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Eliza, their child, about three years of age.

Miss E. Gilbert, who, with her sister, kept a boarding-school for young ladies, in Clover-street, Chatham ; sister to Mrs. Mills.

Mr. Thomas Gilbert, aged 21, of Chatham, late apprentice to Messrs. Beeching and Edmett, Maidstone.

Miss Brock, aged 11, daughter of Mr. Brock, linen-draper.

Miss Morson, aged 7, daughter of Mr. Morson, attorney, of Chatham.

Miss Mathews, aged 11, of Essex.
Miss South, aged 12, of Sheerness.
Miss Macket, aged 12, of Sheerness.
Miss Oberie, aged 7, of Sheerness.
Miss Desbois, aged 10, of London.
Miss Reynolds, aged 6, of Maidstone.
Miss Gouge, aged 12, of Sittingbourne.

The party walked to ROCHESTER about three o'clock, and took the water above bridge, from whence they proceeded up the river, and went as far as HALLING, where they passsed the afternoon, in the most social and harmless hilarity; little anticipating the fatal doom which so speedily awaited them; and, after taking tea, re-entered their boat in order to return. On leaving Halling, they passed away the time, and amused themselves by singing hymns, as the boat glided down the stream. On approaching Rochester Bridge, many persons were

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Amiable in his disposition and mild in his manners, he had no predilection for pomp and show of any description. He even applied to the King for permission to resign his bishopric, and his MAJESTY, it is said, was disposed to grant him that permission. But his brethren of the bench opposed it, supposing it might form a precedent, and be injurious to the priesthood. The Bishop's sole motive was, that advancing in years, he might enjoy greater leisure to prepare for the exalted happiness and permanent dignities that await the obedient disciple of Christ in a better world. This pious prelate was rewarded by a peculiarly placid dismissal from the burden of mortality, as was the late Bishop Porteus of amiable memory

Sweet is the scene where Virtue dies,

Where sinks a righteous soul to rest;
How mildly beam the closing eyes,

How gently heaves the expiring breast!
So fades a summer cloud away,

So sinks the gale when storms are o'er,
So gently shuts the closing day,

So dies the wave along the shore os
Each duty done-as sinks the clay, 3!


Light from its load-THE SPIRIT Alies!
While ALL around tho' griev'd must say,
Sweet is the scene where VIRTUE dies !

Soon after quitting the pleasant village of HAL-
LING, the ancient square tower in the centre of the
Castle, and the stunted spire of the Cathedral of

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ROCHESTER, rose full to view, whilst The Bridge, with its numerous arches, flung over the Medway, gave the whole a very picturesqne effect. It was delightful to behold these well known objects, announcing the termination of our voyage. The MEDWAY here widening and deepening considerably, together with a fresh breeze, called up the perils of navigation! Horace well describes them in the Ode addressed to the ship that bore his beloved Virgil to Athens, where he is of opinion that oak and triple brass must have covered the breast of the man who first dared to trust himself to the MURDEROUS OCEAN. And Dr. Robertson, in his History of America, traces the gradual progress of the nautical art from the first tremulous effort along the shore to its present adventurous perfection. But the hour of peril once past, heightenş and sublimates our enjoyment

When darkness clouds the angry deep,
And thunders break the seaman's sleep,
By danger rous'd be braves the storm,
Where PERII rears his direst form';
The signal gun's discharged in vain,
But mocks the roaring of the main,
Till from afar the life-boat nears

Each bosom's drooping courage cheers!
And safe on shore forgot is every toil,
Consoled by woman's love and FRIBNDSHIP's smile!

In War’s red field where loud alarms
Repeat the battle-cry-to arms!
Where Fate demands his victim's breath,
And friends and foes are joined in death,

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And summer's heat by neighb'ring hedge or tree :
But, on this day, embosom'd in his home,
He shares the frugal meal with those he loves
With those he loves he shares the heart-felt joy
Of giving thanks to God-not thanks of form,
A word and a grimace--but reverently,
With cover'd face, and upward earnest eye!
He hopes, yet fears presumption in his hope,
That Heaven may be One Sabbath without end!

GRAHAME. I will conclude by observing, that the necessity of RELIGION is strikingly exemplified at Chatham, and in other places that swarın with the inferior classes of the community. The laws of the land, however excellent, regulate only the outward manners; they have nothing to do with the disposition—they come not in contact with the heart. But the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Deity, in conjunction with a State of future Rewards and Punishments, confirmed to us by the divine mission of Jesus Christ--these are truths which enlighten and purify the human mind-penetrating the recesses of the heart. And wherever the empire of Religion predominates, Idleness and Profanity, Drunkenness and Debauchery, together with dishonesty of every description, are a banished from society. Men become good subjects-good subjects become good Christians—and good Christians are heirs of a BLESSED IMMORTALITY!

And thou, RELIGION ! soul-transforming flame
(Let Earth thy pow's, let Ubav'N thy praise proclaim);

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Whoe'er's possess'd of thee could wish no more,
And without thee a Cræsus must be poor :
Come, then, RELIGION! and the toiling hind
Shall more than bread in thine embraces find :
This precious balm distill’d upon his heart,
His wants subside, his sorrows all depart;
He sees his storm-beat Cottage proudly rise
More than a Palace-half a PARADISE !
Lo! us who erst repos’d his weary head,
A stone his pillow, the cold ground bis bed,
When to his leaping heart thy joys were giv'n,
Exclaim'd with rapture" 'Tis The Game Of Heav'n!"


Removed alike from the sallies of Enthusiasm, and from the follies of Superstition, True Religion forms the alone basis of individual Happiness and of NATIONAL PROSPERITY.

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