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" E. Waring. Sewer Gases, Nature and Origin, by De Varona. Sewerage and Sewage Purification, by MN Baker, Ph.B. The Treatment of Sewage, by Dr. CM Tidy. The Disposal of Household Waste, by W. Paul Gerhard. Water and Water Supply, by WH Corfield. These books... "
Mechanical Drawing for Plumbers: A Valuable and Practical Acquisition to the ... - Сторінка 110
автори: Robert Macy Starbuck - 1906 - 111 стор.
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House Heating by Steam and Water: Improved Methods of Installing Heating ...

Charles Bedford Thompson - 1907 - 265 стор.
...Gerhard. WATER AND WATER SUPPLY, by WR Corfleld. t v These books are for sale by THE PLUMBERS' TBADE JOURNAL, PO Box 715, New York City, and will be sent to any address on receipt of our list price. -Vo bookt tent COD While these books are thoroughly good and instructive reading, still we want It...
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