Gas Analyst's Manual

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E. & F.N. Spon, limited, 1902 - 561 стор.

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Сторінка 400 - ... in any such action by leave of the court where such action shall depend at any time before issue joined to pay into court such sum of money as he shall...
Сторінка 400 - ... if a verdict shall pass for the defendant, or the plaintiff shall become nonsuit, or discontinue...
Сторінка 20 - York, 1902.) 4s. 6d. net. Wiring Rules. With Extracts from the Board of Trade Regulations and the Home Office Regulations for Factories and Workshops. Issued by The Institution of Electrical Engineers. Sixth edition, 42 pp., 8vo, sewed. (1911.) 6d.
Сторінка 235 - The air chamber which surrounds the cup is filled with cold water to a depth of 14 inch, and the heating vessel or water bath is filled as usual, but also with cold water. The lamp is then placed under the apparatus, and kept there during the entire operation. If a very heavy oil is being dealt with. the operation may be commenced with water previously heated to 120°, instead of with cold water.
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Сторінка 399 - ... and in any such action the defendant may plead the general issue, and give this Act and the special matter in evidence at any trial to be had thereupon...
Сторінка 2 - Alexander. 101 illus., xii + 265 pp., demy 8vo., (1912.) los. 6d. net. A Practical Treatise on Segmental and Elliptical Oblique or Skew Arches. By GJ Bell. Second edition, 17 plates, 125 pp., royal 8vo. (1906.) £1 1s.

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