Зображення сторінки
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In which it is compared, both with the REPUBLIcAN
Form of Gover NMENT, and the other
Mon ARchies in EUROPE.

By J. L. DE LOLME, Advocate,

Member of the Council of the Two Hu NDRED in the
Republic of GENEva.
T H E F o U R T H E D IT I o N,
Correčted and Enlarged.

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S I R E, T H E approbation with which the Public have been pleased to favour this Work, together with the nature of the subjećt, embolden me to lay the present fourth and enlarged Edition of the same at your Majesty's feet, both as an homage, and an expression of the desire I entertain, the Book may for a few minutes engage the attention of a person of your deep and extensive

knowledge. Your Majesty's reign has, for many years past, afforded proofs in more respects than one, that, though human wisdom may not always be able to anticipate difficulfies, yet, assisted by fortitude, it can

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