavo. 10s. bound in boards. Very

useful for those who want to know what America really is. A New Edition of PAPER AGAINST Gold, that complete history and

exposure of the mystery, of thel It would, however, have been ready Bank, the Funds and the Paper-Sys- for the press before this time, had it ters. Price five shillings, bound in not been for the last-mentioned work, boards.- In THE PRESS, the Pre-which he had promised to so many liminary Part of Paper against kind friends. All that he can say, is. Gold, containing the articles written that he thinks to have the French by the author on the subject of the Grammar out during the summer. Sponge, betore the date of Paper But, let it be borne in mind that against Gold. In these articles, the the main business of his life 'piping off of the whole of the Debt is is to watch the motions of Corruption. maintained to be joest, if necessary to He has been dogging her steps for the happiness ofthenation; and, though many years. She has, now-and-then, the Landlords seem not to dare to at- turned upon him and given him a bite tempt it, that does not alter the nature but, now that he sees the bloody monof the thing. The author is satisfied, ster hemmed up in a corner, looking that it must be done at last, though about her in vain for an out-let the “ Lords of the Soil ” will, pro- whereby to escape; when he sees her bably, lose the soil first. Also sides heave and her jaws filled with IN THE Press, a thing that is a great foam, he cannot quit her for iong at a favourite with the author: “ The time. Expire she must ; but, she * AMERICAN Gardener; or, a trea- must not expire without a. last blow 6 tise on the situation, soil, fencing from him. “ and laying-out of Gardens; on the -66 making and managing of hot-beds TITHE-FREE FARM. " and green-houses ; and on the Pro- TO LET, A SMALL COMPACT

"• pagation and Cultivation of the se- FARM, in the Vale of Berkshire. .6 yeral sorts of Table-Vegetables, l in the Parish of Letcomb, in the

“ Herbs. Fruits and Flowers.” The neighbourhood of WANTAGE, consistauthor promised this work to his good ling of a Neat Dwelling House and and kind neighbours in America. It Garden, Barn, Stable, and other comwas principally written in that coun-modius out-buildings, all in good retry; and would have been finished

ed pair; some small paddocks of rich there, had it wot been for Pcel's Bill, Meadow, and Twenty Eight acres of to witness the effects of which made excellent Arable Land, and about him hasten away home. Thanks to

Forty acres of enclosed Down Land, Mr. Peel, the author set off for which last is within a mile of the dear Old England in November; for,

November ; lor, | Farm-House. . The Down Land has a if it had not been for that Bili. I well of good water. The Arable Land the author would have remained 'till lis now in hand, and has seven acres, spring, and then he would have lost sown with wheat. The House and the inexpressible pleasure of seeing lother buildings, and the Down Land Her Majesty arrive! Peel's

Billare held by the present tenant till next

Bill brought him away with his work in an Michaelmas. The farm lies about a unfinished state. It is now finished; I mile and a half from Coal, by Waterand, though it be the “ American Carriage. The poor-rates are very 66 Gardener," he thinks it contains low. For further particulars apply in matter more than worth the purchase person, (or by letter, postage paid, money to an English reader, who takes to Mr. WILLIAM CROWDY, at Highdelight in gardening; and, besides the

WORTH. Horticultural inforination, the book contains the best possible account of the climate, and of things connected

STATIONERY, of the best

I ATIONERI, or thi with the climate, of the country, for quality, to be sold, at the followthe use of which it is written. - In ing low prices :--Excellent copy 70. answer to enquiries about the FRENCH the quire, or Ils, the ream; good laid GRAMMAR, the author begs the public post ed., superfine thick 9d. and Is. to consider a little what have been his the quire, or 12s., 13s.6d., and 17s.6d. labours since his return to England! the ream; superfine Bath 9d. ditto, This is a work, which he cannot suffer | hot-pressed, 10d. and Is. the quire, or to go out of his hands with a single 13s. 61., 15s., and 17s. 6d. the ream; doubt in his mind as to any part of it. very best thick Bath gilt, Is. Id. the

quire, or 20s, the ream; best octavo1 Printed for' WILLIAM Hone, 45. note gilt, 7d. the quire, or lls. the Ludgate-hill, and sold by all Bookream ; ditto, plain, 6d. the quire, or sellers in town and country. Orders, 95. the ream; 16mo, note, 3d. and gilt with reinittances, punctually executed. 4d, the quire; thick foolscap ls. the Just published, by the same Author, guire, superfine ls, 2d, and Is. 40. a with Two Cuts, * Crowning” and ' quire, or 21s. and 26s. the ream; su- Crushing," price Is. perfine large bank post Is. the quire, or 18s, the ream; also, a large quan-1.

| THE RIGHT DIVINE OF tity of the very best thick lined brief | KINGS TO GOVERN WRONG. ]s. 4d. the quire, or 26s. the ream ;I!

: Dedicated to the Holy Allia'ce. Fifth strong brown 8d. Jod. and Is. 6d., smali Edition. hand 4d. the quire; at H. and W. Now publishing, in weekly Numbers, SMITH'S, 192, Strand, opposite St.

price 3d. each, Clement's Church.— Account Books made to order, of any size or pattern, NTIRABAUD'S SYSTEM of equally low in price.

Just published, price Is. 60.

This will be the cheapest edition of MTHE SPIRIT OF DESPOT-) that highly valuable Work ever pubb

lished. The First and Second Vol. I ISM. : Printed for William Hone, Ludgate

..may be had in boards, price 7s, each.

The Third Vol. will be published as hill.

quick as possible. It is requested all ** This rare and extraordinary book

OOK | Subscribers will complete their sets, was privately pripted in 1795, without

| as few of the early numbers remain in the name of either printer or booksel.

hand. ler, and so effectually SUPPRESSED,

| Printed and published by R. Helder, that there are only two copies of it

No, 10, Duke-street, Smithfield. besides my own in existence. Its real value consists in its exhibiting an entire and luminous view of the causes

TEMOIRS of HENRY and consequences of despotic power.

IVI HUNT, Ésq. written by hinIts enthusiastic and glowing love of self, in liis Majesty's Jail at Ilchester. liberty is unexcelled by any work writ

now publishing in monthly numbers, ten since; and for clearnéss, richness. I one shilling eacla, by T. Dolby, 299. and beauty of style, it is superior to Strand, and 34, Wardour-street. every production of the press within Mr. Hunt's Memoirs contain a plain, the same period. All that the author unvarnished History of the events of touches, he turns into gold. I regret his own life, which has been a life of . to say that most probably I shall never extraordinary activity, and are interbe at liberty to disclose his name. spersed with originalAnecdotes of many Naturally desirous that such a work hundred characters with whom he has should be perused by all England, I been in contact. The plain and unrehave published it; and (although con- served manner in which he has entered. taining as much in quantity as a volume upon a recital of the circumstances of of Gibbon's History of Rome) it is his domestic history, has powerfully · printed verbatim for Eighteen-pence. excited public curiosity. The History

WILLIAM Hone. l of his Political Career is expected to The French, instantly perceiv-throw much light upon the intrigues ing the merit and high importance of and movements of Political Parties, the SPIRIT OF DESPOTISM at this as well as upon the principal Political crisis, have translated it into their Characters who have figured before language, and it is now read through-the Public for many years pašt. out France with the createst viditv.

VOL. I. is now complete in boards, In a few days will be published, (with 10s. 6d.; and No. 13 is just published. 20 Cuts), price is.

** No. 14, to be Published April T ONE'S POLITICAL 14th instant, will contain a full account II SHOWMAN — AT HOME !Iof a most important and interesting By the Author of the POLITICAL event in the Author's Domestic His. HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. tory.

Books, &c. Printed and Published by Despotism, or a bloody Revolution,

T: DOLBY, 299, Strand, and 34, Dedicated, by permission, to Sir T. B. Wardour Street.

Beevor, Bart. By Arnall Thomas I.

Fayerman, M. D. Founder and late DEDICATED TO LORD CASTLE- President of the “ Brunswick Knights REAGH,

of Norwich." On Wednesday next, Ilth inst. will be This Pamphlet fully explains all the

Published, No. 1, Price 6d. to be mysteries of Ulira-Loyalism; the ori.. completed in four numbers, uniform gin, construction, and conduct of a diswith Mr. Cobbelt's Grammar, Price tinguished Association, its correspond

Two Shillings in Boards, A . ence with the Home Office, &c. DOLITICAL DICTION

I ARY; or, POCKET. COMPA This day is published, price Is. NION: chiefly designed for the use of A PEEP into ILCHESTER Members of Parliament, Whigs, To-GAOL, in the county of Somerries, Loyalists, Magistrates, Clergy- set, containing Facts and Illustrations men, Hall-pay Officers, Worshipful of the Barbarities, the Oppressions, Aldermen and Reviewers: being an the Extortions, and the Indecencies, illustration -and commentary on all carried on in that sink of iniquity; Words, Phrases, and proper Names with an ENGRAVING of the different in the Vocabulary of Corruption ; modes of Torture practised therein. agreeably to the approved readings of To which are added, the Petitions of the most celebrate i Divines, Dignita- Hillier and Hill (two unfortunate men ries of the Church, Sinecurists, Place-confined in that Gaol) to the House of men, Lawyers, Heads of Colleges, and Commons; and a Letter from Henry other Learned Persons. By the Editor Hunt, Esq. to Thomas Fowell Buxton, of the -- Black Book.”

Esq. M. P. Dedicated, without per6. The rising generation wants a New mission; to

mission, to William Harning, Esq. · Dictionary, damyably.”

| High Sheriff, and the Magistrates of

John Bull. I the county of Somerset. So it does, for without such help

"Tellit not in Gath-proclaim it not how can people comprehend the delu

in the streets of Askalon." sive jargon of Hireling Writers, Time

OLD TESTAMENT. serving Priests, Mock Representatives,

IV. and Corrupt Lawyers. The Grammar

A NEW CARICATURE. of Mr. COBBÉTT is an excellent ma

Price One Shilling. nual, but it wants a Political Dicti

CLARENCE'S DREAM; or onary for a companion. This deside- BILLY BINNACLE receiving an ratum, it is hoped, the present per- unwelcome Visitor from the other formance will supply, and every word world. and phrase in the vocabulary of Corruption be so fully explained, that NEW PUBLICATIONS, neither man, woman, child, nor even By John FAIRBURN, Broadway, Ludan insane person can be hereafter mis

gate-hill. led by Social Order, Blasphemy, Im

I. morality, Sedition, and other bug- Just published, in 3 vols. 8vo. containbears devised by Boroughmongers and ing 1250 pages, closely printed, with Sinecurists, to alarm the ignorant and Notes and Comments, and illustrated timid part of the community.

with Plans as drawn by the Wit

nesses in the House of Lords; also Price One Shilling,

containing fine engraved Portraits of THE TORY FACTION her Majesty, Alderman Wood, M.P. UNMASKED; or, the whole Art Henry Brougham, M. P. and Baron and Mystery of Organizing Ultra

Bergdini, price 24s. boards, or in Loyal Associations, with strictures on

46 Sixpenny Numbers, the present aspect of public affairs, THE TRIAL of HER MA. showing that a fair and undisguised 1 JESTY Caroline Amelia Elizaunion of the Whigs with the Radicals beth, QUEEN of ENGLAND, for an is the only-measure ihat can save the alleged " adulterous intercourse" with country from the effects of military Bartolomeo Bergami.


• Here is a man who wishes to get | 18. The Modern Belshazzar's Feast. rid of his Wife! He talks of the ho- 19. A Peep at a Peer! or, the Guilnour and safety of the country, yet its ford High-mettled Racer.-20. Queen dearest interests, its peace, its morals, Caroline ; Britain's best Hope, Eng. and its happiness, are to be sacrificed land's Sheet-Anchor.-21. The Phanto gratify his desires.”—Speech of Mr. tom; or, Prosecutor of the Queen,Brougham, August 17th.

22. A Total Eclipse; or, the Moon *** Be careful to order Fairburn's 1 (Caroline) passing the Sun's disk !! edition, in 3 vols.,

23. Richard Cour de Diable!!-24. II.

John Bull, the Judge; or, the Conspi" THE BOOK."

rators at the Bar !--25. The RJust published, illustrated with Engray. Hen, and the Dunghill Cock.-26.

ings, the 4th edit, of this important Proroguing Parl- t; or, the Deand highly interesting Work, form- vil in the Speaker's Chair. -27. Boa. ing a thick Svo. volume, price 7s. in dicea, Queen of Britain, overthrowing boards, or in parts Sd, each, being her Enemies.-28. The False Pro.

A DELICATE INVESTIGATION, I phets; or, Seven Wise Men of the or Inquiry into the Conduct of her East, prophesying before Gog and Royal Highness the PRINCESS of Magog of a Row in the City.--29. The WALES (now Queen of England), Q- n and the Dragon ; à Model for before Lords Erskine, Spencer, Gren- / a New Sovereign for 1821. - 30. A ville, and Ellenborough, the four spe- Snug Meeting to get up an Ultracial Commissioners of Inquiry appoint-Loyal Address ; or, Tag, Ray, and ed by his Majesty in the year 1806. Bob-tail.-31. Fishing for Popularity!! Reprinted, 1820, from an authentic or, Catching Gudgeons at Brighton.Copy superintended through the Press 32. The Patent Holdfast within Rules: by the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. or, a Dandy Sheriff refusing to convene III.

a County Meeting.-33. Ministers 'on NEW CARICATURES, their Marrow Bones; or, Things as Price One Shilling each, coloured. they ought to be. Vide the Speech,

1. Coronation Arrangements awk. Jan. 23. 1821.-34. Rumping an Illuswardly interrupted; or, Injured Inno- trious Personage!! or, a Courtly Specence demanding her Rights.-2. Fe- cimen of Good Manners. — 35. The male Irtrepidity; or, the Infainous Knave and the Queen; or, Twelfth Proposal rejected.-3. Harry the 8th's Night, 1821.-36. The Ghost of Chris. Address to his Parliament, on the sub- tophe, ex-King of Hayti, appearing to ject of being Divorced.-4. All a Bot- the Un-Holy Alliance.-37. Passing tle of Smoke!! or, John Bull and the the Po; or, the Downfall of the UnSecret Committee.-5. John Bull pep- Holy Alliance. — 38. John Bull and pering the It» lian Rascals; or, a Kick the Boot !! or, Cobbett's Map of the from Harwich to Holland. - 6. The Seat of War in Italy.-39. Peter Sham R- Bruiser; or, Bloomy floor'd!! Peter Shampood; or, the consequence -7. Plundering the Queen's Plate ; or, of Kissing and Telling. another Green Bag.-8. Caroline's I en A variety of other New ones. Wood-en Broom, to sweep the filthy Committee-Room.-9. Thé Cauldron; In 1 Volume, 8vo. price 10s. 6d. ; or or, Shakspeare Travestie--1820.–10.

20 Sixpennv Parts, The Rats at Work : or, how to get out THE BLACK BOOK; Or, Cor. of the Bag. Qui capit ille fecit.-11. ruption Unmasked !!! Signor My Joke 0! or, the Bottle This popular and interesting Work Conjuror.–12, The Demi-rep Count: contains an accurate account of all ess! or, Je ne me rappelle pas.-13. Places, Pensions, Grants, Sinecures, The Black Joke; or, the Amorous and Emoluments, accompanied with Chambermaid on board the Polacre.- Remarks on the Character and Con14. The Turner-General chastised; or, nexions of the Individuals ; the Police the Schoolboy and his Master.—15. Establishment of the Metropolis ; ExR- Gambols; or, the Old Oak in penditure of the Civil List; Robbery Danger.-16. The Old Arms newly em- of Charitable Foundations ; Applicablazoned, and adapted to the Year tion of the Droits of Admiralty, and 1820.-17. The R- Cascade ; or, Droits of the Crown; Expense of the Pumping Ship on Board the Yacht. Administration of Justice ; Influence

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