The Jewish Cultural Tapestry : International Jewish Folk Traditions: International Jewish Folk Traditions

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Here, in one compact volume, is an illuminating survey of Jewish folkways on five continents. Filled with fascinating facts and keen insights, The Jewish Cultural Tapestry is a richly woven fabric that vividly captures the diversity of Jewish life. All Jews are bound together by the common thread of the Torah and the Talmud, notes author Steven Lowenstein, but this thread takes on a different coloration in different parts of the world, as Jewish tradition and local non-Jewish customs intertwine. Lowenstein describes these widely varying regional Jewish cultures with needlepoint accuracy, highlighting the often surprising similarities between Jewish and non-Jewish local traditions, and revealing why Jewish customs vary as much as they do from region to region. We visit the great Ashkenazic and Sephardic cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean; the unique Jewish cultures of Iraq, Persia, Ethiopia and Yemen; the little-known cultures of the Bukharian Jews of Central Asia, the Cochin Jews of India, and the Kaifeng Jews of China. We read about regional religious practices, wedding ceremonies and marriage customs; different traditions of Jewish music and Jewish dress; and the origins of Jewish names. Lowenstein also surveys Jewish cuisine around the world, offering easy-to-prepare traditional recipes, ranging from kugel and blintzes to Malawach from Yemen, T'beet from Iraq, Mina de Cordero from Turkey, and Passover Soup from Uzbekistan. From Europe to India, Israel to America, The Jewish Cultural Tapestry offers an engaging overview of the customs and folkways of a people united by tradition, yet scattered to the far corners of the earth. Packaged in an attractive large format, this beautifully illustrated volume would be a meaningful gift for the holidays.

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The Jewish cultural tapestry: international Jewish folk traditions

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The Diaspora bred a multitude of customs among a very diverse world Jewish population. Eastern and Western, village, town, and, later, modern urbanized Jews maintained their distinct religious ... Читати огляд повністю


What Are They and Why Do They Vary Geographically?
From Jerusalem to Spain Poland and Morocco The Influence of Jewish Migrations
Similarities and Differences
What They Mean and How They Developed
How the Written Tradition Unites and the Oral Tradition Divides
Gefilte Fish and Cholent Meet Malawach and Couscous
Not Just a Long Black Coat
The Religious and the Secular
Funny You Dont Look Jewish
What Has Modernity Done to Jewish Folk Cultures?
Suggestions for Further Reading
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