Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae: In Locos Communes Distributus Cum Indice Auctorum, Том 1

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Apud Thomam Osborne, 1743

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Сторінка 433 - The Historie of that wise and Fortunate Prince, Henrie of that Name the Seventh, King of England. With that famed Battaile, fought betweene the sayd King Henry and Richard the third named Crookbacke, upon Redmoore neere Bosworth. In a Poem by Charles Aleyn. Vnus mihi pro populo, & populus pro uno.
Сторінка 408 - AngKcaiue ; or, an Essay towards deducing a regular Succession of all the principal Dignitaries in each Cathedral, Collegiate Church, or Chapel (now in being), in...
Сторінка 143 - An apology for the true Christian divinity as the same is held forth and preached by the people called in scorn Quakers...
Сторінка 472 - The Lives and Characters of the Officers of the Crown and of the State in Scotland, from the beginning of the Reign of King David I. to the Union of the two Kingdoms.
Сторінка 444 - Memorials of the English Affairs : or, an Historical Account of .what passed from the beginning of the Reign of King Charles I. to King Charles II, his happy Restauration.
Сторінка 1 - By the means of catalogues only can it be known, what has been written on every part of learning...
Сторінка 475 - Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, containing a full and impartial account of the Revolution in that Kingdom, begun in 1567- Faithfully published from an authentic MS.
Сторінка 100 - CERTAIN MOST GODLY, FRUITFUL, AND COMFORTABLE LETTERS of such true Saintes and holy Martyrs of God, as in the late bloodye persecution here within this Realme, gaue their lyues for the defence of Christes holy gospel : written in the tyme of theyr affliction and cruell imprysonment, Imprinted at London by John Day, dwelling ouer Aldersgate, beneath St.
Сторінка 437 - A declaration of the causes mooving the Queene of England to give aide to the defence of the people afflicted and oppressed in the lowe Countries.
Сторінка 107 - Foxes and Firebrands; or a specimen of the danger and harmony of popery and separation ; wherein is proved from unde.

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