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Grim Vultures wait their destin'd prey,
And Carnage marks the closing day
But when the fearful conflict's o'er,

Each Soldier seeks his wish'd-for shore;
He feels that Home will every care beguile
With Angel-Woman's love, and Friendship's smile!


We were, however, advancing along with the utmost safety, though the scene was much changed upon us ; and large vessels, both of war and commerce, in view, imparted to our perspective an air of grandeur and sublimity! Our pilot, who had been uniformly steady, now began to exert his energies; he put forth his strength during this last stage, as do the fine horses of the mail-coach, springing forward with the greater alacrity towards the end of the journey. We rather suddenly bore to the shore, and landed close to the venerable city of ROCHESTER.

Our young folks importuned me to let the man take us along with him through the Bridge; but, recollecting its DANGERS, I resolutely opposed it, and we were put on shore without delay. The pilot then pushed off towards The Bridge, and the boat shot through the central arch with a frightful velocity!

We made the best of our way to the hospitable mansion of our venerable friend Mr. Chilley, at St. Margaret's Bank; where, glad to meet Mrs. E. and a young pupil, who had come by the coach from Maidstone, we had a comfortable cup of tea, as well as a large bowl of fruit; which was, to the young



people, a high gratification. Here I would readily acknowledge the kind entertainment experienced on this and former occasions,

The object of my visit to CHATHAM was to pass the Sabbath with a few Christian friends in the discharge of the duties of my profession as a Minister of the Gospel. And let me remark, that here the observance of the Sabbath is singularly beneficial and impressive. Numerous is the population of Chatham and its vicinity. The HUNDREDS employed by Government are on the week-days, at the appointed hour of meals, seen issuing from the respective yards like bees from a hive! During six days, the noise of their implements of industry is heard in every direction . Every spot is characterised by labour. All is life and animation ! On the Sabbath, the scene is reversed. The gates of the several yards are closed. These artisans are retired within the bosom of their families. Cleanly as to their persons, and neat in their habili. ments, they appear in the house of God for purposes of religious worship! This recess from labour, this pause from customary exertion, iuvigorates the body, and enlivens the mind. Merciful to Man and Beast is the institution of a Sabbath. Such are the distinguished advantages of living in a CHRISTIAN COUN.


Hail SABBATA! thee I hail-THE POOR Man's day!
On other days the Man of toil is doom'd
To eat his joyless bread lonely-the ground
Both seat and boardscreen'd from the winter's cold.

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And summer's heat by neighb'ring hedge or tree :
But, on this day, embosom'd in his home,
He shares the frugal meal with those he loves-
With those he loves he shares the heart-felt joy
Of giving thanks to God-not thanks of form,
A word and a grimace-but reverently,
With cover'd face, and upward earnest eye!
He hopes, yet fears presumption in his hope,
That HEAVEN may be One Sabbath without end!

GRAHAME. I will conclude by observing, that the necessity of RELIGION is strikingly exemplified at Chatham, and in other places that swarın with the inferior classes of the community. The laws of the land, however excellent, regulate only the outward manners; they have nothing to do with the disposition they come not in contact with the heart. But the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent Deity, in conjunction with a State of future Rewards and Punishments, confirmed to us by the divine mission of Jesus Christ—these are truths which enlighten and purify the human mind-penetrating the recesses of the heart. And wherever the empire of Religion predominates, Idleness and Profanity, Drunkenness and Debauchery, together with dishonesty of every description, are a banished from society. Men become good subjects-good subjects become good Christians—and good Christians are heirs of a BLESSED IMMORTALITY!

And thou, RELIGION! soul-transforming flame
(Let Earth thy pow's, let HBA 'N thy praise proclaim);

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Whoe'er's possess'd of thee could wish no more,
And without thee a Cræsus must be poor :
Come, then, Religion! and the toiling hind
Shall more than bread in thine embraces find :
This precious balm distill’d upon his heart,
His wants subside, his sorrows all depart;
He sees his storm-beat Cottage proudly rise
More than a Palace-half a PARADISE!
Lo! who erst repos’d his weary head,
A stone his pillow, the cold ground his bed,
When to his leaping heart thy joys were giv'n,
Exclaim'd with rapture 'Tis the GATE OF Heav'n!"


Removed alike from the sallies of Enthusiasm, and from the follies of Superstition, TRUE RELIGION forms the alone basis of individual Happiness and of NATIONAL PROSPERITY.

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I THINK it my duty to record the following disaster which occurred a few years after at RochesTER BRIDGE, that others may not endanger their lives, and be precipitated into the wide yawning gulph of one common destruction! Recollecting that my little parly had importuned me to pass through the arch of this FATAL BRIDGE, I shuddered when I heard of the melancholy transaction. The Appendix to a Discourse, delivered by the Rev. Mr. Slatterie, at Chatham, on the sad occasion, is too interesting to be abridged, and shall be transcribed entire.

“ On FRIDAY, the 13th of September, 1816, Thomas, son of the late Mr. GILBERT, of Chatham, having attained his twenty-first year, a party was formed to enjoy the pleasure of a fine afternoon in a water excursion on the MedWAY; it consisted of the following persons:

Mr. Mills, aged 26, a tailor and draper, at Chatham.

Mrs. Mills, his wife, aged 26.

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