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be chargeable to the parish; that fragrancy and begging are diswish is, in itself, laudable, but, Igraceful, are degrading to the the wisdom of it must depend character, of man; and because upon circumstances; and, even the English nation would not sufthe justice of it is rather more fer this degradation in the perthan doubtful, when accompa- sons of Englishmen. Justice, nied with a wish to abstain from wisdom, humanity and high-spirit parislı relief at the expense of in- never united to devise any thing dividuals, who are thus to bear more honourable to man than the whole of the burden that these laws, which say, in subought to fall upon the nation instance, no unollending person general. There is a decay in shall suffer want or degradation your trade; there is a falling off in this land. in your wages; misfortune has But, the misery occasioned by pressed heavily upon you. Well; taxation has, in a great measure, you are part of us; you are part rendered the laws against vaof the great family of the nation ; grancy and begging nugatory. and we must all come to your Those, whose duty it is to enforce aid. And, how is this to be these laws, are also those, in gedone? Why, by the parish rates, neral, who have to pay the rateswhich, as true as the sun, will in the first instance; and, theredivide the burden amongst us. fore, in order to ease themselves For, who, at last, pars the far- on this score, they permit vamer's rates? Who, but the con- grancy and begging all over the sumers of his crops? Those who country; and you cannot now go to shops pay the shop-keepers pass a day at a farm house with-rates. And there tle thing goes. out seeing it visited by strolling The rate is collected on the land, beggars. Thus does this taxing because that is always visible and system regularly work to the of ascertained value; but, in the ruin of the very character of the 'end, the rates fall upon the whole people. And, is a change to coinmunity; every one paying in come without our meddling with proportion to his consumption. Tpolitics? Are we to wait “ till

This, then, is the source to " a righteous God may see fit” which you are to apply in case of to relieve us, when we well know, , need, anid not to the purses of that that God has given us reason individuals. There are laws, and for our guide and limbs for our severe laws too, against ragrancy help? What presumption to and begging, and the laws are suppose, that we are to be resjust. But, upon what ground cued by a miracle from miseries, are they just? Why is it just to into which, as a nation, we have forbid the indigent and helpless plunged ourselves! The marr to appeal publicly to the charity who can hold such opinions must of those who are able to assist be amougst the most silly, or them? Because the law has maile most hypocritical, of his species. provision for all of us ; because the The causes have been of our land itself is charged with the own creating; that is to say, of duty of relieving them ; because those who have passed the Acts

of parliament for the imposing of | Thus, then, if there be not a taxes and for changing, backward total change of the system : in and forward, the value of money. short, if this Debt be not, by By these Acts the nation has been some means or other, put an end first puffed up by a fa se prospe- to, it is impossible for the nation rily, and has now been hurled to revive. Prosperity cannot down into an unnatural state of exist in a nation, wliere the drones misery, relief from which is more latten and the bees starve. Your difficult than any thing that ever poor devils of masters, who also before presenied itself to the hu- are at their wit's end, and who man mind, and relief f.om which, are now justly punished for the without a terrible shrck, is as im- support which the greater part possible as it is for us to arrest of them have given to the system, the seasons of the year.

are mere moths and butterflies in Not only must things go back; the creation of Paper-Money. not only must the “ Lord of the They may give you their whole " Soil," as, in the case of the fortunes without arresting your above-supposed village, lose his iniseries for six months. Their estate; but, without wise measures, stock in trade is daily falling in and great and bold measures too, value. They are daily poorer the oss of the Lord's estate will and poorer without hardly knowby no means be the end of the ing how or why. In short they consequences of the false-money share in the distress to be endured system ; for, observe, the Debt by all, the tax-eaters excepled. to the Fund-lords will remain as Prosperity ! Are we waiting great after they have the lands as for this ? Come to London, it is now! Twice as much is due this wen - headed' metropolis. to them as the land would sell for! Here, at this very moment, there Where did they get the money to are not less perhaps than ten lend? They lent no money! This thousand new houses building !! matter I have to settle with The foundation of 500 is laid at Messrs. Baring, Ricardo, Grenfell, Islington alone! What! Is not the Carrington Smiths, the Ma- this prosperity! Can the nation, berleys, and others. But, for to which this metropolis belongs, the present, it is enough to know, bein distress and decay! Oh, yes! that the Fund-!ords demand twice It can, and it is; and these very as much as the net rental of all buildings are a proof of it. These the land, all the houses, mines and buildings are for the drones. canals! Of course, the land alone They are for those to live in who will not pay them; and, indeed, consume the earrings of the bees. they will have that out of their | Mr. ALEXANDER BARING is, mere gains in the way of interest they say in tie news-papers, and of rise in the value of money. about to build a mansion in PicThen the lands will still conti- adilly, to surpass those of any of nue, though in new hands, to be be nobles. He has bought the chargerl with the interest of the house and land there, which beDebt; but, the labour will also con-longs to Lady Bath. I hope he tinue charged with that interest. will call it Scrip-Cas!le. In the

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country he has the estate, park (ruining your poor wretches of and mansion that was Lord Nor- masters; you can abstain from thington's, while his brother has giving countenance to the enemies close by, one that was the Duke of us all. Yon can, in short, go to of Bedford's. This is the way the parish, where you have law the thing works. These are the on your side, and let things work fruits of the Paper-System. its wag.

London and its surrounding Pray, look at the thing. See villages consumes more than hali what a turmoil, it is in. See what the food raised in England; I a war of opinions and principles. mean the food fit for human Babel never witnessed greater beings. Is it trade and commerce confusion. Does not all this clearly that bring these eaters together portend a sumething, which, perto consume? No: for go to the haps, it would not be perfectly docks, and you will find that safe to describe, even in the way commerce is half gone. The of warning? Must not something eaters come to eat taxes, without arise out of all this warfare of all producing any thing. It is the the elements of confusion and dedrones that assemble here to live struction ? Believe not, my friends, upon the honey collected by the that the drain upon your labour bees. You, my friends, are a can by any human means be renpart of those bees; and, therefore, dered perpetual. Believe not, I pray you to cast aside the that it can by any power on earth councils of cant and folly, and be made to continue for many look steadily at the real causes of years. The nation, mighty as it your distress and decline. | is, has been bound down little by

As to the removal of those little, by the hands of false money causes, nothing can effect it but a makers; but, it must and will Keform of the House of Commons; burst the ties. nothing can effect it but men, Even at this moment the supwho will not vote immense sumsporters, of the system trumble. annually to French emigrants and They have a fearful looking-forfor Secret Services; men who will ward. All their measures faulter. not support Barracks and Stand- They would fain: make believe ing Armies; men who dare to that they are stout; but, while face the “ monster of consume- their voice is big, their hearts tion.I am aware, that you will sink within them. We are io have say, what are we to do to get that gold, they say, instead of oneReform ? And my answer is, that; pound notes, in May. God be at present, you can do nothing. praised ! Let but that come, and The Landlords have taken care stick by us, and all will soon be to bind you fast. You can hardly 7::ght. I am told, that two of the move, or open your lips, in favour Bayk Directors have resigned reof that ONLY measure that can cently, and I am also told, which, do us any real good. But, you indeed, I can readily believe, that can abstain from adopting error; this a very extraordinary thing! you can abstain from calling upon This is a good symptom. It indithose Landlords to assist you in cates a good deal. Therefore, wait, not " till Providence send saving banks, no societies, no 66 you food," for Providence common stock; for, all these works not partially ; bụt, go to the must, at last, rest upon the Paparish for relief; go where the per System, than which a cobweb' iaw bids you go; make the best is not more fragile. As soon as bargain vou can with your mas-gold gets about, try to get a bit. ters; and wait for the famous of it; and, if you succeed, keep CASTLEREAGA's “ General work- it as the upple of your eye. We ing of events.

must all have stockings still, of In the meanwhile, and during some price or other, and you will this waiting, abstain, if possible, get something. A bit of silver, from every exciseable commodity though only a sixpence, will be of except salt : tha . you must have great value 'ere long. Lay even for health's sake. Strong drink that by if you possibly can. you need not; but, it is, on the Nay, let not a penny, or a farcontrary, your duty to abstain thing, go without pressing nefrom it. Roasted Wheat is better cessity. But, mind, keep all than coffee, or tea, and costs less meial. If you get a pound note, than two-pence a pound; and change it instantly. Let it not sugar may be dispensed with. I remain in your hut for an hour. use none of these things: and I It is the symbol of the curse upon sit at the table as many hours in England. All yearly servants, the week as any of you do at your who save a little money, ought. looms. Make the most of every to get it into gold or silver as soon thing. If your wives be as as possible. This is the legal cleanly as the women'of Lançı.- money of the kingdom ; this alone shire, they must be good wives. is “ good and law ul money," as And, if you be sober; if you it is called by the law : it is the trust more to industry and care king's coin, and it is that, in than to “inward light;" if you which alone, there can be secudo not mistake the effect of spi-rity for his subjects. ritous liquors for the workings of Not only keep what coin you an invisible spirit; and, if you can, but, do not let any one see apply the weekly pennies to the it, or know that you have it. You purchase of cow's milk, instead of will see a day come, and that laying them out on that “ milk very shortly, when a shilling will so which the lips of the saints dis- buy you thirty pounds or forty

til;" (the modern Saints, 1 pounds of flour! You will see mean) if you thus act, though the day, when ten pounds will be you will still suffer, for awhile, a a little fortune. They say, that great deal more than you ought, the Bank is to pay its one-pound you will find, I hope, a great mi- notes in gold, next month, mind! tigation of your sufferings. Cut off the exciseable articles ;

If, by any chance, some stick to the bread, and meat if amongst you should save any you can get it; or, you may dy thing from your earnings, let it pretty well with milk and breud be in metal money, and keep it for a while. Water costs nothing, by you. Put it into no funds, no and I find that and water quite

good enough for me in the way I like to have their rents in hard of drink. · Why not bake your cash: they want money to be at own bread? Sever pounds of four a high value; and, at the same make nearly ten pounds of bread; time, they want high prices, and and these seven pounds of flour low poor-rates! Brave and sensiyou can get for fificen - pence. ble gentlemen! But, my friends, You have fuel cheap; and I will, in they are fairly caught in their my next, tell you how to make own trap! yeast, as good, or better, than Pray, then, be quiet spectators you can buy, and will not cost of this interesting, this bope you a furthing a batch. Come, inspiring scene. You remember come, then! Pluck up, a little. how clearly I foretold all these Let us see what we can do; and things long ago; how I bid we can do a great deal, in this our suffering friends, Johnstone, way, at least, if we do but try, Drummond and Bagley be of and try with a resolution to suc- good cheer in their prison; how ceed if possible...

1 I told them, that they would see, . We can do nothing but this. by the time they came out, their The Landlords have us down, enemies involved in troubles tied' hand and foot, and muzzled. greater than theirs. I now bid But, we can still take care of you be of good cheer; I beseech ourselves, during this grand “ Ge- you to follow my advice; and, if " neral working of events.” The you remain unconvinced by my Ministers appear resolved to push arguments, I beg you to believe, the Landlords from the wall, in that there is not a man in the which we are bound to wish them world who more sincerely partici- , success. The former are working pates in all your sorrows than double rides to get another Corn

your faithful friend, i Bill. There is a “ Grand Com

WM. COBBETT. mittee of Agriculiurecon

P. S. The times are full of stantly sitting in London, which interest. There is bardly a night is nothing short of an organized

passes, in the Honouralile House body of delegates, whose object

and amongst our Faithlul Reit is to procure laws to make corn

presentatives, which does not dear, and rents high. The ob

bring forth matter, on which i ject will fail, however, even though dwell with delight. I read the the laws were to be passed. The debates over and over again, as state of other nations is such as young fellow's do the dear and to set all these schemes at defi- l unintelligible scrawls that they ance; and, therefore, all that wet from their sweethearts; and, such laws can do is to ruin some like them, too, the greater the more merchants, manufacturers, I dilliculty in comprehending, the and ship-owners, without afford-mare am.

orc: more am I enamoured of the ing any aid to the farmers and I thing. I love the charning repeLandlords. These, you will per-I titions: they say and sav and say

ceive, are not pushing for a realid say, and I doat on the sweet - peal of Peels Bill! Oh, no!ls

no simplicity of the ideas : in short, Wise and disinterested men! They one' Register does not get out of

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