Approaches to Handling Environmental Problems in the Mining and Metallurgical Regions

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Walter Leal Filho, Irina Butorina
Springer Science & Business Media, 30 вер. 2003 р. - 290 стор.
This book is one of the outcomes of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Approaches to handling environmental problems in the mining and metallurgical regions of NIS countries” held in Mariupol, Ukraine on 5-7 September 2002. It include papers written by some of the leading specialists in the field of mining and metallurgy, and by environment specialists who are active in this sector. Readers will notice that some common environmental problems seen in the mining and metallurgical industries are described and that their influence on the health of the population are discussed. Examples of best practice in the field are given both from EU countries and from Central and Eastern European nations, especially from the Newly Independent States (NIS). Some of the latest technologies involved in the elimination of hazardous emissions, in sewage treatment and the handling of wastes in the metallurgical and mining industries are presented and we hope that they may open the way for more West-East, East-West and East-East technology and know-how exchange. In preparing this book, thanks are due to Marina Butorina, Linda Döring and Olaf Gramkow for their competent advice in respect of translations, lay-out and handling of the texts. We also grateful to NATO ́s Scientific Affairs Division for the support with the workshop, whose benefits are already being felt in both Mariupol and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

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Environmental problems related to mining in the industrial regions of Europe
Environmental problems in the mining and metallurgical Donbass region
The Impact of metallurgicalmining enterprises on the transformation of the Biosphere and Noobiosphere
Impact of the metallurgical industry on the coastal ecosystem of Black Sea countries
Sustainable water management a matter of looking forward
Some facts on the links between human and environmental health in the Dniepro Region
An overview of the environmental problems in the mining sector of the Ukraine
Methods for environmental audit in a mining complex
Tools and methods for using clean technologies in the mining and metallurgical regions of NIS countries
Results of the EcoLinks project devoted to cleaner metallurgical production in the Donbas Region Options for cleaner recycling of nickel bearing wa...
Formation and valorisation of blast furnace mud from usage and treatment of the industrial water in the iron and steel corporation Sartid AD
The usage of pneumatic conveying systems in handling environmental problems in the metallurgical and mining industry
Use of the meltinggasification process for processing metallurgical sludges
Intensification of ventilation and minimisation of emissions in aluminium smelter potrooms
Environmental effects of ferrous slags comparative analyses and a systems approach in slag impact assessment for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
Perspectives in utilizing ash and slug wastes from the chemical industry metallurgy and power generation for environmental purposes

Life Cycle Assessment implementation and its financial aspects in the Polish mining industry
The tailings dam failures in Maranmures county Romania and their transboundary impacts on the river systems
Environmental protection in the steel industry exemplified by ThyssenKrupp
Development of approaches to sustainability for the metallurgical industry using mathematical modelling
Prospects of structural reconstruction of the mining and metallurgical complex on the basis of use of iron ores produced by hydraulic mining throug...
Ecological problems of the geological environment caused by activities of the metallurgical plant KCM Bulgaria
OMENTIN information network about mining and environmental technologies
Briquetting of mining and metallurgical wastes
Neutralizing hazardous liquid waste in the coke industry
Refractory materials and their influence on the ecological situation in the steel industry ecological and economic aspects
Usage of mining wastes for open pits reclamation
Removal of zinc from iron ore materials prior to charging into blast furnace
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