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said is that this foot connection cannot be shown on a cellar plan with any degree of clearness, and it is necessary either to give a detail or to show the connection on the respective elevations.

Regarding Fig. 87, it will be seen on referring to the cellar plan, Fig. 78 of the preceding article, that on this plan the fresh air inlet would show directly above the main drain, and therefore to show clearly an elevation of this part of the work must be given.

It will be good practice for the student to work out all the work shown in this chapter.

Fig. 84 can be shown twice as large as given, but the remaining sketches can be drawn up in the same size as we present them.

We might add here, that in working up his drawings, the student would do well to practice lettering, following the style of lettering used on our illustrations, for it is a fact that a man may make a finelooking drawing and spoil its entire appearance by poor lettering.

Side View

Front View

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Fig. 90.-Main Stack and Vent Entering

in Two Positions.

Fig. 88.


OR the work on this chapter and
the one following, we propose to

take up the plumbing of a resi.

dence, and show it in full, believing as we do, that this branch of

Kit the work is fully as important to the plumber as any that we have taken up.

O For this purpose we show a full set of

Boiler plans for such a residence, Fig. 1 representing the cellar plan, Figs. 2 and 3 and

Toilet 4 the floor plans, and Fig. 5 the front view or elevation.

In this and the following chapter we shall show separate elevations of the dif

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Water closet

Lavatory Stack

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OF RESIDENCE views from the most advantageous point of view, and before leaving the subject of the plumbing for this residence, we shall show a single elevation of the entire work of the house, taken from one view point. Now in Fig. 6 we show an elevation of the work in the kitchen on the first floor, and the laundry in the cellar. These fixtures are so located that they can be shown to advantage in the one view, which is obtained by viewing the work from the direction of the arrow E, which appears on both cellar and first floor plan.

Instead of using up valuable space in showing floors above the first floor, and

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also the roof, in order to show the roof connection for this stack, and also for the one in Fig. 7 we show by a note how they are to be run.

Fig. 7 represents an elevation of the water closet located in the cellar, and the toilet room located on the first floor. The stack serving the toilet room passes up on one of the cellar piers, as shown by the cellar plan, and this fact is also shown on the elevation. The stack is run on the first floor through the closet, and also through closet on the two floors above. This stack is designated on the several floor plans as stack B. Now if the student will measure with his dividers from the side of the first floor plan (Fig. 2) to the center of this stack, and then do the same thing on the second floor plan (Fig. 3) he will find that on the latter the stack is located further to the left. This is in order that the stack may be run in a convenient place, and at once shows that at the second floor the stack

Bea Room


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