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“ gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; "s and white raiment, that you may be clothed.” But O! consider that you are naturally much more lothsome by sin than by poverty. Humble yourselves deeply in the fight of God. Fly for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before you. Accept of a free pardon of all your sins through the blood of Christ, and of his Holy Spirit to enable you to love and serve him. Rejoice in your portion as all-sufficient and full, and in the covenant of peace, as “ ordered in all things, and sure.". Go in the spirit of adoption to your reconciled Father in Christ, and ask of him your daily bread. Do not envy the profperity of others; fince it is not material whether you shall live in plenty and sleep on a bed of down, or live in straits and lie on a dunghil, compared to what shall become of you for.ever. But, above all, be not so mad as to envy finners an unsanctified prosperity. Rather, when you see a man of opulence despising the fabbath, or hear a wretch in a gilded chariot profaning his Creator's name, be ready to say, “ Shall I complain of poverty, when “ my Lord and master had not where to lay his " head? No, let me, on the contrary, bless that “ adversity which caused me to consider. Let “ me be very thankful for that humble station " which gives me access to communion with " God, and does not waste my time with crouds « of company. Who knoweth whether I should * have retained my integrity, if I had been con* ftantly surrounded with profane gaiety, swim“ ming in pleasure, besieged by flatterers, som or licited by sensualifts, beset with temptations? " O that I may be possessed of the pearl of great “ price, reconciled to God, united' to Christ, 66 adorned with divine grace, and that I may be -66 my Redeemer's. at his second coming."

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3: I would preach the gospel to those who are but yet in the Morning of life. This is the most - pleasant and hopeful part of a minister's work.

Happy are you, my dear Children, who have been so early called into God's vineyard, but infinitely more happy, if you are inwardly and fully determined to comply with the call. I beseech you “ Remember your Creator in the days of your “ youth, while the evil days come not, nor the “ years draw nigh, when you shall say you have " no pleasure in them *.” Early piety is exceeding lovely in the eyes of the fober part of mankind, highly acceptable to God, and will be infinitely profitable to yourselves. Be not enticed with the deceitful promises and false pretences of worldly enjoyments, which are so ready to infame your passions, and so warmly solicit your love. Believe the testimony of all, without ex: ception, who have gone before you, and have. * Eccles. xii. s.


N. 4

left this record written on created comforts, that they are o vanity and vexation of spirit.” Believe it, you have entered on a world of fin and forrow. You may feel the early stirrings of cose ruption in yourselves, and see its manifeft and manifold fruits, both in yourselves and others. Alas! are there not some young persons who learn, as their first language, to blaspheme their Maker's name? Many children who cannot work, are expert in sinning. Alas ! your hearts are naturally far from God. You 6s go astray

as soon as you are born, speaking lies.”

Be persuaded, therefore, to fly to the blood of Christ, the precious blood of Chrift, « who “ loved you, and gave himself for you." He died upon the cross to save you from the hell which you have deserved by your sins; and he graciously invites you, saying, “ Suffer the little “ children to come unto me, and forbid them not, “ for of such is the kingdom of God *.” Bleffed are those children, who, like their Saviour, advance in wisdom as in ftature, and " in fa" vour with God and man." Let young persons in general remember, as they are growing up, that all the early opportunities of instruction which they have enjoyed, especially such as have been brought up under the inspection of pious parents, will greatly aggravate their guilt,

* Mark X. 14.

if they continue to despise them. For this reason some, I with I could not say many, are old in fin, when they are but young in years. Wherefore, without further delay, betake yourselves to God in Chrift; learn and love your Redeemer's name, and let the life that you live in the Aesh, be a life of faith on the Son of God and only Saviour of the world. Your early entrance on a religious life will make you regular, established; useful, fruitful Christians. If you are to continue lorg in the world, it will greatly contribute to the sweetness and serenity of life; and if it be the will of God that you should die foon, it will make you meet for the inheritance of the saints in light. There is something very terrible in the death (often the unexpected death) of young persons, in the bloom or middle of life, plunged in sensuality, inflamed with lust, and bent on fin of every kind. But, blessed be God, there are also some agreeable instances of young faints quickly ripened by divine grace, thoroughly mellowed by early affliction, resigning the world, not with submission only, but pleasure, and taking wing to a land of rest and peace, where “ the inhabitants shall not say, I “ am fick ;" and " the people that dwell therein 66 fhall be forgiven their iniquity *.”

* If. xxxiii. 24.

4. I must now preach the gospel to those who are Old, who having gone through many viciflitudes, are perhaps tottering upon the brink of the grave, and drawing near to “ the house s appointed for all living." And I do it because my office obliges me to preach the gospel to every creature. There is but little pleasure in addressing such, because there is but little hope of success. May I not suppose, that some one, or more, may be led to peruse this discourse, who have many years resisted the calls of the gospel, and have been long accustomed to do evil. What cause have you to admire the mercy of God, that you are not now " in the lake .66 which burns with fire and brimstone for ever“ more?" Have you not followed many of your equals in age to the church-yard, and committed their bodies to the dust? What preparation have you made, in consequence of the reprieve allowed you, and the admonitions given you? Hear then, once more, the joyful found : Believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may have life through his name. Fly to his blood, that you may obtain the forgiveness of your fins, and an inheritance among them who are sanctified. He, and none else, is able to deliver you. Cry to him, that he may breathe upon the dry bones, and they shall live. Though you are hardened in profanity, though you are besoted in fenfu.

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