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Сторінка 203 - Several Poems, compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight; wherein especially is contained a complete discourse and description of the four elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year; together with an exact epitome of the...
Сторінка 232 - In 1788 he was appointed one of the lords of the bed-chamber to Frederic, prince of Wales, the father of George III. Soon after the young king's accession, over whom Bute possessed unbounded influence, he was made secretary of state, and quickly after, first lord of the treasury. Under his ministry, a peace, which disappointed the hopes of the people, was concluded with France and Spain; and what added greatly to his unpopularity, was the marked favoritism he showed for his countrymen, filling the...
Сторінка 506 - The saide Robert entertained an hundred tall men and good archers with such spoiles and thefts as he got, upon whom four hundred (were they ever so strong) durst not give the onset.
Сторінка 175 - His renown was now at its height, and every act of his government showed how zealously alive he was to the improvement of the national institutions and the moral elevation of the people over whom he ruled. In 1823 he went to the assistance of the Peruvians, and having succeeded in settling their internal divisions, and establishing their independence, he was proclaimed Liberator of Peru, and invested with supreme authority. In...
Сторінка 69 - This was followed in about a fortnight by a proclamation, addressed "to the officers and soldiers of the continental army, who have the real interest of their country at heart, and who are determined to be no longer the tools and dupes of congress or of France.
Сторінка 160 - He published his Experiments on White Magnesia, Quicklime, and several other Alkaline Substances, in the 2d volume of the Essays, Physical and Literary, of the Edinburgh Society. He demonstrates the existence of an aerial fluid in these substances, which he calls fixed air, the presence of which diminishes the corrosive power of the alkalies and the calcareous earths.
Сторінка 475 - A Voyage of Discovery to the Western Coast of Corea and the great LooChoo Island in the Japan Sea...
Сторінка 319 - His colour, and his mode of finishing, approach nearer to perfection than those of any other Painter : the gliding motion of his outline, and the sweetness with which it melts into the ground ; the cleanness and transparency of his colouring, which stop at that exact medium in which the purity and perfection of taste lies, leave nothing to be wished for.
Сторінка 215 - Imagining himself no longer a moral agent, he refused to bear a part in any act of worship. While in this state, however, he continued to write forcibly, and, among other things, produced "a " Defence of the Religion of Nature, and the Christian Revelation, against Christianity as old as the Creation.
Сторінка 230 - He soon after conceived the project of his enterprise in the Western country of the United States ; for which he was at length apprehended and brought to Richmond, in August, 1807, on a charge of treason ; and after a long trial, was acquitted.

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