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O complete the elevations showing the method shown in the elevations of the

the plumbing work of the resi- last article. While in this series our
dence which was taken up in chief attention is given to the matter of

the chapter preceding this, we drawing, it is our intention also to show have prepared Figs. 8, 9 and 10. Fig. 9 work of varied nature, hence the two shows the elevation of the two lavatories methods mentioned above.



main Vert Connected into main Stack

Stack A through Roog


3ra. Floor

See Fig. 10 for Correction below, of main vent Lint into

main Stack

FLG. 9


served by stack C on the second and third floors. In this elevation we have shown the main line of back air pipe connected at its lower end, back into the stack, which makes a better piece of work than

The only other point in connection with Fig. 8 that we wish to bring out is the view which is obtained of the two lavatory traps. The view of these two fix. tures is taken in the direction of the

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do not stand so that their full shape appears, but as shown in Fig. 8. While strictly adhering as a general thing to the exact appearance of an object of this nature in our work, it will often be found of advantage to depart from this rule, and in such a case as this, to show the shape of the trap. Instead of showing the two bath rooms on the second and third floors in one elevation, we show each separately in Figs. 9 and 10. This is done simply to save space.

The third floor or servants' bath room is viewed along the direction of arrow M in Fig. 4, which gives us a very clear view of the work. In this view the main back air line stands in front of the main stack, and we attach a note showing where the connection of the former with the latter may be found.

In the same way we show a note on Fig. 5 indicating where the upper connection between these two lines of pipe may be seen. As this shows, & note of this kind may often take the place of the drawing itself. The view shown by Fig. 10 is taken along arrow

Trap Vent


3 ra. Floor

Wash Trays

main Vent

Vent Lavatory with marble back and, ena.

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ON 2ND FLOOR. re the student of this series of three bathroom fixtures on th second articles will have had enough experience floor. Show on this work, roof connecto enable him to go ahead and work out tions and increase of size of Stack where the proper views of a simple plumbing necessary, also connection of main vent system with little help from the writer. into stack if the work is to be so con

To this end we submit Figs. 11, 12, 13 structed. Also show the work at the and 14, showing the cellar and floor plans front cellar wall clearly. We would adand front elevation of a cottage house. vise including the wash trays and kitchen It is expected that after drawing up these sink in one elevation, and the bath room plans on a larger scale the student will fixtures and pantry sink in another. The make the necessary views by which the student must use his judgment in selectentire plumbing system of the house may ing the right point for viewing each part

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of the work so that the drawing will show the work as clearly as possible.

The elevation of the house shown in Fig. 14 shows by the letters A and B just how high up on the roof the two stacks come through, and by the letters C, D, E, and F the several floors.

Such work as this, we believe, will be of the greatest benefit to any man following this series, and we believe that if he has followed carefully what has gone before, in the preceding chapters, he can handle the work without much difficulty.

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CHAPTER XX N Fig. 105 we present the elevation main line of soil pipe in the cellar on

mentioned in the preceding chap- end, whereas in the present view it apter. As will be clearly seen, this pears in such a way as to show it length

one elevation shows the entire wise. The reader will see very clearly plumbing system for the residence, which that about all that could be seen of the we have been considering in the last two main line from the front position would


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