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tous Lock up Scheme, with the Pall-mall that “ he knew ivformers were NOT R-connection; the disproportionate “ employed by the Suppression of Vice Positions of Indoor Jobber Bruker and Society !!!!!” Capitalists; with the Evils of Stock - I will not call him a liar, but, Exchange Gambling in anecdotes of " I will indubitably prove him such." Peers Bankers, Bauk Defaulters, &c. 3. REFLECTIONS on the LIFE &c.&c. .

and DEATH of LORD CLIVE, by By Effingham Wilson, Royal Ex- Mr. THOMAS PAINE. This piece, change; and may be bad of the Book- which is a specimen of beautiful writsellers.

ing, never appeared in this country till Mr. Clark, who brought it from

the United States, published' it.Just Published, by W. Clark, 201, Price 3d.

ice 30. .. . . Strand, opposite St. Clement's Church,

4. ESSAYS on SUICIDE, MIRAAN hitherto suppressed Poem, CLES, and the IMMORTALITY of A by Lord Byron, entitled WALTZ, the SOUL, By DAVID HUME. elegantly printed in 8vo. Price 28. 60. Price, Is.

2. KILLING NO MURDER, writ-| 5. WREATH of FREEDOM, be ten by COLONEL TITUS during ing a Collection of Songs in favour of the Protectorship ofOLIVER CROM- Public Liberty ; many of them are. · WELL, who is said by different. American Republican Songs, which historians to have never smiled after are in no other collection. Price Is. 6d. the publication of it. · Printed in 4to. 6. MANIA of EMIGRATING to from the original, without any altera- the UNITED STATES, EXPOSED. tion in orthography or punctuation, | Price Is. price 2s. 6d.

17. DE FOE's TRUE-BORN ENG** An informer employed by the LISIMAN. Price 6d. “Society for the Suppression ofVice,” better known as the ** VICE SOCIETY,"

ce,,, S. FJN BOX BROKE OPEN; said, when purchasing a copy of

fler LUTTERIES Exposed. Price 6d.,' " Queen MAB” of Mr. Clark, * This...). Mr. Clark has a few copies of 6 is a good book, (meaning KILLING HERWIN'S LIFE of PÂINE. ** NO MURDER) the principes laid Price 7s. 6d. This is the only work *** down in it could be well made to ap- that has done justice to the memory of " ply to Castlereagh and the whole Mr. Paine. " of his junto.” See Mr. Clark's Peti- ! 10. TRIFLING MISTAKE, by tion, presented to the House of Com-1 JOHN CAM HOBHOUSE. M. P. . mons by Dr. Luşhington, on Tuesday for Westminsten. For the writing the 10th inst., which will shortly bel and publishing of this pamphlet, Mr. published, with a Letter to the SAINTLY | Hobhouse was sent to Newgate by the WILBERFORCE. By W. CLARK, on then existing House of Parliament. his stating to the House of Commons Price Is. Svo.

Printed by C. CLEMENT, and Published by John M. COBBETT, 1, Cleinent's Inn.

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