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have given us the Report, but notfit will become stale and nasty by the Evidence on which it is having been mumbled about by. founded; and with this our faith-the noisy foaming cur of the Times ful Representatives appear to be news-paper and his like; and, satisfied ; for, they have separated that I shall not be able to draw without getting the Evidence ! attention to the exposure ? Vain Suppose that a Judge were to go supposition! The thing is of too and examine witnesses in private, vital a nature. Besides, we havc and then come and give his charge the Report ; and I can relate, with to the Jury; and that the Jury regard to the Evidence, what my were to say, “ we will hear the little bird has told me. So that, 66 Evidence at a future time.”) whether the Evidence be publishBut, suppose what you will, you ed, or not, I shall, as soon as the will never suppose any thing to noise of the Coronation is over; come up to this.—Now, what can as soon as “ the wine is gone out" be the reason' for not getting - of Nabal;dissect this pretty vůt this Evidence? Surely it thing, and lay all its parts bare to" cannot have been kept back on public view.-Mind, brother Reaccount of my notifying that I formers, this, this is the matter, meant to re-publish it and comment to which we are to look. Here on it and on the Report! Oh, Ivou will see that the question no! And yet, I could have got must come to issue between the the whole of this Evidence printed landlords and the fund-lords; and,

when that question comes to isin 48 hours ! The House of

sue, it will be for us to put ourCommons, or, rather, the people, selves on the side of that party pay dearly enough for their print whịch we find to be for a Reform ing.-. Is it supposed, that the of the Commons' House of Parlia

ment. For years I have been thing will cool; that it will die

telling you, that this is what ve away; that the people will forget have to look to ; and I now see it it; that it will become old ; that approaching : I see that at hand,

which will give the people their and the king for it, with all my rights and surround the king's heart. No more acts can be throne with real Glory. passed, at any rate, till it meet


Well; I thank God! It has

CORONATION. been sitting almost three years; The king (God bless him) is, for there has been very little inter- it seems, to be crowned next mission since the opening of that| Thursday. Some people are famous parliament that passed the saying, that he might do very Bill, known by the name of that well without it. No; hang it; fine lofty young 'Squire, Mr. I don't think so; for'a king Peel. We have the Peel Bill without a Crown and Robes, is Parliament, the Six-Acts Parlia- I like a Peacock without top-knot • ment, and the Bill of Pains and and tail. Penalties Parliament, all running, as it were, into one. Gad! 1

NOTICE. began to think, that it was Seance The present Number closes the Permanente, as the French used 39th Volume, and an Index to it to call it. However, it is over will be attached to the next num-, for a while; and I thank God ber.

THE Times Newspaper, in character of that celebrated man, and

I reporting a late speech of the its compactness is owing to the comAttorney-General, made him to say piler having abstained from making · falsely, that he had continued prose- quotations from the writings of Mr. cuting the persons in the employ of Paine, and from inserting his corresR. CARLILE, until he had occasioned/pondences, which serve unnecessarily the shutting up of the shop. 55, Fleet. to swell the memoirs written by other · Street: to counteract this malicious persons, as they form but a repetition

statement. the following CATA- of matter, which might be found in · LOGUE ofR. CARLILE'S PUBLICA

the collection of his works. · TIONS; Now on sale at 55, Fleet Street,

This sixpenny memoir of that nois submitted to public notice : .

BLE OF NATURE, is earnestly recom

mended to the public, as a true porWorks of Thomas PAINE. I trait, by the Copiler.

s. d. N. B.' The Report of the Trials of Case of the Officers of Excise 04 | Richard Carlile for publishing the · Common Sense - - - - - 10Theological Works of Thomas Paine, American Crisis

and Palmer's Principles of Nature, Public Good - - - - - - 0 9

will be completed in the course of the Letter to the Abbe Raynal - ..

present year in twopenny sheets. Dissertations on Government, &c.] 0 Prospects on the Rubicon - - 0 9

In Four Volumes, edited by R, Car* Rights of Man, Part 1 - : 3 01

lile. Price £l lls. 6d.' Do. Do, Part 2 - - 3 0

THE REPUBLICAN.-A few sets Letter to Addressers . . . . 1 ol of this work still remain for sale, and Dissertations on first Principles of

persons wishing to complete their sets, Government - - - - - - 06

haye still an opportunity. The only Agrarian Justice . . . . . ( 6 numbers out of print at present are Decline and Fall of the English

1 and 3 of vol. I. and 13 of vol. 4. Of System of Finance - - -

"O 6 which a few of each will be reprinted,

0 6 Letter to George Washington. 10 in the course of the present year, to Leiters to the Citizens of America 10

accommodate all subscribers who may Miscellaneous Letters and Essays 5 0

nd Essaysh have sets 'incomplete for the want of Miscellaneous Poems - - - 0 9

them. Do. hot-pressed, fine paper - 10

THE DEIST.-The second' voAppendix to Do. - - - - - 0


lume of this work might be still had, Theological Works, Part 4 - - 2 01 and several of the pamphlets which Appendix to Theological Works 06 were comprised in the first volume. Letter to Camille Jordan on

First volumes complete have become Priests, Bells, and Public Wor

very scarce, and the Editor has purship . . . . . . - 0 3 chased back a few at a higher price A superior Edition of the above

than he originally sold them for. He Political and Miscellaneous Works

would recommend to the admirers of may be had in bds. in 2 vols. at £2,

this work, to purchase the several with a Memoir and Portrait pre

parts that are now on sale, as he hopes fixed,

by and by, to reprint those which Portrait of Thomas Paine for

are out of print. If not reprinted, it binding with the above ... 10 is not of so much consequence, as in Proofs for framing - - - - 16 many other works, as the work itself A Memoir of Thomas Paine to ac- is chiefly a reprint, and every distinct

company his works. by R. Car- pamphlet complete of itself. It was lile - - . . . . . . 0 6/ intended to form but a collection of

To the persons who have the writ- the best Deistical pamphlets. ings of Thomas Paine this little me- The following are now on sale bemoir will be found equally satisfactory

longing to vol I. to those which form a volume. It is WATSON REFUTED.-Being n equally illustrative of the life and Answer to the Apology for the Bible;

in a series of Letters to the Bishop of * A common blue paper edition of Llandaff, by Samuel Francis, M.D. Rights of Man, Part I., migit be had stitched-Price 2s. 6d. at Is. 6d. per copy.


Chinese Tale ; by Voltaire. Thoughts, monly called Gibbon's celebrated fite on the Christian Religion, by an Ame- causes; being the fifteenth, and sixriean Deist. Deism examined, with teenth chapters of the Decline and a few Ideas on miraculous Conversion. Fall of the Roman Empire. By EdA Letter to Sir Samuel Shepherd. Knt. ward Gibbon, Esg. Attorney General, upon his prosecu- | Sherwin's Life of THOMAS tions of Richard Carlile, to which is ) PAINE. Price 7s.6d. . added a Letter to Mr. Carlile, and a Price 3s. 60.-Voltaire on RE. Letter extracted from the Morning LIGIOUS TOLERATION. Chronicle, stitched-is. 6d.

Price Is. — SAUL, A DRAMA, THE GOD OF THE JEWS, or, translated from the French of VolJEHOVAH UNVEILED; with Strictures taire. on the lives of the Hebrew Saints, and Price 4d. each. - COPIES ofthe remarks on the Jewish Theocracy; to INFORMATION, by the Attorneywhich is prefixed, a Letter to the General and the Indictment by the Bishop of Llandaff, bds. 3s.

| Society for propagating Vice, against N. B. This is an answer to Bishop | R. (arlile, for publishing the TheoloWatson's Apology for the Bible. It is gical Works of Thomas Paine. the work of a poor bookseller, now! The SPEECH of Mr. JOAN GALE living at Edinburgh, and although it JONES, at the British Forum on has been published in that City as well | the question of Mr. Carlile's prose. as in London, it has escaped prosecu cution. tion.

Thé SPEECH of Mr. JAMES Volume II. might be had complete MILLS, on the same Subject, at 13s, or in separate pamphlets at the

pamphlets at the Price Is.-A MASTERPIECE on following Prices.

POLITICS. By William Andrews, CHRISTIANITY UNVEILED / author of a Letter from a Tradesman being an Examination of the Princi- in London to his Uncle in Yorkshire: ples and Effects of the Christian Relic Price 60.--REPORT of the TRIAL gion; translated from the French of of Mrs. JANE CARLILE, on an exBoulanger, sti ched, 3s. . officio Information, for publishing

N. B. A common paper edition of | No. 8, vol. 3, of the Republican. this pamphlet might be had at Is. 6d. N. B. The defence on this trial, of

The Important Examination of the which a full report is given, will be Holy Scriptures. By M. Voltaire. found to comprise the pith of that exPrice Is. 6d.

cellent pamphlet published during the Price 5s. bds. — LETTERS TO | usurpation of Oliver Cromwell, enEUGENIA. Now first translated from titled Killing no Murder. the French of M. Freret.

A SERMON on TITHES. By a Price 29.-The LIFE of DAVID ;1 Sussex Freeholder, 2d. or, the History of the Man after God's The WREATH of FREEDOM. own heart.

Being a collection of Songs in the Price 28.-A LETTER to the Rev.

cause of Universal Liberty. Price Dr. SAMUEL CHANDLER. From

A MUEL CHANDLER"From Is. 6d. the writer of the History of the Man

· Price 4d. - The Accusation, Conafter God's own Heart.

demnation, and Abjuration of GALN. B. This work forms the counter ILEO, the famous Astronomer, for part of the foregoing, and would be asserting that the Earth was round. appropriately called a second part of the ana,

fthe and resolved round the Sun, contrary Life of David. They are two admi-l to the doctrines of the Holy Bible. rable and well written pamphlets of N. B. This pamphlet ought to be the last century

preserved by every lover of truth, as TWO CURIOUS ENGRAVINGS. a specimen of the ignorunce imposed To bind up with the Deist as frontis- upon mankind by Priestcraft. pieces, einblematical of the triumph of 'Price coloured 5s. plain 3s.--MANReason and Justice over Superstition. CHESTER MASSACRE. A full -Price 6d. each. Proofs in quarto description of the bloody attack made for a frame, I'rice ls.

upon the inhabitants of Manchester Price 3s.-An ENQUIRY into the and its vicinity, assembled on St. PeCause of the Progress and Establish-ter's Plain, to discuss the best means ment of the Christian Religion, com- for obtaining a Reform of the Parlia

ment, by the Yeomanry Cavalry of Price 1s. - AN ADDRESS TO Manchester and Cheshire, on the 16th MEN OF SCIENCE, Calling upon of August, 1819.

them to stand forward and vindicate N. B. This is a large print got up

the Truth, from the foul grasp and under the directions of R. Carlile, and

persecution of Superstition, and ob

tain for the Island of Great Britain the by all the information he can get has not been equalled by any hitherto

noble appellation of the Focus of Truth,

whence mankind shall be illuminated, published on the same subject.

and the black and pestiferous clouds of Price 2d. each. — The following

Persecution and Superstition be ba- , Pamphlets written and edited by R. nished from the face of the Earth, as Carlile have been published in the pre- the only sure prelude to universal sent year.

peace and harmony among the human A New Year's Address to the Re

race. In which a sketch of a proper: formers of Great Britain.

system for the education of youth, is Second Address and Correspondence. I also submitted to their judgment. Third Address and Correspondence. Fourth Address and Correspondence,

Shortly will be published. - OB with Notices of the Vice and Constitu


GORY'S LETTERS on the Evitional Associations, and a Pamphlet Lately published in the name of Mr. dences of the Christian Religion, in a Robert Wedderburn, entitled - High Lerte

entitled. Which Letter to the Rev. William Wait. heeled Shoes for Dwarfs in Holiness." A. B. of King's Square, Bristol. containing an imperfect Statement of Subscriptions for Mr. W.

Just Published, price 4s.

STOCK EXCHANGE. The N. B. Those Addresses and Corres

N error of tolerating this as an Enpondences will be continued as occasion

closed Market in Contumacy of the might require.

Statute Law. Its Interest described The following Subscriptions have and shewn to be adverse to the Capitabeen received towards the Fine and list and Stockholder, and to have Expences of Mr. R, CARLILE:

caused the ruin or secession of all the

Loan Contractors, from Boyd to GoldBirmingham

smidt, to the aggrandisement of Stock Chichester -

0 130

Exchange Milords : the extraordinary Cambridge - - . - - 1 0 0 Profit and Advantage that would enCrayford

1110 sue to the Banker, Stockholder, and Dartford

. . 0 1 0 Sinking Fund, by making the daily Deptford - - - - - 1 3 0 purchases for that Fund, as also for Edinburgh - - - - 10 0 0 | the Saving Banks publickly in the RoPlertford

- - - 0 2 6 tunda of the Bank, instead of as hitherto The Island of Jamaica - 2 0 0 in the inclosed Stock Exchange. Stock Leeds - - - - - - 2 8 1 Exchange Hoaxes superior to the Lynn

- - - - - 1 0 0 Simple Cochrane Experiment as shewn Manchester

11 2 61 in the Stock Exchange Telegraph. Macclesfield

0 0 The Old Palace-yard Pop Gun Piot, Nottingham

4 the 4th May; and the ruin of BuckNorwich

o wood's Banking-house, with the SetOldham

Otling day described ; and the Ticket Pulborough


Pocketing Trick to accomplish the Portsea

O Stock Exchange Bear Account against Richmond, Yorkshire

the Public Bull; the Banker's Clearing Sheffield - -:- - • 5 5 0 House, as a financial operation shewn; Stokesley, Yorkshire ..

4 the Error of the Restriction Bill is not Stockport - - - - - 1 0 0 Wisbeach .

participated in the immense profit it . . 2 14 6

levied to the Bank from the PublicLondon and its vicinity - 138 8 9

and the greater error in Lord Castle£197 6 6

al reagh not superseding it by a Treaty of

Commerce ; Lotteries, with a Tax subSubscriptions are received at 55, mitted on Time Bargains to supersede Fleet Street, London.

them; produces Gobling and the iniqui

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