Report relating to the registry and return of births, marriages and deaths and of divorce in the state of Rhode Island. 1880

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State Registrar of Vital Statistics, 1881

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Сторінка 142 - They shall make sanitary investigations and inquiries in respect to the people, the causes of disease, and especially of epidemics, and the sources of mortality and the effects of localities, employments, conditions and circumstances on the public health...
Сторінка 143 - SECTIONS 1, 2, and 3 show what kindred persons cannot marry, and declare marriages within prohibited degrees null and void. SECTION 4 makes an exception in favor of Jews, within the degrees of affinity or consanguinity allowed by their religion.
Сторінка 139 - Said returns, after such report is prepared, shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of state, who shall cause the same to be arranged, full alphabetical indices of all the names to be made, and the whole to be bound in volumes of convenient size and carefully preserved in his office.
Сторінка 142 - ... do all in their power to ascertain the causes and the best means for the prevention of diseases of every kind in the State. They shall publish and circulate, from time to time, such information as they may deem to be important and useful for diffusion among the people of the State...
Сторінка 142 - ... office for the board in the city of Providence, and the actual expenses of the board and of the members thereof, when certified by the chairman and approved by the governor, shall be paid from the state treasury. SEC. 9. The board shall make a report in print to the general assembly, annually, of its proceedings during the year ending on the thirty-first day of December next preceding, with such suggestions in relation to the sanitary laws and interests of the state as they shall deem important.
Сторінка 140 - No letters of administration or letters testamentary shall be granted by any court of probate upon the estate of any person, until the death of such person, or the facts from which the same is presumed, shall be duly certified, as near as may be, to the town clerk, in order that the same may be duly registered according to the provisions of this chapter.
Сторінка 140 - Every clergyman, physician, undertaker, town clerk, clerk of any meeting of the Society of Friends, or other person who shall wilfully neglect or refuse to perform any of the duties imposed on or required of him by this chapter, shall be fined not exceeding twenty dollars for each offence, one-half thereof to the use of the town in which the offence shall occur, and one-half thereof to the use of the person who shall complain of the same.
Сторінка 139 - The town clerks of the several towns, or in lieu thereof, any person whom the board of aldermen of any city, or the town council of any town, may...
Сторінка 139 - ... and with such remarks relating to the object of this chapter as they may deem important to communicate. SEC. 2. The secretary of the state board of health shall receive the returns made in pursuance of the preceding section, and annually make a general abstract and report thereof, in form as prescribed by section three of this chapter, and publish not exceeding one thousand copies thereof ; and for preparing, tabulating...
Сторінка 53 - Showing the proportions of Births, Marriages and Deaths, to the population, in the aggregate for the whole State, in each of the last eleven years. It will be seen by the above Table, that the number of births recorded in the State during the year 1880, was less by 55 than during the preceding year, and less by 419 than in 1878.

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