Зображення сторінки

• One morn I miss'd him on the custom’d hill,

Along the heath and near his favourite tree;

Another came ; nor yet beside the rill, « Nor

up the lawn, nor at the wood was he :

- The next with dirges due in fad array *Slow thro' the church-way path we saw him

borne, Approach and read (for thou canst read) the lay Gray'd on the stone, beneath yon aged thorn*

* In the first edition of this poem, the following beautiful lines were inserted immediately before the epitaph; but they have been fiace.omitted, as the parenthesis was thought too long :

There scattered oft, the earliest of the year,
By hands unseen, are show'rs of violets found;
The redbreast loves to build and warble there,
And little footsteps lightly print the ground.


HERE refts his head upon the lap of Earth
A Youth, to Fortune and to Faine unknown:
Fair Science frown'd not on his humble birth,
And Melancholy mark'd him for her own.

Large was his bounty, and his soul fincere,
Heav'n did a recompence as largely send :
He gave to Mis’ry all he had, a tear,
He gain’d from Hicar'n ('twas all he wil’d) a


No farther seek his merits to disclose,

Cr draw his frailties from their dread abode, (There they alike in trembling hope * repose,) The bosom of his Father and his God.

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