Dissertations upon the principles and arrangement of a harmony of the Gospels. 3 vols. [and] Suppl. dissertations. 4 vols [in 5 ].

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Сторінка 534 - Edere vagitus et adhuc a matre rubentem. Si Fortuna volet, fies de rhetore Consul : Si volet haec eadem, fies de Consule rhetor.
Сторінка 601 - Ego autem nihil tale sensi in vobis vel audivi, in quibus laboravit beatus Paulus, qui estis in principio epistulae eius: de vobis etenim gloriatur in omnibus ecclesiis, quae solae tune dominum 19 cognoverant; nos autem nondum cognoveramus.
Сторінка 662 - Nicaenam, inter illa ßdei ut vera, ita admiranda decreta, etiam super celebritate memorata, congregatis peritissimis calculandi, decem et novem annorum collegere rationem, et quasi quendam constituere circulum, ex quo exemplum in annos reliquos gigneretur.
Сторінка 647 - The specific duty was a contribution for the poor; but the reason why it was to be done statedly on the first day of the week, is well explained by Dr. Doddridge, in the following paraphrase of the passage — " When you hold your Christian assemblies on the first day of the week, in commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord, which has made that day sacred amongst us...
Сторінка 702 - Paschalem etiam recursum, quod magna apud Nicaeam synodus post nonaginta et quinque annos agi in tempore et die et luna secundum suum statum invenerat, additis quibusdam ipsius festivitatis rationibus et expositionibus, Theodosio principi...
Сторінка 718 - Nice: and therefore that the dates which it exhibits, especially the coincidences between the days of the month and the days of the week, in its present state, are no evidence of what they might have been in the time of the author.
Сторінка iii - Dissertations apon the Principles and Arrangement of an Harmony of the Gospels, by Edward Gresnecll, BD (Edit.
Сторінка 737 - Titus was dispatched by Vespasian against Jerusalem. If Maximus was appointed in UC 825, he might not be superseded until UC 828 : and so his procuratorship would extend to the* close of the history of Josephus ; which ends, as I have shewn, in the same year. Until the breaking out of the war, UC 819, the procurator had the command of the forces also, which were any where stationed in Judaea. After the rebellion, and in consequence of the state of things which rendered it necessary to keep up an...
Сторінка 734 - Cincins was appointed Legatus of Syria : Ibid. xv. 25. But he was not absent more than one campaign. The date of the appointment of Cestius cannot be later than UC.
Сторінка 630 - Eusebius e, a letter from Dionysius bishop of Alexandria to Fabius bishop of Antioch...

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