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Jon our chil 3 of the " nores, and a

He is but a child, por knows

(Our God be thanked for this)
How much his sister's joy in life

Is resting upon his;
But she daily prays that his manhood be
Pure as his childhood is.

H. P. Y.- Chicago Teacher.


“Jack and Gill wept up the hill

To draw a pail of water;
Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Gill came tumbling after."
Two adventurous lads, one named Jack and the other Gill, ascended a
steep acclivity in obedience to the reqnest of their dear mother, taking
with them an important kitchen utensil, that they might bring from the

pure fountain on the hill-top some of the sparkling water. But one of the lads had the misfortune to so far lose the control of his understanding as to be precipitated headlong from the summit. Sad to relate, lie fractured in his fall the parietal bone of his cranium. His affectionate brother was so overcome with fright at witnessing this sad catastrophe, that he also lost both his self possession and center of gravity, and went down with various revolutions and be wildering circumvolutions, in great speed, even against the fence at the bottom of the hill.

[A friend suggests that Gill was a girl, but of this we are in doubt. Perhaps some of our readers, who have determined how many children John Rodgers, the martyr, had can decide this question.]-Rhode Island Schoolmaster.

Mathematical Department.

In accordance with the notice in the July number, we now open our Mathematical Department, and trust to make it interesting and profitable to our readers, whether they are teachers or not, as we shall introduce a good many problems of a practical character, relating to business pursuits.

No. 1. A has a mortgage given to secure the payment of the sum of five hundred dollars as follows; one hundred dollars three years from the date of the instrument, and one hundred annually, thereafter, until the whole is paid, with annual interest from the execution of the mortgage, at the rate of seven per cent; what is said mortgage worth on the day it is made, allowing money to draw twelve per cent annual interest ?

No. 2: A owes $800, payable in eight years, with annual interest at the rate of ten per cent; he wishes to pay the debt, principal and interest, in eight equal annual payments; how much will each payment be.

No. 3. Suppose three small circles which are all equal to each other to be drawn within and tangent to a larger circle and also tangent to each other, and suppose the tri-angular space at the center of the larger circle bounded by the three small circles to have an area equal to one acre of land, required the radii of the circles in rods.

Any person forwarding answers to problems, will please to send solutions with the answerr.

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WE often receive letters from teachers inquiring for situations, and from school i

officers inquiring for teachers, and in prder to aid both parties in securing what 1 they need, we have concluded to open an Intelligence Department in the columns

of the Journal. Short notices, stating qualifications and experience of teachers, will be inserted twice, on the receipt of the sum of fifty cents from a subscriber, or one dollar from a person not a subscriber to the Journal. No charge will be made for the insertion of applications from school officers for teachers.

All letters of inquiry, containing a stamp to pay return postage, will be promptly answered,

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A Lady, who has received an academic education, is a graduate of the Connecticut State Normal School, and had several terms experience in teaching, wishes to come West, and desires a situation in a union graded school, as principal of one of the departments, or assistant in the higher department. Address this ofice; or, Miss ELLEN SPRAGUE, Andover, Connecticut.

A Gentleman who has had several years experience in teaching district and graded schools, wishes a situation as principal. Satisfactory reference given if required. Address this office; or, J. M. Fry, Metomen, Wisconsin.

[The following notice was received too late for insertion in its proper place. Superintendents will do well to pay attentien to its contents.-ED.)


MADIBON, Juiy 20th, 1858. DEAR SIR:

I send you by this mail the requisite pumber of blanks for the several Districts of your Town, and you will please place one in the hands of each District Clerk in good season for him to make his Annual Eeport to you-which the law requires to be done between the 18t and 10th days of September, so as to enable you to make your report between the 15th and 25th of September. You should impress upon district Clerks the imperious necessity of strictly complying with this requirement, as neglect and delay on their part wil subject thoir Districts

to the loss of their school money, besides subjecting the Clerks themselves to the liabilities provided in such cases.

To rep»rt faithfully all the necessary statistics, as called for in the blanks, is a matter of the highest importance; and permịt me to add, that I regard the Library statistics as second to none in the required list, as I hope to make the aggregite Library returns of the whole Statė a basis fur presslog upon the next Legislatore desirable improvement in the School Library system of the State.

If the blanks sent are not sufficient for one for each District, and for each part of a Joint Dis. trict, in your Town, please write me at once, and specify the additional punber wanted, wich your Post Office address. If the package does not reach you within a week or ten days after the receipt of this Circular, you wil please promptly advise me, tbat a new supply may be sent forward in season. Let their be no occasion for excuses in delay in making reports for want of blanks

The package of bladks directed to you, as to others, is directed simply to Town Superinten. dent, as the names of Town Suparintendents are not generally known at this Department.

Your prompt attention in securing from the District Clerks of your Town FULL and timely reports, and making your own within the time specified, will greatly subserve the interests of education. Very respectfully,

State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Editorial Miscellany.

THE Sixth Annual Meeting of the State Teachers' Association will be held at Portage City, commencing on Tuesday, August 3d, at Two o'Clock, P.M.

Order of Exercises.

1. Prayer. 2. Call roll.
8. Opening address by the President, Prof. O. M. CONOVER, of the State University.
4. Roport of the Executive Committee.
5. Miscellaneous Business.

Address by Presideot CHAPIN, of Beloit Collego.

1. Opening Exercises.
2. Miscellaneous business.
8. Essay on Normal Schnols, by Rev. J. B Pradt,
5. Essay on Music in Schools, by J. W. STRONG.
6. Discussion.

P.M. 1. Miscellaneous Business. 2. Essay on Phonetics, by A. M. MAY. 8. Report of Resident Editor of Journal.


4. Es ay by Dr. J. W. Hoyt, subject:-Public Education, The Needs of the People and the Duty of the State. 5. Discussion.

Lecture on School Go rnment by Prof. BATEMAN, of Jacksonv IN.

1. Opening Exercises.
2. Miscellaneous Business,
3. Essay on Reading, by Prof. A. A. GRIFFITH.
4. Report on Revision of School Laws.
8. Essay on Teaching and Teachers, by 8. E. B. GRAY.
6. Discussion.

P, M.
1. Miscellaneous Business.
2. Essay by N. 6. HARVEY, subject:- The Teacher.

8. Essay on Lducation a Mental ( ossession, by 8. H. CARPENTER, Assistant Superintendent of Public Instruction.

4. Essay on Gyroscope, by. J. J. M. ANGEAB

Social Gathering.

1. Opening Fxercig 8.
2. Reports of Committees.
8. Election of Cfficers.
4. Resoluiions, etc.
6. Closing Exercises.
6. Adjournment.

ARRANGEMENTS have been made with the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad, Milwaukee and Watert wn Railroad, Racine and Mis-issippi Railroad, and both divisions of the Chicago, 8t. Paul, and Fond ?u Lac Rallıoad, to carry those a tending the meeting of the Association, at half.lare, i.e., fall fare being paid to Portage, and a certific: te of attendance securing a free return.

By order of the Executive Committee,

JAS. W. STRONG, Secretary.

PHONETIO CONVENTION.—The friends of the Phonetic Reform in Wiscon-
sin, are requested to meet in Convention at Portage City, August 2d and
3d, to form a Phonetic Association, for the encouragement and dissemina-
tion of phonetic principles, and the introduction of phonetic reading and
writing into families and schools. The session of the Convention will com-
mence on Monday, August 2d, at half-past 2 o'clock P. M.

J. B.Jolson, A. M. May,-Ex. Committee.

THE STATE TEACHERS' A 88OCIATION. The completed programme appears in this Number, We antiotpate an interesting and profitable meeting, and trust that the teachers of the State will general y make it a pint to attend. Independent of the personal benefit to be derived there is an obligation resting up every teacher to assist in securing the objects which such associations seek to accomplish.

It is ungenerous and se.Az h to appropriate the benefits accruing from the elevation of the

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