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C Some catalogues are written simply for the purpose of selling some device. C Other catalogues are written to give valuable information concerning the devices which they describe.

C McCord and Company issue their catalogues and other advertising literature for the purpose of giving valuable information regarding the railway appliances which they manufacture.


C Members of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen will be interested in the literature to be published by McCord and Company during the year 1910 and 1911. A request to them will place your name on their mail list for the coming year.

C I am preparing something now that I know will interest you. ( Use the Coupon.


- - - - - -
McCord and Company,
People's Gas Bldg.,

Please place my name on your mail list for 1910-11.


R. R.

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3,000 Furniture Bargains

Ready January 1st-On Credit Our Spring Housefurnishings Sale begins January 1st. The catalog is ready now. It pictures 3,000 things for the home-things we sell for less than anyone else in America. Write now for the book.

Our Annual Sale

Each January we get out a new edition of this mammoth book. It is filled with A myriad things for the home which we bought at special reductions.

It shows thousands of pieces of newstyle furniture which we bought from overstocked makers. It pictures countless bargains which our buyers secured at almost unbelievable prices. Sometimes they bought up whole factory outputs to get them.

All of these bargains-3,000 of them are pictured in this big book. And we absolutely guarantee you, on every one, e saving of 15 to 50 per cent.

We want every home-lover-old customers and new-to get this Spring Bargain Book. The book and the mailing are free. As the edition is limited, please write for your copy now.

Pay As Convenient Our customers-600,000 of them-all have charge accounts. They buy what they want on approval, then pay a little each month. We allow from 8 to 14 months'credit without any interest, any

Anything in this catalog will be sent security, any red tape or publicity. on approval. You can use it 30 days Credit prices are exactly the same as

before deciding to keep it. If it isn't for cash.

satisfactory-if it isn't a bargain which We invite you to open such an account you can't match-return the article to bere. Anything in this catalog will be us. We will pay freight both ways. shipped on credit. We regard people You buy here without any risk. We who furnish homes as reliable, and show you more styles than any they are welcome to our easiest terms. store in the country. We quote you

Furniture Silverware
Carpets Chinaware
Rugs Graphophones
Draperies Washing Machines
Stoves Sewing Machines
Ranges Baby Cabs
Pianos Lamps and Clocks
All Sent On Approval

prices which no house can duplicato. We send goods on approval and sell them on credit. Do you wonder that 600,000 people buy their housefurbisbings ere,

Dollar Book Free This big book, with the postage, lo rather expensive, for it pictures 3.000 articles. But, if you think that anything in it might appeal to you, we are glad to mail it free.

We have a separate book showing 70 styles of Stoves and Ranges-from 890 up. If you want this Stove Book also let us know.

Cut out this coupon and send it to us. and the big Spring Bargain Book will como by next mail. Please do this bofore you forget it.

30 Days' Trial

Cut Out This Coupon
Spiegel, May, Stern Co.

1240 35th Street, Chicago
Mail mo the Spring Furnishings
Mail mo the Stove Catalog.

| Name

Post Office


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$9.60 Bargain Bed Outfit

Spring and Mattress This catfit consists of a beautiful decorated panel metal bed, guar anteed wire spring and an excellent cotton.top mattress. L960 - Complete Bed Outfi

$9.60, $1.50 first payment; 75C Boathly. 1495 - Decorated Panel Bed only 75€ first payment; 50c monthly.

Kitchen Cabinet
This attractively designed
cabinet is made of seasoned
hardwood and bas oak front.
Height, 61 inches. Base,
44 x 26 inches.
3W840 - $1.25 first pay.
ment; 750 monthly; total
price, $8.40.


Magnificent Pedestal
Morris Rocker

Dining Table This is our latest creation This table is made of the higheet in an attractive Morris Rock grade select solid oak with carved, er; is of folid quarter-bawed massive, gracefully shaped legs and oak. Seat and adjustable back heavy claw-knuckled feet: is 42 are upholstered in genuino inches in diameter. We save you fabricord leather.

at least $6.00 on this table. 22 1725 - $1.25 first pay. 16L1015-$1.50 first payment;

ment: 650 monthly: total 750 monthly payments; total price, $7.25.

price, $10.15.

SPIEGEL, MAY, STERN CO., 1240 35th Street, Chicago, M.

When Addrovslag Advertisers Plonso Montion Rallway Carmon's Journal.


Warning to Advertisers

And the Business Public Generally

Protect yourselves from being defrauded. The Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America is not sponsor for, nor interested in any souvenir or special programme or any other such deceptive publications of any kind whatever.

Realizing that there is no more prolific source of dishonesty perpetrated in the name of organized labor than that involved in the publication of souvenir books, reviews and special programs by unscrupulous projectors who have victimized merchants and other friends of our Brotherhood in a most shameful manner, your Grand Lodge officers desire to make the following announcement, to which they wish it understood they will rigidly adhere until such time as their policy in this regard is either endorsed or repudiated by the membership represented by delegates at a regular or special convention:

A number of souvenir books, reviews or special programs having been recently published, in which the good name of our Brotherhood has been used without authority or sanction of any kind from either the Brotherhood or its Grand Lodge officers, thus impairing our said good name and bringing us into disreputo with the business public generally, in all parts of the country, as a poverty stricken and contribution seeking organization, thus injuring the Interests of our members, besides injuring and deceiving fair minded business men, we wish it distinctly understood, that the only publication in which advertisements aro roceived is our official organ, The Railway Carmen's Journal, and we have endeavored to impross this upon our membership from time to time through these columns, but apparently without avail.

However, we are more concerned with tho present and the future than the past, and in order to be helpful in eliminating this cause of grevious complaint, we make the following announcement:

First-We insist that no lodge of our Brotherhood, or any person connected therewith, shall issue or cause to be issued any souvenir book, review or program, claiming that such book or other publication is issued for or on behalf of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America or any of its subordinate lodges.

Second-That any city chosen by a convention of the Brotherhood Rallway Carmen of America to hold the convention following, shall not directly or indirectly, through any local lodge of our Brotherhood or any other medium, issue a souvenir book or similar publication claiming that such publication is issued for or on behalf of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America.

Third-That in the event of any such souvenir or kindred publication being projected or about to be issued, directly or indirectly, by any local lodge, person or persons in the city in which the convention was selected to be held, in violation of the letter and spirit of this announcement, your Grand Lodge officers will use every means within their power to have the city in which the convention is to be held changed to the one which received the next highest number of votes for that honor.

Fourth-That we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person or persons who shall in any way issue souvenir books, directories, or other similar publications, in which the name of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America is used in any manner whatever, as publisher, owner or benoticiary.

Fifth-It is again emphasized most emphatically that The Railway Carmen's Journal is the only official publication of the Brotherhood, and is the only publication in which advertisements are received.

When Addressing Advertisers Please Møntion Rallway Carmon's Journal.

The Creco Catalog Don't overlook the fact that through the study of catalogs comes knowledge. Know all the manufacturers can tell you and a little bit more. Why not?

The Brake Beam Read of the evolution of the brake beam from the old wood beam up to the modern trussed metal brake beam. Send for a book entitled, “The Brake Beam.” You will appreciate, when you have read it, more than ever before

CHICAGO why the larger railroads use the Creco



46th, Robey and Lincoln

Streets, CHICAGO

Please send me the book entitled, The Brake Beam."





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500 Hall Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.

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