Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction: Carpentry, Building and Architecture, Based on the Practical Experience of a Large Staff of Experts in Actual Construction Work, Том 12

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William A. Radford, Alfred Sidney Johnson
Radford architectural Company, 1909

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Сторінка 56 - Contractor he shall not be entitled to receive any further payment under this contract until the said work shall be wholly finished, at which time, if the unpaid balance of the amount to be paid under this contract shall exceed the expense incurred by the...
Сторінка 61 - ... against such lien or claim. Should there prove to be any such claim after all payments are made, the Contractor shall refund to the Owner all moneys that the latter may be compelled to pay in discharging any lien on said premises made obligatory in consequence of the Contractor's default.
Сторінка 51 - It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that the work included in this contract is to be done under the direction of the said Architect, and that decision as to the true construction and meaning of the drawings and specifications shall be final.
Сторінка 55 - ... under this contract of all materials, tools, and appliances thereon, and to employ any other person or persons to finish the work, and to provide the materials therefor...
Сторінка 54 - Should the Contractor at any time refuse or neglect to supply a sufficiency of properly skilled workmen, or of materials of the proper quality, or fail in any respect to prosecute the work with promptness and diligence, or fail in the performance of any of the agreements herein...
Сторінка 61 - IX. It is hereby mutually agreed between the parties hereto that the sum to be paid by the Owner to the Contractor for said work and materials shall be _ subject to additions and deductions as hereinbefore provided...
Сторінка 54 - The Contractor shall provide sufficient, safe and proper facilities at all times for the inspection of the work by the...
Сторінка 56 - ... the expense incurred by the Owner in finishing the work, such excess shall be paid by the Owner to the Contractor ; but if such expense shall exceed such unpaid balance, the Contractor shall pay the difference to the Owner . The expense incurred by the Owner as herein provided, either for furnishing materials or for finishing the work, and any damage incurred through such default, shall be audited and certified by the Architect, whose certificate thereof shall be conclusive upon the parties.
Сторінка 61 - If at any time there shall be evidence of any lien or claim for which, if established, the Owner or the said premises might become liable, and which is chargeable to the Contractor, the Owner shall have the right to retain out of any payment then due or thereafter to become due an amount sufficient to completely indemnify him against such lien or claim.
Сторінка 55 - Owner shall be at liberty, after three days' written notice to the Contractors, to provide any such labor or materials, and to deduct the cost thereof from any money then due or thereafter to become due to the...

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