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Art. VIII. 1. Treatise on Burning Instruments, containing the

Method of Building Large Polyzonal Lenses. By

David Brewster, LLD. F.R.S.

2. Memoire sur un Nouveau Systeme d'Eclairage des

Phares. Par M. A. Fresnel.

3. On the Construction of Polyzonal Lenses, and

Mirrors of Great Magnitude, for Lighthouses, and

for Burning Instruments; and on the formation of a

Great National Burning Apparatus. By David

Brewster. LLD. F.R.S.

4. Saggio di Osservazioni, &c., or an Essay on the

best Means of Improving the Construction of Light-

houses; with an Appendix, which treats specially

of their Illumination by Gas. By the Chevalier

G. Aldini, Member of the Royal Institute of Science,

Belles Lettres, and the Arts, at Milan.

5. Rapport contenant L'Exposition du Systeme

adopte, par la Commission des Phares, pour eclairer

les Cotes de France. Par M. de Rossel, Contre-

Amiral Honoraire, et Member de l'lnstitut.

6. Account of a New System of Illumination for

Lighthouses. By David Brewster, LLD. F.R.S. 169

IX. 1. Artis Logica' Rudimenta, with Illustrative Obser-

vations on each Section.

2. Elements of Logic. By Richard Whately, D.D.

Principal of St Alban's Hall, and late Fellow of

Oriel College, Oxford.

3. Introduction to Logic, from Dr Whately's Ele-

ments of Logic. By the Rev. Samuel Hinds, M.A.,

of Queen's College, and Vice-Principal of St Al-

ban's Hall, Oxford.

4. Outline of a New System of Logic, with a Critical

Examination of Dr Whately's ' Elements of Logic,'

By George Bentham, Esq.

5. An Examination of some Passages in Dr Whately's

Elements of Logic. By George Cornewall Lewis,

Esq., Student of Christ Church.

6. A Treatise on Logic on the Basis of Aldrich,

with Illustrative Notes by the Rev. John Huyshe,

M.A. Brazen-nose College, Oxford.

7. Questions on Aldrich's Logic, with References to

the most Popular Treatises.

8. Key to Questions on Aldrich's Logic.

9. Introduction to Logic.

10. Aristotle's Philosophy. (An Article in Vol. iii.

of the Seventh Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britan-

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