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Сторінка 92 - Then after divers meetings and consults of our whole number, to consider of the former labours and collections, we have three that take care, out of them, to direct new experiments, of a higher light, more penetrating into nature than the former.
Сторінка 71 - Women hereby announces the offer of a third prize of one thousand dollars for the best thesis written by a woman, on a scientific subject, embodying new observations and new conclusions based on an independent laboratory research in biological, chemical or physical science.
Сторінка 183 - This course embodies the elements of morphology of the great groups including the "lower forms'' as well as the seed plants, of physiology with experiments upon plant activities, of ecology with emphasis upon class and individual field trips, including some acquaintance with local plants, of the relation of plants to their habitat and to men, of food and timber supply, parasitism, disease, decay, soil replenishment, etc. It is recommended, however, that plants be studied in an elementary way, leading...
Сторінка 201 - OUR FATHERS OF OLD" EXCELLENT herbs had our fathers of old — Excellent herbs to ease their pain — Alexanders and Marigold, Eyebright, Orris, and Elecampane. Basil, Rocket, Valerian, Rue, (Almost singing themselves they run) Vervain, Dittany, Call-me-to-you — Cowslip, Melilot, Rose of the Sun. Anything green that grew out of the mould Was an excellent herb to our fathers of old.
Сторінка 26 - Meyer, of the Bureau of Plant Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture...
Сторінка 51 - The numbers can also be purchased singly. A list of titles of the individual papers and of prices will be furnished on application. (3) The Preliminary Catalogue of Anthophyta and Pteridophyta reported as growing within one hundred miles of New York, 1888. Price, $1.00.
Сторінка 152 - INTRODUCTION* 1. The range covered by this book is that laid down by the committee on local flora of the Torrey Botanical Club in their Preliminary Catalogue of 1888. It comprises all of the state of Connecticut; Long Island; in New York the counties bordering the Hudson River up to and including Columbia and Greene, also Sullivan and Delaware counties; all of New Jersey; and Pike, Wayne, Monroe, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northampton, Lehigh, Carbon, Bucks, Berks, Schuylkill, Montgomery, Philadelphia,...
Сторінка 184 - ... etc., should be presented as an organic part of the study of botany. The inclusion of these practical matters as an organic part of the course, rather than as a number of sections upon the applied aspects of plants, gives appreciable meaning and fuller significance to the study. An adequate consideration of such separate applied sciences as agriculture, forestry, bacteriology, and horticulture should follow the general study of plants and animals.
Сторінка 201 - Our Fathers of Old Excellent herbs had our fathers of old Excellent herbs to ease their pain Alexanders and marigold, Eyebright, orris and elecampane, Basil, rocket, valerian, rue (Almost singing themselves they run) Vervain, dittany, call-me-to-you Cowslip, melilot, rose of the sun. Anything green that grew out of the mould Was an excellent herb to our fathers of old.
Сторінка 109 - Wall-nuts have the perfect Signature of the Head: The outer husk or green Covering, represent the Pericranium, or outward skin of the skull, whereon the hair groweth, and therefore salt made of those husks or barks, are exceeding good for wounds in the head.

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