Old Testament Saints and the Messiah

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 240 стор.
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CAPTIVATING STORIES FROM GOD'S WORD Explore the lives of your Biblical Ancestors with these cutting edge messages you will never forget! You will see how Jesus lived here on earth and His plan for the future. Youth groups, pre-teens and adults will heighten their appreciation of the words and wisdom of the Holy Bible with this book. Includes study questions for each chapter to encourage group discussion and personal reflection. Jean Tankersley is mother of two daughters, grandmother to seven and great-grandmother to three. She has been a Christian for fifty-three years, and read several versions of the Holy Bible in their entirety, which enabled her to write this book. Jean has written Genealogies, Standard Operating Procedures and Equal Opportunity in the Workplace for my business, devotionals and a book of the history of her church.

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Chapter One Adam and Eve
Eighteen Nehemiah
Nineteen Esther
Twenty Job
TwentyOne Isaiah
TwentyTwo Jeremiah
TwentyThree Ezekiel
TwentyFive Minor Prophets
TwentySix The Messiah
Questions for individual or group
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