Principles of Political Economy: With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy, Том 1

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D. Appleton, 1896 - Всего страниц: 591

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Pragmatic or muddled? Mill sets out to explore economic principles but, ultimately, finds that there is no principle which doesn't have any amount of conceivable exceptions. You have to wonder why its ... Читать весь отзыв

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Стр. 491 - gain in some, and counterbalance a great one in others." These circumstances he considers to be : " First, the agreeableness or disagreeableness of the employments themselves; secondly, the easiness and cheapness, or the difficulty and expense of learning them ; thirdly, the constancy or inconstancy of
Стр. 163 - a vicious system of taxation on the land, and still more the dred-weight. But the greatest evil arose from the circumstance of these processes rendering old and worthless seed equal in appearance to the best. One witness had tried some doctored seed, and found that not above one grain in a hundred grew, and
Стр. 515 - which he can afford to expend in necessaries or pleasures, or from which by further saving he can add to his wealth. As the wages of the labourer are the remuneration of labour, so the profits of the capitalist are properly, according to Mr. Senior's well-chosen expression, the remuneration of abstinence. They are what
Стр. 359 - very obligingly showed nie. between the town and that place is a great number of neat little houses, built each with its garden, and one or two fields enclosed, of most wretched blowing dune sand, naturally as white as snow, but improved by industry. The magic of property
Стр. 179 - except in a merely manual sense, more skilful labourers, and in all senses whatever more energetic. Mr. Babbage, following in the track of Adam Smith, says, "When the human hand, or the human head, has been for some time occupied in any kind of work, it cannot instantly change its employment
Стр. 350 - of this is covered with young broom, part is planted with potatoes, and perhaps a small patch of diminutive clover may show itself: " but manures, both solid and liquid, are collecting, " and this is the nucleus from which, in a few years, a little farm will spread around. ... If there is no manure at
Стр. 118 - most cases have survived so long, if fresh labour had not been employed within that period in putting them into repair. The land subsists, and the land is almost the only thing that subsists. Everything which is produced perishes, and most things very quickly. Most kinds of capital
Стр. 497 - frequently to recommend a trade to them. A tender mother, among the inferior ranks of people, is often afraid to send her son to school at a sea-port town, lest the sight of the ships and the conversation and adventures of the
Стр. 279 - civilization advances become more moderate and more amenable to control) it increases instead of diminishing in intensity, as the intelligence and the moral faculties are more developed. The perfection both of social arrangements and of practical morality would be, to secure to all persons complete independence and
Стр. 422 - p. 851. any amount of industry or prudence, and what lose by any recklessness ? If the landlord at any time exerted his full legal rights, the cottier would not be able even to live. If by extra exertion he doubled the produce of his bit of land, or if he prudently abstained from producing

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