Jacking In To the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation

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Matthew Kapell, William G. Doty
A&C Black, 1 черв. 2004 р. - 215 стор.
There have already been several very successful books devoted to the original film in the Matrix trilogy. This entirely new collection of essays is the first book to examine the trilogy as a whole - as well as related products such as The Animatrix and the computer game. Contributors tackle these subjects from a range of perspectives: religion, philosophy, gender, race, film studies, and science, providing a comprehensive view of everything Matrix-related.Reviewing the cultural and religious implications of the trilogy, authors look at:* American Religion, Community and Revitilization: Why The Matrix Resonates* Religion and Salvation, the Optiate of The Matrix Franchise* Gimme that Bullet Time Religion, or, The Dream of Spiritually Perfect Violence* Ultimate Reality: Buddhist and Gnostic Constructions of BlissAlso covered are theories of cyberworlds, issues of gender and race and the games and ethics of simulation.

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that does not masculinize the female hero
Watching the Trilogy Ignoring the racial message of the franchise only
Cultural and Religious Implications
John Shelton Lawrence Fascist Redemption
Constructions of Bliss and Problems of Violence The various religious
The PosthumanThing
The Games and Ethics of Simulation
Whats Wrong with Life in a Simulation? The choice
Getting with the Programs
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Matthew Kapell is Visiting Lecturer of Anthropology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. William G. Doty is a retired Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. He has published 16 books and over 70 essays in a wide range of academic journals.

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