Cases on Restraint of Trade, Випуск 3

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Harvard Law Review Publishing Association, 1903

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Сторінка 387 - And it is a rule of universal application, that no one, having such duties to discharge, shall be allowed to enter into engagements in which he has, or can have, a personal interest conflicting, or which possibly may conflict, with the interests of those whom he is bound to protect.
Сторінка 645 - A contract ultra vires being unlawful and void not because it is in itself immoral, but because the corporation, by the law of its creation, is incapable of making it, the courts, while refusing to maintain any action upon the unlawful contract, have always striven to do justice between the parties, so far as could be done consistently with adherence to law, by permitting property or money, parted with on the faith of the unlawful contract, to be recovered back, or compensation to be made for it.
Сторінка 365 - No railroad corporation shall issue any stock or bonds, except for money, labor or property actually received and applied to the purposes for which such corporation was created; and all stock dividends, and other fictitious increase of the capital stock or indebtedness of any such corporation, shall be void. The capital stock of no railroad corporation shall be increased for any purpose, except upon giving sixty days' public notice, in such manner as may be provided by law.
Сторінка 640 - ... apply for an order of the court that the register may be rectified ; and the court may either refuse such application, with or without costs, to be paid by the applicant, or it may, if satisfied of the justice of the case, make an order for the rectification of the register...
Сторінка 375 - Each director, when appointed or elected, shall take an oath that he will, so far as the duty devolves on him, diligently and honestly administer the affairs of such association, and will not knowingly violate, or willingly permit to be violated, any of the provisions of this Title...
Сторінка 576 - ... shall be jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the company...
Сторінка 601 - ... within six years after the cause of such actions or suits, or when such cause has already arisen then within six years after the passing of this act ; and no claim in respect of a matter which arose more than six years before the commencement of such action or suit...
Сторінка 608 - But it was never said that if I have a demand against A. and B., a creditor of B. shall compel me to go against A., without more, as if B. himself could insist that A. ought to pay in the first instance, as in the ordinary case of...
Сторінка 645 - Prohibited (Sec. 5204). —No association, or any member thereof, shall, during the time it shall continue its banking operations, withdraw, or permit to be withdrawn, either in the form of dividends or otherwise, any portion of its capital.
Сторінка 645 - This is a writ of error to the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the county of Alexandria.

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