The Odysseys, tr. by G. Chapman, with intr. and notes by R. Hooper, Том 1

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Сторінка 137 - Their clothes, and steep'd them in the sable brook ; Then put them into springs, and trod them clean With cleanly feet ; adventuring wagers then, Who should have soonest and most cleanly done. When having throughly cleansed, they spread them on The flood's shore, all in order.
Сторінка 123 - In haste his head out — wave with wave so met In his depression, and his garments too...
Сторінка xii - With exclamations of her rapture then, To vent it to the echoes of the vale ; When, meditating of me, a sweet gale Brought me upon thee ; and thou didst inherit My true sense, for the time then, in my spirit ; I And I, invisibly, went prompting thee To those fair greens where thou didst English me.
Сторінка 113 - Hermes' ravish'd powers employ'd. But having all admir'd, he enter'd on The ample cave, nor could be seen unknown Of great Calypso (for all Deities are Prompt in each other's knowledge, though so far Sever'd in dwellings) but he could not see Ulysses there within ; without was he Set sad ashore, where 'twas his use to view Th' unquiet sea, sigh'd, wept, and empty drew His heart of comfort.

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