Homage to Pythagoras: Rediscovering Sacred Science

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Christopher Bamford
SteinerBooks, 1994 - 298 стор.
Homage to Pythagoras collects essential documents by people at the leading edge of the sacred sciences today. These articles--both scholarly and sympathetic to the Pythagorean perspective--are proof of the contemporary interest in Pythagoras' philosophy as a living reality and provide a major addition to the field of Pythagorean studies and traditional mathematics. Contents:
  • Introduction by Christopher Bamford
  • "Ancient Temple Architecture" by Robert Lawlor
  • "The Platonic Tradition on the Nature of Proportion" by Keith Critchlow
  • "What is Sacred Architecture? by Keith Critchlow
  • "Twelve Criteria for Sacred Architecture" by Keith Critchlow
  • "Pythagorean Number as Form, Color, and Light" by Robert Lawlor
  • "The Two Lights" by Arthur Zajonc
  • "Apollo: The Pythagorean Definition of God" by Anne Macaulay
  • "Blake, Yeats, and Pythagoras" by Kathleen Raine
About the Authors

ROBERT LAWLOR is the author of Sacred Geometry; Earth Honoring; and Voices of the First Day. After training as a painter and a sculptor, he became a yoga student of Sri Aurobindo and lived for many years in Pondicherry, India, where he was a founding member of Auroville. In India, he discovered the works of the French Egyptologist and esotericist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, which led him to explore the principles and practices of ancient sacred science.

KEITH CRITCHLOW is the author of Order in Space; and Time Stands Still. A painter, Critchlow discovered geometry intuitively. A period of intensive geometric practice and work with Buckminster Fuller led him to recognize that the universal principles of geometry are revealed and confirmed both by the area of design where art and mathematics meet and in the study of nature and ancient and medieval sacred cosmological architecture of temples, cathedrals, and mosques. He has been a senior lecturer at the Architectural Association in London and taught Islamic Art at the Royal College of Art. He has also participated as geometer in various sacred architectural projects, and is a cofounder of Temenos, a journal devoted to the arts and imagination, and Kairos, a society that investigates, studies, and promotes traditional values of art and science.

ARTHUR ZAJONC is Professor of Physics at Amherst College, where his research has concerned the nature of light and the experimental foundations of quantum mechanics. He has also taught and written extensively on interdisciplinary aspects of science, the history of science, culture, and spirituality, especially the works of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. He is the author Catching the Light and The New Physics and Cosmology, featuring dialogues with the Dalai Lama. He has been a visiting scientist at many laboratories and was a Fulbright professor.

ANNE MACAULAY lives in Scotland where she has, for many years, studied the origins of the alphabet, the history of the guitar, the figure of Apollo, and other mysteries surrounding Pythagorean thought. She has lectured at Research into Lost Knowledge Organization (RILKO) and was a trustee of the Salisbury Center in Edinburgh.

KATHLEEN RAINE was a British poet with an international reputation as a scholar of the imagination. A renowned student of William Blake, a penetrating critic, and a profound autobiographer, she wrote numerous books and articles. Kathleen Raine was a cofounder and the editor of Temenos.

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Introduction Homage to Pythagoras
Ancient Temple Architecture
The Platonic Tradition on the Nature of Proportion
What is Sacred in Architecture?
Twelve Criteria for Sacred Architecture
Pythagorean Number as Form Color and Light
The Two Lights
Apollo The Pythagorean Definition of God
Blake Yeats and Pythagoras
Notes on the Contributors
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Сторінка 295 - When Pearse summoned Cuchulain to his side, What stalked through the Post Office ? What intellect, What calculation, number, measurement, replied? We Irish, born into that ancient sect But thrown upon this filthy modern tide And by its formless spawning fury wrecked, Climb to our proper dark, that we may trace The lineaments of a plummet-measured face.
Сторінка 282 - What youthful mother, a shape upon her lap Honey of generation had betrayed, And that must sleep, shriek, struggle to escape As recollection or the drug decide, Would think her son, did she but see that shape With sixty or more winters on its head, A compensation for the pang of his birth, Or the uncertainty of his setting forth?
Сторінка 280 - Her present image floats into the mind Did Quattrocento finger fashion it Hollow of cheek as though it drank the wind And took a mess of shadows for its meat?
Сторінка 83 - If men learn this, it will implant forgetfulness in their souls: they will cease to exercise memory because they rely on that which is written, calling things to remembrance no longer from within themselves, but by means of external marks; what you have discovered is a recipe not for memory, but for reminder.
Сторінка 282 - An aged man is but a paltry thing, A tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing For every tatter in its mortal dress...
Сторінка 279 - And what if all of animated nature Be but organic harps diversely framed, That tremble into thought, as o'er them sweeps Plastic and vast, one intellectual breeze, At once the Soul of each, and God of all?
Сторінка 297 - I am content to live it all again'^" And yet again, if it be life to pitch Into the frog-spawn of a blind man's ditch...

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Про автора (1994)

Christopher Bamford is Editor in Chief for SteinerBooks and its imprints. A Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association, he has lectured, taught, and written widely on Western spiritual and esoteric traditions. He is the author of The Voice of the Eagle: The Heart of Celtic Christianity (1990) and An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West (2003). He has also translated and edited numerous books, including Celtic Christianity: Ecology and Holiness (1982); Homage to Pythagoras: Rediscovering Sacred Science; and The Noble Traveller: The Life and Writings of O. V. de L. Milosz (all published by Lindisfarne Books). HarperSanFrancisco included an essay by Mr. Bamford in its anthology Best Spiritual Writing 2000.

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